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Who is an LMGT4 Center cap expert

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I WTB raised center caps for LMGT4s but they are discontinued.

Am I SOL getting anything else from Rays range that will happen to fit?

They are the press-in rubber ring type, not the clip type. nengun still sell the flat ones. I fancy the hub ones. 

If anyone has hub ones in bronze, I'll happily swap for flat, and pay $$s.



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It's been a long time since I chased some up for mine (I was after the flats though) but I thought they were interchangeable with te37 from memory.
I'd just be keeping an eye on yahoo auctions for them, have you asked other importers as well in case they can still source? Import Monster, Jesse Streeter, etc.

Not sure if it will help but I've got the part numbers for them.

Standard type with Rays logo (depth 25mm): 40315-RN850-BR (BR =Bronze, swap 'BR' for 'S' or 'BK' to get silver or black)


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I know nothing about LM 2/3/4 center caps ! ! ! ( search search search ) . . . . . 

But if you get stuck the and you still want to go with that style of cap then the alloy outer body could easily be spun up on a lathe.

The center section looks like an insert and could be molded up in various plastics or resins to suit  

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been searching my head off. There is much confusion over diameters not helped by two styles, o-ring type and clip type. If te37 are the same then that helps. I sent an email to rays wheels to see if I can get an answer.

On facebook marketplace I found a NOS high set but black, not bronze. I guess I could get those powder coated if the correct color never appear.

the nengun bronze flat caps I have are an annoyingly slightly incorrect color match for my bronze wheels just to make things more irritating.

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From my understanding the clip type where only sold in the States as they were dealer option on z33's.

My previous set of LMGT4's were bronze & I found the same thing with the centre caps, the 2 that came on my wheels when purchased were a different finish but the new set of 4 I got matched correctly.
Same issue with my silver 19's, caps available in the standard silver anodised finish that matches the spokes and in the 'diamond finish' to match the machined section in the centre of the wheel.


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