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MLR's Bogan cruise ship

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After lowering the rear of the Bogan bike I scraped the bejedus out of my lower exhaust pipe on tight right handers, whilst the rest of the bike is nice and shiny now, and the rear raised back up, the big rusty scrape down the side of the exhaust was doing my head in.....so....

New Vance and Hines short shots and quiet baffles are on their way from Bike Biz

Whilst the short shots come with "baffles" they are no where near legal, so I got some quiet baffles to knock a few Db out of it, still loud (ish), possibly even a bit louder than my current pipes, but not ear bleeding, hello officer type loud

This should also negate the common fault of Harley's doing the exhaust gaskets, the stock exhaust weights a ton, this removes alot of weight and length which would have the end of the exhaust shaking around like Michael J Fox signing his name



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Wrinkle paint came out OK, looks weird in the photo but not on natural light, the cover test fitted up fine, albeit I do need to find a nice stainless dome hex head bolt for mounting it, and a spacer that isn't a 12mm nut

I've got some hard plastic washers which enable me to spin it down in the event I get caught in the rain

The opening needs "something" like some mesh to stop bugs and stuff from pumping the filter


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I should have just clicked and collected from bunnings for 6 5m x 20mm stainless nuts and bolts


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On 20/09/2021 at 9:00 AM, Duncan said:

f**k me they are some long bolts


On 20/09/2021 at 10:37 AM, GTSBoy said:

I've got a couple of 6m lengths of galv allthread lying around if that would work better 😛


6 x m5 x 20mm

Yeap.....lucky I don't order stuff like how I post on here 🤪



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New exhaust is on and it sounds awesomeballs 

Bike gets picked up on Monday for some tuning to suit




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Bike is back drom Sy's and it runs like a boss

There was a new update for the Maximus tuner and then some road testing, it pulls like a train from idle

I was assuming I was going to lose some power down low from the short shots exhaust, which I wasn't to fussed about, #becausenotaracebike, but in reality it makes noticeably more power everywhere, which is nice

I also attempted a better job on the wrinkle paint for the air filter cover, it's better, but has 2 small blemishes from a little spatter from the nozzle on the spray can, meh, good enough, because of its shape, trying to get a even heavy coat, without any runs, that gets some heatgun action to wrinkle up, is tricky (the oven is off limits due to Jackie working from home, damnit...)


The black alloy ebay mesh is on the way for the opening, I'm looking at using a very thin bead of black stikaflex to hold the mesh on

Also, if anyone has a T400 laying around can I have it, please, cheap would be good, free would be better...I want to take my time and attempt to build a stout auto that can handle #moreboost, the current power has the "fully built" 4L60e at its "comfortable" max limit

Fun little job for the car tomorrow, chuck this on and do 5k km service, it's a new design, as in, the hole in the thing is much bigger than the older ones I've used before



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Consumers will consume 

Street Bob tail tidy and blinker relocator

Disclaimer: may need some modifications with a dremel, like everything else I buy 🤪


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Boring day at work so took long lunch break to fit the tail tidy

Like all simple bolt on parts, it wasn't a simple bolt on, I'm going to trim up the sides a bit but I need some new blades for the jigsaw

No real rush anyway as it looks way better than the original big plastic thing that was there before



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Finally got to installing the "carbuilders" under boonet liner


Luckly I got 2 rolls for less than the price of 1 a few months ago

Still need to trim out the vent holes and fit the pinch weld to the holes, (need to get to clarkes rubber to pick what I want) but you get the picture 

Next up will be lining the boot lid with the stuff


Oh, and as I got the new bigger headers I'm going to get the tune checked, so, as you do, I'm getting a 5mm smaller pulley ($150?) for the supercharger, should add around 2 or 3 psi and is the smallest available that does not overspeed the rotors, so blower warranty is still good

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Daughter's Yaris vs Skippy

The daughter is fine and the Yaris came off unexpectedly well for hitting a good sized buck.

The Yaris is already at the smash repairs

She dragged Skippy off the road and it expired shortly after, without any help...

The daughter now wants a bigger car...

Stupid Kangaroo 



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yeah that sucks, I had been lucky for so long until about 3 months ago when skippy changed her mind and came back after I had missed her.

At least daughter didn't have to deal with injured skippy.

You know what would be a good, bigger replacement for a yaris for rural use? A well looked after Cima. Great value car for the price. https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/detail/nissan-cima-854038. Even comes with awesome plates


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My daughter hit a roo in our brand new RAV on about her 2nd drive on Ls with the whole family on board.

You can imagine the hysteria. Roo was severely damaged and needed to be put down. The RAV's bumper bounced back as if nothing ever happened except one little rib in the lower section.

Toyots are good with roos, apparently.

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On 12/10/2021 at 7:53 PM, Duncan said:

yeah that sucks, I had been lucky for so long until about 3 months ago when skippy changed her mind and came back after I had missed her.

At least daughter didn't have to deal with injured skippy.

You know what would be a good, bigger replacement for a yaris for rural use? A well looked after Cima. Great value car for the price. https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/detail/nissan-cima-854038. Even comes with awesome plates


She has already tested the guilt trip waters with "a 4wd with a big bull bar would be alot safer than the little Yaris you got me, wouldn't it dad"

Meh, as she says, she's my favourite financial burdon...



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On 13/10/2021 at 6:59 AM, Duncan said:

what kind of father buys their child a Toyota!?!?!

The kind that does what he is told, I wanted to get her a Forester because AWD and the access road is dirt, she said the Forester looked like a box and didn't want one, she wanted a Yaris because cute and low running costs

Now she wants big 4wd thing with a bullbar to plow the road with

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Dropped car off at Autotech on Monday,  and.....the supercharger has developed a rattle that increases with revs

Autotech and Harrop have stated that it's covered by warranty, which is awesome, I cannot rate Autotech high enough, Spiro is a great and honest guy to deal with

So far Autotech and Harrop have been diagnosing the issue and the blower is going back to Harrop (in Victoria 😭) to get pulled apart, inspected, rebuilt or replaced

Once Harrop get it, it's about a 3 day turn around

Bit of a PITA, especially with the shipping in and out of Victoria, but what do you do

Strangely I cannot think of anything else that could be done to the old girl while it's sitting forlorn at Autotech, could I be content with it's current modifications????? 🤯, well apart from adding the 80mm pulley and getting the retune that is

In saying all this, and not having the car to drive around, it's probably going to rain for the next couple of weeks and I'm going to be on the bike with a wet arse until the car comes back

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