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M35 Viscous Fan Mods !!!

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Posted (edited)

I have just acquired the M35 250RSTurbo and have a post up elsewhere but thought this topic needed it's own identity .

I have read up about the 3200 CFM fan and the failures of going to electric  thermo fans .

It seems to me that if you consistently require that kind of cfm then perhaps the radiator is a bit undersized .

We all know that after about 40 Kph there is more air coming in than the fan can pull so we want the fan to stop otherwise it impedes the incoming air blah blah blah .

I am very unhappy with the roar and would have gone to good quality thermo's but having read up about do not need to follow suit .

However being the same as the V35 chassis I decided to check out the later 3.5 engined [ is that a word ?? ]  V35 and they have thermo fans but still the tiny single row radiator .

Was that a cost cutting exercise to have a viscous...Yuk !!

Anyhow the intent was to get a V35 radiator with fans knowing that the radiator will bolt in to M35 but the fan shroud might not bolt to the M35 radiator .

Whew , did you get that , was dam hard to write .

So couldn't get a radiator but do have the shroud with the twin fans , will be checking if it swaps in later today .

I'm not noble enough to believe I might be the only one to think of this or maybe I am ??

Has this been done ?

Was it successful ??

I think a twin row radiator will help as well and seeing that the tanks fail will go an all alloy radiator in the future , what is everybody else running .

Thoughts please including if you think I'm a raving lunatic !!

Edited by M35.Groot
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Is your car overheating? If not just check your radiator and thermostat and clean or replace with another stocker and don't fix what ain't broken.

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4 hours ago, M35.Groot said:

Was that a cost cutting exercise to have a viscous...Yuk !!

No. Wrong statement.

If you have a lot of fan noise, then the problem is the viscous clutch is stuffed and all you need to do is replace it with a GENUINE NISSAN clutch. Do not f**k about with aftermarket off brand clutches, because they all suck compared to the genuine Nissan one.

I know about these things.


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I'm sure you do know about these things  however if you read the post carefully you will note I'm going to use genuine NISSAN fans from a NISSAN V35 and shroud not some random aftermarket fans .

Also I wish to eliminate the 6Hp odd loss that a viscous fan sucks away .

My car is still running the stock pithy radiator and I'm aware they fail so will fit an all alloy twin core radiator to avoid that which can't hurt .


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Where is your evidence that the stock radiators fail more than any other...and will your all alloy twin core radiator exactly fit the V35 shroud?

How does the  fan suck 6hp away? It is only operating at idle or in traffic. At normal speed the clutch is disengaged .

Presumably your twin electric fans work the same way. From whence comes the power to drive them if not from the engine?

With the km your car has done you should probably be saving up for a new turbo or timing chain (after you have replaced your fan if it is faulty).

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The car wil be slow anyway so why worry about mods to get back a theoretical 6hp? Just drive it.

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2 hours ago, M35.Groot said:

Also I wish to eliminate the 6Hp odd loss that a viscous fan sucks away

Jeezus titty f**king Christ!

I was talking about the very best option being the NISSAN VISCOUS CLUTCH.

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Wow !!

Don't want to upset anyone , chill the whiskey factory guys ? .

First the radiator thing , I'm not saying it fails more than any other , however in the last two nights I have read at least 8 posts from different people that their radiator plastic tank has split , to me that means at 16 plus  years old and however many K's the tanks split , I will be wise and replace it before that  happens .

V35 radiators bolt straight in and so do the air box's , what I don't know is if the shrouds swap over , I now have a V35 shroud with twin fans so will let you know .

I will get an all alloy twin row oven brazed V35 radiator that I know will bolt straight in to the M35 with the V35 airbox .


Something like this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/All-Aluminum-Radiator-For-04-07-Nissan-Skyline-V35-350-GT-V6-Petrol-AT-2-Row/292747369595?fits=Plat_Gen%3AV35&epid=20024291071&_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item44291a5c7b:g:39IAAOSwlY1ZGWtm&enc=AQAEAAACcIQvEcHUrT7nmUC3yY5qbPyaBN1nJEDYW8MyypsJPgXKMy1HQ5tqr4SizEZhU4A6p24OFt7rJh%2BdO2BEZmEPDW6%2FdjjBov%2BrSFU6l4fpRZl7yhLriYPIhwb7o5FTsYdxhb9OKP7OwzPAHwluI1Sgu7m90%2FJPzyf2KcEfSjKUMNNKb4k%2BofdpFVGNxlyCFrTifEPDiNBvEEBjcAXw1LOVimMAgz4L7jUqvyNWZDqGbQLSyDilZWixkqP1436m56%2BGjFdTTX5UVnMTVXDkoWUck0NTxUcJ%2B5bGmCEkPrY%2FjDy6vEkNus0sKE2OBmzG%2FJiIOE9co5hh2aohSc%2BK41SCIyXWZTbKNNzPAVutlMBYgNxti7b3haPUaQQ8%2B4xmSI%2FkPiEPaVL0p44yOLc9SkkyOCQYtAZ66xYDg1unRrLPjk32Q7u8KOA3oa2Z%2FFtRoZXsKQfGYjUMV0pxmsymTuXNTSxg5XWoeiYBH9LO4gYJQZP7LN6jYG%2BFVKdy8De1U5sLXIun5W2GPd0o7DUnwseEJFakrTVqSMPRGnAvGwIZhAwj0YcZnDpI6Oan9F2sPxeMssVAO1rVzutwd8vvtp9DWe5kiDZQ87JLvcGm%2FllcWoLwHeHBLngW1KqB%2BLZC3CsQK3a%2Bil11ZYxfh9kJptOLYj3eQSdQDc09n%2Bj08iBLckScUmQVTqzyzI28EogKLspt8l56KynEiZvVlRkxRsUhhyWjXikj0xVkTc6ZBPvsbkWXK8Ve2VjuvsY4mP188zjS71cfxpsaKd2hVZOKLc7hUDXrqeiBHjFbHErgxvoEuFI1b1sYCIAUvLSOYcd72XzYAQ%3D%3D&checksum=292747369595139f4f688d414f178dd6023d81e75d32

I would think that a radiator made to replace the V35 radiator would take the same shroud and I have used ebay radiators before with total success .

As to the V35 electric fans I will let you all know how it all goes...good or bad .


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