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Few Questions and much needed advice! (First Car)

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Hey All, 

Hope everyone is well. Long story short, Bought a 2001 Mazda 121 Metro (Small Size Little Japanese Demon) with the most underpowered motor and feel, but still at a minimum a fun car, which makes a 60 zone feel like a space shuttle launch.

The few questions I have are,

one, got two oil leaks. One is coming from the sump plug (probably incorrect terminology), and another further behind. I was wondering since it is FWD if this could be trans or something else but got no clue, been underneath but a new oil leak started today but could be aircon or something i don't understand. I know one is defo engine oil, but the other, i didn't have time to check. If anyone is from Perth and has some time or interested (which i doubt anyone is) I'd owe them a life debt to look at the nugget.

Two, I am deciding if I am going to be a dickhead as per usual and cut the exhaust just before the muffler on the final 90 degree bend and stick it under the car and point it towards the underside of the side-skirt. The internal questions inside this are, one, if the pipe doesn't stick down or though the side skirt will it cause exhaust gases to pool underneath the car (close to fuel tank) and do i keep the muffler to f**k the cops off or do i just send it?

Three, my final stupid question. Now i know all of you hate pod filters and they are useless, but the pod filter i've added is definitely better than the stock 30mm pipe of airflow that the air-box was connected to. I have absolutely sketched the daylights out of this by finding out that adding a pod involves attaching pod to maf, and then i discovered an air temp sensor which i may or may not have drilled into my stock intake pipe and just plugged and walked away (yes i know it is bad and it is my first car sooo, sketchy is all i've got). To resolve this, I have got 3 inch tubing which will connect all fine (i've tested it) and made sure it plugs all together with the OEM parts, instead of the 2 inch tube. This new tubing is mainly stainless steel with silicon joining pieces and a somehow very well non-sketchy hole with a rubber seal for the air temp sensor ( i know, how advanced!). Anyway, back to the problem, the connection pipe i have made doesn't fit in the car.. , so does anyone have any ideas about how to go about keeping the pod, with new piping?

Anyway sorry for the headache that is this nugget, but, have to learn on a trash car to do something bigger...

Thanks all


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Fix the leaks

Don't worry about exhaust, it will sound shit unless you get proper fat mufflers.

Intake modes will make no difference besides inhaling hot air and leading to less power, unless you have a sealed off box, but then after all that effort what will 1kW mean to you? Lose some weight instead.

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    • It sure is yeh 😂 I like to think of it as weight saving but this one was a little far gone for my liking. This was the r33 before it was condemned and sold off.   And this is what all the engine and drivetrain went into, my s14 drift build. Originally went with a Saab b204 engine swap but it was getting silly with all the custom parts so went back to good ol' Nissan Hopefully get it used soon if I can get the damn wiring sorted and get the engine running         
    • that would be the fuel pump relay priming. so ecu has power to trigger it, sure no ignition? Pull a plug and test spark, a common issue is fuel lines around the wrong way 😅
    • 2020,Australia which located in southern hemisphere has refreshed it's image around the world! At the beginning of this year, because Australian government is lacking of supervision, a fire disaster happened sadly, which was lasting for 7 months led to 6 million hectare of forest and over 1 billion animals were killed by it! At the end of this year, a massive scandal was reported!  November 19th, Chief of Army Angus Campbell shamefacedly published the fact to the world that after the survey, confirmed that the Australian force to Afghanistan had killed 39 Afghans including children by cutting throat and several merciless methods. Behind the mask of peacekeeping, the Australian force is a bloodthirsty executioner !  The Australian new recruits frankly said that they competed killing numbers against each other, killing is just for practising. As everyone knows, War in Afghanistan is the longest war that Australia has been fallen into. 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    • welcome, rb's goes well in s chassis. Plenty of info out there as but best resource on Nissansilvia.com is gone  
    • The baffled sump possibly isn't necessary for a street car, it depends a little bit on how you drive it. But for me, it's a good idea, and it doesn't break the bank. Not sure on the DIY kit, haven't heard of it.  Yes no problem to reuse your stock oil pump and just fit a billet gear set. Make sure you get a crank collar, that's critical. And personally I would get a billet backing plate as well, the cast oem plate is prone to flex so it's a decent improvement without going to a full billet pump.  I wouldn't do the rear head drain, those kits are so expensive for what they are and they don't work as well as the manufacturers would have you believe. Of course they help a little bit, they are an extra vent, and I would do one on top of the 2 sump vents to the catch can to have 3 vents total, but especially for a street car it isn't necessary and you would get better bang for buck just doing the vents to the catch can. Definitely new water pump and all new belts while the engine is out. New balancer is not a bad idea, for a street car I would look at just getting a brand new OEM one. 
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