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Canada 1993 gtr ready for action

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9 hours ago, MoMnDadGTR said:

yes i had them on order before it even happened, they are on the car already for some shredding. just went with some cooper zeons for now until i find some nice 18s for it and lace them with some toyo R888.

not familiar with cooper zeons but a quick google search tells me they are a form of semi all terrain???

I know you guys have different weather conditions to us here in oz but if this is the path you've gone down i'd be concerned...

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3 hours ago, mr_rbman said:

not familiar with cooper zeons but a quick google search tells me they are a form of semi all terrain???

I know you guys have different weather conditions to us here in oz but if this is the path you've gone down i'd be concerned...

ive put over 200,000km on these tires. there very average yes but in a 255 and with awd they grip just fine and perform quite well on dirty roads. like i stated ill have toyo r888s for pissing around on a different rim. i was driving my wifes stis rims on 225s on the gtr and i was doing just fine. driver can always adjust to whats underneathe him. imagine owning a 1000hp supra lol...

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Want to have this grey 89 going tonight but can’t figure out how to get this old bearing off? I don’t have the press or tool probably waiting till morning when shop opens eh mates?




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Little video of the old 89, will keep posted on the cars but I’ve put in about 40 hours straight in the shop, I’m out for a bit gunna get some trees cut make some money for some parts all I’ll be back with some more custom shinanigans!  Snow now so the r’s will be getting treats for the next 5 months if business is well! 


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She is all cleaned up now and bugs worked out! What a great stock gtr hard to find great shape inside and out. Thinking if I should paint this one up with new weather stripping now and give her the love she deserves










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Does it need new paint, the paint looks ok in the pictures? I'd always prefer OEM paint over a closed door respray, so unless you're stripping out the interior and giving that a lick as well then I would leave it. Too many Skylines with too many coats of paint on them. Obviously if the paint is rougher than the pictures show then that's different. 


Agree with new wheels. Engine covers need some love for sure. Otherwise looks like a great find, especially in the current GTR climate!

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Yeah I agree with everything said for sure! I almost never bought the car because of the gtr logo placement. Was a dead give away it had been fixed in rear end. I found the body work rear left quarter was fixed prob got rear ended. The wheels are awful and yeah the paint and weather stripping are done. I dropped the car off for a glass out, doors and bumpers off paint job. Not a full restore but all I can afford right now with my black one just getting out of shop. I am going to put Rota p45r 18 inch on it, kakimoto race exhaust 3.5 inch, and some Coilovers as the thing sits crazy hi in the front! I don’t know if that’s just the stock suspension or what? You guys no better than me. Can really tell in the video how quiet a gtr really is with stock exhaust can’t even heat my wife down shift, and the video shows how awful it sits in the front. Car is not perfect but guys I paid 14 Canadian for it and it runs better than any gtr I’ve had! Pulled the pill and she has great pull at 1 bar we raced my wife’s stage 2 sti against it and the gtr was gone.

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Well I finally got the gtr back from paint after the crash it definitely feels awesome,lucky and blessed to have her back and not dead myself. I ended up buying a nice r33 engine I stripped for a build for the old girl.  I’m willing to ship the long block to the Australia or uk area to known good machine shops for rb’s. I know someone’s gunna say any good machine shop can do it but nah already had a local shop wreck a rb26 when doing a hone job for a set of cp pistons. Just want someone who does rb’s all the time. Even if someone knows a good shop in the states somewhere but not my first choice. I already saved my coin for the build just need the shop to pull it off for me. Much appreciated thanks boys. My goal 86.5 bore forged bottom. Precision 6466. Tune on e85 30psi. Send gearbox for a rebuild wanna keep it 5 speed manual tho. 






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First time tearing down one of these suckers. Off for machine hit now, got some good advice from the boys on the site here and I’m confident will be my first build. let the slippery slope begin







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    • it will be a switch to turn your Speed sensor wire on or off. so you can use the TV,DVD,USB videos and other things when driving.
    • Hi, I am new to the forum and have just bought a 2008 skyline 370GT Coupe. I have had a cruise control fitted that is like factory, installed by Autostrada Brisbane.  Next I wanted everything in English, including maps, so I found that there was a guy in Estonia doing this conversion for about $1400. I went ahead and here is my story, hoping that it saves interested people a lot of time and hassle. Cheers John  I recently purchased a new (refurbished) head unit that is fully English (Australian), with maps and all, from a an Ebay site in Estonia. I also got a new English keypad with it. A guy by the name of Simon was my ebay purchase contact. My car is a 2008 370GT Skyline. The unit cost me nearly $1400 but I think it was worth it. If you can't find the exact unit on ebay then just find one like it from Russia and contact the seller and tell him what you want. He will most likely be able to meet your need. The unit only took less than 3 wks to get to me. Then the fun started. It did not come with any instructions, so I searched how to replace a head unit on a Skyline but nothing came up, so I looked for "How to remove the head unit from a 2008 Infinity G37" and got what I needed. Here are the steps for those who want to know: 1. There is some metal trim on the top of the leather gear stick boot. Pull it down from the base of the gear shift and remove the clip that holds the gear knob on, don't lose it! And remove the gear knob. 2. Use a right angled needle pick at the rear corner of the trim around the gearstick. It can be difficult to avoid marking the trim of you use a screw driver. This piece of trim looks like brushed aluminium. Put the pick in the small corner gap where it meets the black plastic trim, and pry the corner up, so you can dislodge it and then pull that section up. Put the gearstick into drive by putting your finger under the trim piece, that you are wanting to remove, and push the white plastic slide down that stops you moving the gear leaver back to "drive". If you don't know where that trigger is then you can still get the trim off without the gear stick in drive but once you know where it is then it makes life easier. Unplug the 2 plugs and remove that piece of trim. 3. Unscrew the 2 screws securing the bottom of the clock carrying piece of trim and pull it out from the bottom and pull downways to remove it. Unplug those connections and take that piece of trim off. 4. Unscrew the 2 screws securing the vented piece of trim that surrounds the screen and lift that whole piece of trim out. 5. Unscrew the 2 silver screws that secure the screen to the mounting bracket, pull that screen piece out and unplug it and remove the screen altogether. 6. Locate the white slide that you have to push down to select drive position with the gear stick. It is just to the right and ahead of the gearstick, so that you can get the head unit out without destroying the trim. Unscrew the 2 silver screws that secure the lower part of the head unit and pull the head unit straight back and out. In doing so you are in danger of damaging the black soft trim, be extra careful. Now you can begin to unplug the back of the head unit. You now need to completely remove head unit. Put your driver's seat well forward to help you look down over the back of the head unit and with a screw driver depress the tangs on the plugs and pull them out. It can be challenging with some plugs to see just how to do that. Keep the head unit straight, or you will damage the black trim for sure. You could cover the edge of the soft black trim with a few layers of quality masking tape to help keep it safe, otherwise you are going to kick yourself for negligence. I damaged mine, regardless of how careful I tried to be. I will use black Sikaflex to repair it. I have used that before to repair a damaged steering wheel on my WRX. It is terribly messy stuff but if you wear a pair of washing up gloves so you can work with it and get the desired finish. Do not use surgical cloves that you can't detach from Sikaflex once you get it on them. Keep Sikaflex in the freezer or it will harden in the tube before long. I seal it best I can with a plastic membrane under the nozzle and put it in a plastic bag in the bottom of the freezer and have kept a tube for 2 years, otherwise it might only last a couple of weeks. It is expensive and you usually only need a little at a time. It is most useful for many things as it dries to a very strong rubber that is like engine mounts. I have actually successfully used it to refabricate an exhaust mount on one of my cars. 7. Once you have removed the head unit, replace the keypad with the English labelled unit. It is secured to the vent piece of trim that surrounds the screen. 8. Remove the mounting frame from the old unit with its piggy back connections and fit it to the new head unit. 9. Now begins the challenge, so you can get it right first time J. I conquered after 6 attempts. I had to figure out just how to match the plugs up with the new, very differently oriented, reprogrammed for Australia, head unit, that I was supplied with from Estonia. The confusing thing is that there are 2 sets of plugs that are the same on the factory loom and so you can hook the wrong ones up to the wrong places and if you do so all sorts of funny things will start to happen to your car's lights and fans and starting circuit etc. First up, identify the top 2 main white plugs that come out near the top of the old loom. They have yellow bands around the plastic sheathing of those plugs. These go to the top of the head unit's piggy back, nowhere else! You can plug them in last if you want. There are 2 identical white plugs lower down that go into the top 2 positions on the head unit proper but there are 2 other smaller white plugs that plug into the head unit below them. Plug them in first and then plug the ones that go above after that. There are also some plugs that go to the bottom line of sockets on the new unit. You will still have about 3 plugs from the old loom that go nowhere, once you change the head unit. Push them out of the way so that they don't stop you pushing the head unit fully home after you have plugged it all back together. Then there are 2 plugs that need to change sides: A blue plug that must change sides and plug into a tail that comes with the Estonian set up. This tail plugs in at the top of the head unit near the driver (right hand side). This is the one that gives you your info on the screen, otherwise you will just have a blank screen come up. I missed this one every time and so only had a blank screen. There is a brownish plug that also changes sides, now going to the left of the new unit. There are 2 smaller plugs that go to the lower right (driver's side) of the head unit. There is also a plug that has a female USB on the end that has to be located somewhere on the dash, or in the clove box or wherever you choose, that plugs in at the top left passenger's side of the head unit. 10. This should about do it for you. I don't think I have left anything out except to say that you need to arrange the wires with the new harness as best you can to allow you to be able to push the head unit back enough to get it remounted securely. It can't sit out into the car at all, or you won't get the clock trim back on. 11. Secure the head unit at the bottom first with the 2 silver screws and then refit the screen over it at the top and secure both the head unit and the screen together with the other 2 silver screws. 12. Refit the vent trim and secure it with the 2 black screws. 13. Refit the clock trim and plug in the broad ribbon plug and the 2 other plugs, Now secure the clock trim with it's 2 black screws. 14. Refit the final gear stick trim. Refit the gear knob and its clip and clip up the leather boot. Your done. I hope it all works for you. Cheers, you now pretty well have an Infinity G37. 
    • I believe the hazard switch is before the stalk, so could be broken connection between them. But as GTSBoy said, multimeter poking is required.
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