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RB25DET Neo Oil Pump

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Hey all,

I am currently in the process of building an RB30DET Neo and was planning to re-use my oil pump as it is an N1 type...

However, upon removal, the drive gear face looks like it's been slapping against the crank on the edge so looks like I'll need some billet gears. (previous owner must have like the limiter...)

Housing does look ok, but there are 2 wear marks? that I can feel.

Do yas reckon the housing is still usable? I am trying to avoid buying a new N1 type oil pump as I've read they are not of the same quality...



rb oil gear1.jpg

rb oil gear2.jpg

rb oil housing.jpg

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hey guys, thanks for the advice! appreciate it :)

Wow Johnny, those gears are completely cooked ?

GTSBoy, yes that is true, my initial thoughts were to either put a new N1 pump or re-use the original housing if viable just not to double up on costs. My next question I guess would be, were those claims of "not good" ever really verified or just a he said/she said scenario?

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There seemed to be many failures of them where the originals simply didn't. But the evidence pool is very much anecdotal, and probably fuelled by the usual dickhead methods by which oil pumps die anyway, being a total lack of respect and mechanical sympathy.

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GTSBoy, yes that is a fair point too. I guess it is hard to verify on public forums lol.

Too true Johnny, I did fathom the Nitto pump as they are amazing and have very good reputation but the $$$, and totally agree the poor man pays twice, ouch!

Thanks for the advice and conversation gents! Now off to ponder the decision to make...

Ah good old RB life.


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