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Brand New 17" Lcd Monitor


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Hey all,

I have a brand new 17" DV171J Mitsubishi Multimedia TFT Display Monitor for sale.

*Backed by a three year parts and labour, on-site warranty and nationwide service centres.*

This monitor is BRAND NEW - NOT one thats been used for 2days etc.

This LCD screen is one of the top LCD monitors on the market and has a very large screen.

Key Features:

*17"/43cm diagonal viewable screen area

*High Resolution, 1280 x 1024 Pixel Thin-Film Transistor LCD Panel

*High Brightness and Contrast - 260 cd/m² brightness and 450:1 contrast ratio

*Response Time - 16 ms (Tr+Tf)

*Auto Adjustment Function for easy installation: automatically optimises the displayed image by tuning it to the characteristics of the graphics signal

*Light Weight – only 5 kg

*Removable Stand with VESA Standard Mounting. Optional ergonomic arms and wall mounting brackets are available.

*Built-in Speakers

*Supports Kensington security locks


Looking for $350 firm

*Note* - This a TOP QUALITY product not a cheap nasty model.

Buyer pays shipping

Reason for sale - need the money to fund car.

PM or email me at [email protected] - Located in perth

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