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Buying '95 BCNR33 Help!

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Hello friends from the other side of the world! I recently tracked down a 1995 GT-R available from an importer that specializes in classic cars. They're nice enough to answer all my questions. Already conducted a 3rd party inspection. However, none of the people I'm communicating with are experts. Trying to be an educated buyer, I'm concerned about the vehicle's options. Vehicle has a V-Spec decal in the rear. I'll be happy with either a standard GT-R or a V-Spec. Would prefer a standard one over a V-Spec a bit more as I don't want to deal with issues from a vehicle with slightly superior tech. Using http://gtr-registry.com/en-bcnr33-vin-table.php , I kind of learned how to read VIN's. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the 6th digit is a W, it indicates it's a V-spec model. I attached a few photos for reference. Also, last digit on this vehicle is a J(indicating it has a rear-wiper). I do not see fins on the rear diff and absence of a rear-wiper, which is quite concerning to me. This vehicle hails from AUS according to the importer. Again, not a huge deal if it isn't a V-spec model, but it's not matching what the VIN indicates. Any tips helps!








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It appears to be missing the factory A-LSD. Factory build plate does say that it is a VSpec though: http://gtr-registry.com/en-bcnr33-vin-table.php

This is a car build 06/1995 Series 1 VSpec with: (1G) 2 Door Coupe; (2GJ + 11Z) RB26DETT; (4P) 4WD HICAS; (7F) 5 Speed Manual; (14G) Super Fine Hard Coat; (15J) Rear Wiper

Someone retrofitted the series 3 front lip to it as well, seems OEM based on the finish. Series 2/3 steering wheel as well. I have a feeling the airbag doesn't work because the dashboard/center console area was changed to fit the ABS computer in the series 2/3 whereas the series 1 had it in the steering wheel which is why it's so massive. A-LSD light is missing which is super fishy. Suggests the gauge cluster has been swapped and mileage is not accurate. Possibly done during the LSD swap but something to keep in mind. Interior appears in good condition but you need to check under that dashboard cover to know for sure. Driver side door cards have some damage. The interior also has a series 3 antenna switch instead of a blank plate as expected for series 1. Car has a compliance plate from when it was imported to Australia.

It is a little infuriating how dim the Duncan Imports interior photos are, it feels like they're trying to hide something. My eval is based on this car: https://www.duncanimports.com/vehicles/1156/1995-nissan-skyline-gt-r

I looked at the other one they have and I can't believe these two cars are priced the same: https://www.duncanimports.com/vehicles/1183/1995-nissan-skyline-gt-r

The condition is clearly different. This one seems to have evidence of rust in the trunk. The entire bottom half of the driver side seat has water damage. It looks like someone has sanded off the finish on the center stack around the radio/hvac/triple sub meter.

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The midnight purple v-spec... have a look at the boot shot. Looks like it was rusty as and been covered up. Eitherway their cars like look like polished turds. The condition doesn't match the k's in my opinion. Keep looking, I know it may feel like forever but the right one will pop up.

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27 minutes ago, trel said:

The midnight purple v-spec... have a look at the boot shot. Looks like it was rusty as and been covered up. Eitherway their cars like look like polished turds. The condition doesn't match the k's in my opinion. Keep looking, I know it may feel like forever but the right one will pop up.

If OP really wants a collector's R33 he should buy one of the Autech R33s listed here: http://www.garage-yoshida.net/car/

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Ya know, I looked at a few of Duncan’s GTS25T’s back in the spring/summer. They do indeed look like polished turds. Fresh paint jobs don’t hide the rust in the quarters and fenders. That’s why I ultimately ended up at Japanese Classics in Richmond to buy my R33. If you’re anywhere close to there, definitely check them out. 

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