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Chips/Dents in wheels

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If it's all just in paint, then....yes. Sort of. Depends on what you mean by "easily". Complete strip and powder coat? Easy. It's just you hand the wheels and a stack of coins to the wheel guy and they come back fixed.

Damage to the alloy? Not easy. Still doable. Same basic method. Wheels + money to the wheel guy.

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if you want them perfect you will need to strip and repaint (or better, powder coat). They look fine for most use though to me

fixing light to medium gouges in the rim is pretty straightforward, can be done on a big lathe, or even on the car, on a hoist with tyre off. deep gouges get bog, no other option really

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that's pretty good condition, those chips are nothing. Get a mobile repairer to sort it out.

Nice wheels, I had white 17's on my GT-R once, looked nice.

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