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M35 ARX performance part out


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Hi all,

Parting out my beloved m35 stagea ARX, although happy to sell complete.

All items are in used but good to very good condition.

Stock parts also available.

Located in Sydney.

These are the aftermarket parts up for sale:

- 350z brembos with freshly machined DBA t3 slotted rotors and stoptech braided lines.
Front and rear $1200

- BC br adjustable coilovers with swift 12.0 kgf/mm racing springs
Front and rear $1200
Swift springs are WAY better than the standard BC springs. Read up on them. I recommend anyone with BCs get them.

- superpro sway bars with adjustable links on rear
Front and rear $500

- Moonface roll center adjusters (lower control arm ball joint)
Front $200

SPL pro v5 tie rods ends (bumpsteer adjusters) with tein inner tie rods
Front $300

((The above two are especially important for lowered cars as they return the geometry of the steering arms and the lower control arms back to standard geometry... so less bumpsteer and more control))

- white line rear subframe mount kit


(allows subframe setup for better traction or worse traction (drift))

- 18" x 8" velocity wheels with tyres
Front and rear $1200
(These wheels clear the brembo brakes without the need for spacers)

- HDi front mount intercooler

- transmission cooler

- koyorad aluminium radiator

- turbosmart kompact plumb back Bov

- stock turbo with gt3061 internals (turbine and bearings) and turbosmart wastegate actuator. Includes water and oil lines.

- 3" Charlestown  turboback exhaust including 3" dump and highflow cat. Twin tip rear muffler.

- seimens deka 660cc injectors on rail

- deatchworks 300lph fuel pump

- 19mm thick phenolic plenum runner spacer

- vq25det engine (less turbo)

- auto transmission with transgo shift kit installed

- emanage ultimate piggyback ecu with wired in loom and map sensor

- innovate lc-2 wideband o2 sensor and controller

- greddy profec electronic oled boost controller

- greddy infometer touch display

- ark design stb turbo timer (slots into stock switch opening in dash)

- century ultra high performance 640cca battery (8 months old)

- prorack roofracks (well used)

- fast fit tow bar



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