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Sat 11th Dec - Banzai Practice Night


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Well the actual Banzai battle clashes with the SAV xmas BBQ so if anyone would like to come along and see drifting, see people crashing S13's or just to stress out inark. There is the practice night the night before from 5pm till dark at Calder Park, spectators are $10.

Anyone interested in Skylines should defintely come to see this baby in action (all the way from South Australia)




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i'm planning on going sat, but based on past events (twilight drifts) i'm assuming that if there's rain it'll be called off : that and my 32's complaining again, and just doesn't wanna zoom happily :)

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i hope it doesnt rain... i wanna put the camera on the outside and get some good footage.

i tested the mount out today that ant lent me (cheers buddy!!)

http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/photopost...500/414test.WMV - save as

seems to hold pretty well... cameras a bit heavy tho and im not sure how it will perform with the car swayin all over the place.

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haha shut up u.... but yeah... i wouldnt mind puting it in ken satohs hands in the next drift nats but im hoping not to have it by then unless i dont have to get rid of it.

im sure lawerance wont be partial in his judging... btw L the cheques in the mail :D

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well i must say i had an AWESOME time....

despite spinning god knows how many times and almost causing accidents lol

which btw im really sorry for :)

im pretty happy tho for my first time out... was having a few problems with understeer for some reason i dunno why.. also couldnt use the handbrake cause no matter how hard i yanked i couldnt get it to work properly... i would still be going at the same speed.

sorry for jetting so early but on the last few runs there were a few strange noises coming from the front of the car when steering in any direction.

was great to meet some of the guys from the forums and id like to thank everyone for all their help and pointers... especially sam (dr_drift) and (im sorry for forgetting ur name) one of the kiwi boys who was ripping it up from lap 1!

im not too sure about taking it out tomorrow morning because of the suspension prob... i tried getting back early to see if i could get around to my brother in laws workshop to get on the hoist to take a look but he wasnt there.

for those that havent been out but want to do it... DO IT... DOO ITT... do it.

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