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Canada 1993 gtr ready for action

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Amazing stuff mate, you’ve done a brilliant job!  Your enthusiasm for your car and your family is infectious!

You’re a lot more hardcore tinkerer than I am. When it hits 5 degrees Celsius (41 Fahrenheit) it’s too cold for me to go in the shed but you’re working at -30 Celsius!

Are there any parts left in Australia or have you bought them all??!!  Thanks for the support 😂😂

Keep it up!

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1 hour ago, Shoota_77 said:

Amazing stuff mate, you’ve done a brilliant job!  Your enthusiasm for your car and your family is infectious!

You’re a lot more hardcore tinkerer than I am. When it hits 5 degrees Celsius (41 Fahrenheit) it’s too cold for me to go in the shed but you’re working at -30 Celsius!

Are there any parts left in Australia or have you bought them all??!!  Thanks for the support 😂😂

Keep it up!

Thanks good mate very kind words. i see the gtr bring happiness to alot of people when i bring it out. im a big believer in being the under dog and helping less fortunate people who didnt have the same luck i did. i have put over 4000km already on my single build giving kids rides, driving with my wife and son, and bringing it out when ever i have time to hear poeples and helping them through true life struggles if they have them. sometimes all we can worry about is what part to get, how much power to run, what size turbo, what ecu, can i afford e85 if it means mcdonalds for 2 weeks, when there is far much more to life like family, laughter, helping a enemy and keeping true morals that could have kept this world well if everyone just could have been a little more kind to all. anyway im out for now, make power not friends. cheers.

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Well things have been a little weird around my neck of the woods lately, 1 of my good friends from highschooL overdosed and died on the weekend followed by another one of my very good friends dying in a car crash yesterday. Gunna be putting the gtr away for a bit just ain’t feelin it these days Cheers mates here’s one for you guys “BD and fardo” you will be missed greatly. 



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11 minutes ago, Ben C34 said:

That sucks brother. No shame in taking it easy for a bit.

Got that right mate. would be a shame if my wife ever got a call saying the gtr is a crushed coke can and your husband is dead and she had to explain to my 3 year old why i wasnt coming home. so yeah just aint feeling it at all. im not going to go say the car is a stupid piece of metal because it isnt and its good for the soul but at the end of the day the cars are very fast and can be unsafe, so time to just relax, go through the car a bit, check suspension etc and work on the unit with my boy. get some new brakes, tires, wheel alignment and get back in the saddle. i miss my friends. cheers mate

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5 hours ago, VictorySpec33 said:

Sup m8! just read your whole thread buddy, f**k i love this car. this crazy mofo the most generous person ive ever met. simply a good soul with a rad GTR

Hey thanks good mate much appreciated kind words. I really do enjoy the family gtr I would way rather have the old warrior instead of something fancy. My rich buddies have r35’s and I dust them on the regular lol. The car is far from perfect but it’s a lot of fun and has taught me a lot about life, Patience, attention to detail, learning to work with friends and when something goes wrong like your tuner accidentally cranking the boost 35psi and blowing the engine, well that’s how she goes sometimes it’s just metal at end of day. When my buddy went head in head with a semi last week I see things much different now.  My car truly has brought people together in this weird time losing a pretty well known chap...probably why my motor blew I was ripping on it fakin hard for my boy.  I drove the stock motor at 600whp on e85 for 7500km and well now the stock motor has finally bit the dust! (Pump failed and bearing all fried and threw a piston),I’m excited to work on my car with my wife again,we will be installing the built long block next week! I won’t hammer this thread with boring engine content but will post a bit of it. My bmw is almost done and I’m going to put up some serious off-roading videos before we put a rb in it lol should be fun so yeah click back here in a weak might see some funny stuff brother.

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Well there will be lots of tree cutting going on to fund the gtr being buttoned back up! We figure a grave digger wrap with lime green suspension and lime green role cage. It’s actually going to say “Shea digger” and will have the names of all the other tree companies on the grave stones of the wrap. Sure a lot of people will hate but that’s good makes we want to do it more Lol. Black is boring now I wanna do something weird and my son will love it. Busy beaver for the win make power not friends🤟






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Been a fricken while since i posted. Gtr finally blew up. The long block would have kept going, but ended up being the triple plate clutch either having the wrong release bearing or something but the thrust washer gave out on the crank and it walked forward taking out the oil pump blah blah blah 30k later new motor. been doing lots of welding for mates, cutting trees, blacking as usual. cheers hope everyone is well down under!

cast elbow wellness.jpeg

catch can 1.jpg

catch can 2.jpg

catch can 3.jpg

catchcan fly.jpg

custom catch can prairie boost.jpeg

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On 16/09/2021 at 3:53 PM, PLYNX said:

Man whats happenenen in the land of the maple leaf with the 32 ??

Its been like a billion years since you posted with progress !

MY MATES FROM DOWN UNDER!!! i am not dead! the skyline is going well actually better than ever! we eventually exploded the original motor i had in the old girl. triple plate clutch pounded the crank forward like a horny rabbit in mating season. The motor was holding together great at 600whp was just to heavy of a clutch for the setup for how often i drive. i got about 10000km out of the single turbo setup.  but heres a video of the new built motor running! hooked up an aem meth kit as well.  been busy cutting trees and gettting the car going again! hope the gd ahhhhhh boys are having a slice. cheeers mates.

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Here’s a few pics of what the hell the crazy Canadian has been screwing around with these days from blown motor to wife got a nicer car than me, to totally broke my gtr so I have to cut trees everyday lol. My son is growing fast life is good.



























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We also restored this old beast with a Cummins in it great for backyard hits she jams in pretty much anywhere and  Didn’t cost a guy is left and right nut to purchase it either! 2500km drive later we ended up bringing a cat home that was freezing to death in -50 too. Stopped for parts and came out to a cat on the diff trying to stay warm. I was blessed to bring her home to the crew!










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Finally got the old girl home and ready for battle this up coming summer.  Feels like a rocket even at 27ish pounds! Shes built with Aussie pride and thanks to all for the information throughout the years. Im Gunna pump out a catch can/ coolant overflow this week. I was going to run one of my abs catch cans that I sell quite a lot of but for a single turbo setup with that big downpipe there I just don’t like the idea of oil being on that side of the engine bay when it doesn’t have to be.  For twins not so bad. Anyways we got a lot of snow so it will be a bit before I actually get to send it again. I’d love to go pound this thing through some snow but I just have to much invested into the old girl.They salt our roads heavy so no gtr power for while. Cheers good chaps the maple leaf warrior will post again soon.




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You better believe it brother. It’s been a long time coming. It’s a shame the old motor Grenaded itself completely or I would have been able to build the original motor to the same spec. I sure love the tourque of the higher compression and the motor wants to rev to the moon. Rev limiter is set to 8500 till I grow some bigger cahoonahs between my legs and let her rev a little more. I know the rb30 is a better setup but I’m happy with my 2.8, Cheers mate gtr power

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    • Just wondering if there is anyone else. Spoke to them but want to know if there is other prices out there in Aus. Do you know who make the polycarbonate windshields? 
    • Try a window tinter for tear offs, a local place here in Townsville has done them in the past. A quick google search will help https://www.facebook.com/RaceScreen-Tear-Offs-169184126960839/ https://www.alfab.com.au/3d-shaped-polycarbonate-race-boat/
    • Yes but no.  Start with 450hp and see how it goes. Should go alright with Z221 295 Hankooks all round. I'm running Enkei RPF1's but reading the above might have to look at other options if I get into it again. Koya seem to have some well priced semi forged wheels.
    • Anyone know we’re I can get tear off racing windscreens in Australia? Similar to the ones you see on the V8 or on your motor cross googles. Also where can I get polycarbonate windscreens for a commodore here in aus ? Please let me know 
    • @GTSBoy, School me on the ITB options!! We are not committed to the RB26 option. For us it is all about the sound and feel of the car. Big power figures are not required. Any RB25 NA engine is going to be a big power increase on what an L series NA can do. It has to run well on 98 fuel. I run my WRX on E85, and I like it on a big boost turbo, but it can be a hassle to get at times. The S30 has to be able to go on a cruise and get fuel in little town 2 hours from a major city. So that will probably set the comp. Then we will get the heads done and some not too wild cams. I think revving for max power around 8k (limit to 8500?) as it will cost lots to get a bottom end to stay together much higher.  That should set the cams. We want to run the NCVS which is one of the reasons I wanted the NEO head. Some nice headers with the ITB should do OK for power and sound great.  Light flywheel so it is snappy free revving.  We just have to find the right engine to start with first!
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