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Need help about headlight

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Hi i do buy a aftermarket headlight on ebay. For v35 skyline coupe. I know that its a plug and play and just use the old low beam light and balast from old headlight.

But my problem is i dnt have knowlage on car and electrical thing. And the head light getnon ebay is the wire for halo ring light is not connected. I talk to the seller and he said that. What white and black wire for halo robg light is need to connect to RDL. Running day light.

Anyone here can tell me how to connect it to Rdl? Which wire is yhe RDL?

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Just checking; you are buying an aftermarket headlight for your V35, and the new headlight comes with a daylight running light that you want to wire in?

You have the option of just not wiring the DRL in, and the new headlight will work like the old.

If you want the DRL to work you will have to wire it in on the car as it wasn't delivered with one. Best way is to add a Normally Closed or Changeover relay in the car, and wire:

87a to both DRL power wires

30 to a fused ignition power source

86 to earth

85 tap into the power wire that goes to the low beam headlight

Note, you cannot use the much more common Normally Open relay for this, you need the DRL to turn off when the headlight is on and vice versa.

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