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Arm ball joint

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Hi how are you guys?  I know i have been absent for years but im coming back slowly

guys just wondering if anyone know where the ball joint on the NISMO arm front and rear can be replaced with OE parts?  Also  i know this is not the thread looking for springs and blistein shocks for the 260rs. Please advcie






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On a 260RS? Don't they have Macpherson struts at the front like a Silvia? In which case, no, not 2 ball joints at the front. Only the lower one. (Unless when you say 2, you mean one on the left and one on the right, not 2 at each corner of the car).

Skyline front suspension has a balljoint at the bottom of the upright (outer end of LCA) and a "kingpin" type upper bearing in the top of the upright. No upper balljoint either. The details of what happens above that differ between R32 and the R33/4.

I think you should look at some pictures of the rear suspension (or just go take a wheel off your own car) and see what looks like it might or might not be a ball joint there. The situation at the rear is somewhat similar to the front. Lower ball joint and the motion at the top is taken care of by the bushes in the arms.

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No, 260RS/4wd stagea is 33 GTR/GTS4 double wishbone all round, not struts. The 2wd cars are confusingly strut front.

At there rear there is one balljoint at the outer end of the lower control arm. If you have HICAS (my Stagea doesn't, but I think 260RS did, there will be a balljoint of sorts where the HICAS arm attaches to the rear of the hub

At the front, there are ball joints either end of the lower control arm, plus the tie rod end for the steering arm

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