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r33 fuel consumption?

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Depends how you drive it. I always get between 350 & 400, the best I've had was 440kms. I drove it normally that time! And that's with BP Ultimate.

I've only changed my zorst and have a pod air filter.

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My RB30DET that runs the rb25 head gets 430-500km's per tank.

The odd trip up to my oldies that takes 20mins each way on the freeway bumps fuel consumption up close to 500km's per tank.

The usual city & local 60km/h driving is always 430.

Should pick up a bit of fuel consumption once the bigger turbo is on as the stocker is always on boost.

The RB20DET used to get a minimum of 470km/s per tank but being a little laggy (3500rpm = 1bar on stock turbo) it really wasn't on boost like the rb30 is.

A friends R33 RB25DET that was making 175rwkw running the usual exhaust, fmic & 11psi used to get close to 500km's per tank. It appeared at the time to be slightly better than the rb20det.

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Drove to Toowoomba the other Sunday. 42litres for 436km=9.5l/100k's

Normal highway driving except for the big pull at the end. (210rwkw)

You guys with 200k's per tank are asking for a vehicle inspection. Cops aren't dumb and all that black soot around the bumper is a dead give away.


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when my car is on empty i can only put around 40 litres in. from 40 litres i get around 250 - 300. so I guess if I was to run it to empty (assuming it is 65 litres????) I could get around 400 to 490. most of the time i drive very conservatively.

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