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MLR's Bogan cruise ship

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42 minutes ago, Kinkstaah said:

I expected a jetski

Nah, not a big enough fan to own one

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From these, didn't like 19" ride quality


To these, which fell out of favour when after multiple times to balance, from multiple shops they still vibrated over 100 kph. Long story short is they aren't built well.


To these, kicking it OEM, 17 x 8 with 245/45  RE003's. Ride quality is awesomeballs, the 245 17", as opposed to the 275 19" do lack some grip when going from idle to WOT. Bonus is the 245/45 17 are cheap to replace...

Actually finding clean, un-guttered 2002 VX SS OEM wheels was a PITA, and they ended up costing me....$700......yeap........$700.....LOLOLOLOLIMAIDIOTLOLOLOL

I did find new ones to, they were only $1000 a rim.....WTFF


At this stage the thing is basically 100% stock looking.


In other news, fitted some Vanes and Hines slip on pipes to the "Bogan luxury yacht".

It now is possibly too loud, I knew I should have ordered the comp BD killers, meh, job for later.

Until then it will just be another overly loud Harley.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Cruise ship is now rear muffler deleted, as it still has the 2 mufflers and cats it isn't too loud, unless you hit the loud pedal, then it is very loud, but good very loud.


Also, I got a new headunit with GPS, reversing camera and stuff put in the Yaris I bought my daughter, whilst there I was looking at some other stuff....soooo.....the bogan cruise ship now has big sub in the boot. 

I had to buy the car a present, it was being neglected as the bike has been doing all the 1 up trips and odd jobs.

In other news I am getting a custom jacket made by Ricondi, my short arms and wide back make it impossible to find one on the rack. $1050 delivered, cow hide, CE armour in the back, shoulders and elbows.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Got a 15" BBK for the bike.

The Harley is the biggest and heaviest bike I have ever owned, it also comes with the smallest front brake.


It still runs the stock 2 pot caliper but the stock disc is only 11.8".

11.8 + 3.2 = 2µFr = 30% gain?

We shall see

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I have a this


coming soon to keep the Mrs happy, apparently me going missing on the bike for a day or two, by myself, isn't a thing...........until then, rear footpeg brackets and pegs arrived so I chucked them on


+5kw with the brackets and pegs

+15kw with the seat

-20kw with an actually pillion on the back.

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And because I'm not happy unless I'm spending some coin on things that make noise......

A high flow dry element filter that fits in my OEM intake


And tuning software to make fueling happy.


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1 hour ago, Dose Pipe Sutututu said:

How's the Southern Cross tatt going?

The facist/racist idiots killed the southern cross.

Unfortunately the stars we live under now represents facist racist idiots and I would need to punch myself in the face several times if I got one.

I like to pride myself on being an aware and "woke" bogan.

I have a love for the women of all races, I respect all the different colored boobies and butts.

I said I was aware and woke to racism, not sexism..


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So, the bike is all tuned to match the new intake and exhaust, what a vast improvement everywhere.

Talking to the guy at the shop the OEM tune, like most OEM tunes, is rubbish,  and there is a good chunk left on the table to play with.

Sorry, no mang mang vids


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  • 2 weeks later...

Bogan bike:

Picked up a new rear disc to match the front, also got new pads because new discs.


New seat is real comfy, well, for me at least, the pillion is "meh" comfort wise but as I'm not sitting there I don't really care, but, as the bike now has somewhere for the Mrs to sit, and complain, I'm golden.


Also picked up an oil cooler because air cooled motor in traffic is balls.

I'm all set for the first service, going for the "3 hole" jobbie, LOL, it's a thing, and, because it is a tractor, it takes 20w50 in every hole....

I'm loving the bike and putting alot of kms and hour on it, it's like riding a comfy sofa, albeit a noisy comfy sofa .

Bogan cruise ship.

Apart from changing the diff oil the car has just been sitting around, alot, we did take it to Goulburn for the weekend to catch up with the daughter, that, like the bike, is like cruising along on a comfy sofa, albeit a noisy comfy sofa.

Yeap, I'm getting old and soft, but still noisy.

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Also new Deka 20 battery, even after being on the tender all night, the thing would struggle turning over the big old girl.

And how good are new gloves, I got a pair of Alpine Star SMX 2 air carbons, my last set of summer gloves ended up being repurposed to work gloves, these new gloves fit amazing, have a ton of protection and breathe really well.




I wish my $1100 custom leather jacket jacket would arrive.

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1 hour ago, GTofuS-T said:

if it's even made it into Australia yet it's probably still a few more months of quarantine :P

I recieved a new harness from the states that I ordered 2 months ago today!

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1 hour ago, GTofuS-T said:

if it's even made it into Australia yet it's probably still a few more months of quarantine :P

It is being made in Pakistan by some 14 year old in a sweat shop I believe...... pics of the CE armour getting stitched in.


34 minutes ago, robbo_rb180 said:

A good set of gloves makes a difference, so since no blower for the cruiseship when is the bike getting one? 

Bike is fast enough for a daily hack, I'm just saving coin for when something that tickles my fancy turns up.

20 minutes ago, trel said:

I recieved a new harness from the states that I ordered 2 months ago today!

Was first quoted 8 weeks, it has been 6 so in reality, I'm just being an impatient dick.

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Needed to spend some coin, so.....

I ordered a billet high stall to suit the car.

Told them 90% street 10% drags.

After sending them my estimated hp/torque(360-337),cam (223 228), tyre (25.7") and gear ratio (3.91) they came up with some 2800+-ish locking stall converter thing with a clutch made from unicorn poop, all for $1130 fun tickets delivered to the workshop.

Apparently it drives "pretty much" like a normal converter, until you hit the loud pedal.

It is also alot more efficient at multiplying the torque, so, if all the unicorns line up, it should equal more power to the rear.......apparently 

The converter manufacturer was recommend by my local auto transmission guy in Liverpool, his shop is full of angry looking drag cars and muscle cars.

Only down side is the 6 to 8 week delivery time, but, as it will be getting a trans cooler, but, transmission guy is still doing some homework on what is really required, rushing in isn't really to my advantage.

Total budget???? About $2.5ish, drive in drive out, done and dusted.

Shhhh, don't tell the Mrs.

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