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No account settings since update

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Hi Mods,

On a mobile, account settings doesn't show anymore. Tried on different browser to same effect. Image upload error when trying to attach pic as well. Can't insert screenshots. Error EX0.

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Add pic.
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Ok that works now. Not a drama with account settings, just pointing it out. Tapping on avatar works just fine. Anyway now of going back to the old look? Thanks PranK.



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11 hours ago, PranK said:

Hmmm, I can insert an image. I'll check group permissions.

I can see what you mean about the mobile version, I'll see what I can do. 👍

Hi Prank, it seems that time and date are not been displayed with posts so when scrolling through a thread you have no idea when they where made.


Also since the update i have been getting a message saying my emails are bouncing. I did update email address and received a confirmation message but the stupid pop up still exists. 


Please check it out when time permits. Thanks 👍


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It would be great if the menu button with options to select activity streams could be reinstated for the mobile site please. I cannot see any way to do that without switching to the desktop site withon the mobile browser. Firefox on Android.



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And while we are collecting little annoyances here.....the notification emails now only include the first 100ish characters instead of the whole message now, which makes it much harder to quickly monitor posts, since I have to login to the site to see any remainder of the post

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4 hours ago, admS15 said:

I don't know what's going on but i can see any posts from today in my activity stream. Surely there's new posts from today.

Me too. The posts are there but maybe not indexed so don't show up in activity queries. Although the banner about indexing has gone?

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