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Faulty wideband & fuel pressure sensors

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Hi All,

Has anyone seen a wideband sensor fail like this? The short version is, the reading is all over the place. I tried to get a log to show it the best I could. I'm doing my best to hold the throttle and RPM as steady as I can. 

The wideband sensor is a Haltech WB1 CAN controller and the ECU is a Pro plug in. 

The other fun one is, as soon as I put e85 in the car, my fuel pressure sensor started reading lower. My base pressure is 47psi, but the ECU is seeing 34psi. It still rises as you'd expect with boost, but it reads 13psi lower then expected. I've tested it with a mechanical gauge and it's a perfect 47psi. 

If it is a faulty wideband sensor, I thought having a CAN based controller was meant to communicate with the ECU and give me a fault code if something went wrong. 


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