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Hey guys.

I haven't posted for a long time and one of those reasons is 'cause I've been focused on a lot of things IRL including getting hitched! As part of the planning, my fiance and I are talking about wedding cars and although cheesy to some, I just can't look past getting a nice GTR for my own wedding car, and I would also like a 4-door R34 for my groomsmen. With this in mind, here is what I am after:

For both of the following cars here are the details:

Location: Kiama, NSW (90mins south of Sydney)
Date: Friday March 26th, 2021
Approx start time of duties: 1pm
Approx finish time of duties: 6pm
Total expected kms travelled on duty: <100km


R34 GTR (any variant)
Preferably Blue, White or Black (preference in that order)
MUST be in great condition. Any mods are fine but no stickers/vinyls.
Bonus points for 2-step

R34 4-Door (any variant, turbo, NA, auto, doesn't matter)
Preferably White or Black
MUST be in great condition. Any mods are find but no stickers/vinyls.
Bonus points for turbo but not necessary.


Scope of the gig: You drive your car, pick up Groom (if GTR) or groomsmen (if GTT) and take from accommodation to wedding location in Kiama. You then drive to multiple photo destinations after the wedding before dropping us off in Kiama. Total time is 5hrs max and less than 100km driven.

I know there are pro companies our there that do this thing but I'm after specific cars and I wanted to reach out to the community first. I'm reliable and looking to hire reliable people. Happy to pay cash to the right people.

If anyone knows someone who might be able to help me please link! Thank you all very much :D

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