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Getting back on the road with a GT2871R?


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Hi all :P

I have a relatively stock R33 at the moment, just intake, exhaust, boost controller and S-AFC, which over the next year had intended on trying to get it up to around 400hp @ flywheel.

Not long ago I took it to the drags to see how the increased power from a dyno tune had picked things up, and blew the stock turbo - so am kinda forced to consider upgrading it before I have done all the supporting mods I would have otherwise done first.

I had already been considering going for an ATP GT2871R (or 25/40R) with .86 turbine A/R, and selling on the stock turbo - but now my car doesn't have one at all, so it seems to me that since I'm going to upgrade it at the moment I may as well now... but unfortunately I can't afford the supporting mods right now so have formulated a plan as follows


- Sell S-AFC2 off to help fund adventure

- Buy ATP GT2871R with T3 flange + Tial 38mm wastegate with a LOW boost spring (9psi at absolute max) and a higher boost (suitable for closer to 12psi) spring

- Install turbo and wastegate with low boost spring, and run around with factory ECU, intercooler, etc - will be gutless and laggy compared to stock, but at least I am on the road at this point - in the meantime saving money for the next step.

- Once funds are sufficient, buy and install PowerFC and front mount intercooler - get the car dyno tuned to ~12psi (or whatever level is safe on the stock fuel system) and enjoy the extra power... knowing the turbo is reliable at this level etc, and go into the normal replacement of weaker parts as higher power claims them etc.

The turbo -


Does this sound like a reasonable idea? Should I be ok (I'm not worried about power, just reliability) running around with a bigger turbo on the stock intercooler etc if the boost is right down? Any alternative suggestions?

Cheers, Dan.


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That GT2871R still uses the 54mm NS111 turbine which could be getting a little small for 2.5L . ATP are also doing what they call 3071 waste gated turbos which is a poor description really . What they are is the same core as a HKS GT2835 , the same compressor wheel (GT35 compressor = 71mm) as the GT2871R but different turbine . Turbine is an 84 or 90 trim in 56.6mm and is actually a ground down (by Garrett) GT30 turbine . Maybe you should ask ATP if they will sell you the GT3071 waste gated version with the .63 T3 style exhaust housing so it will bolt up .

Another option is to use the HKS .68 or 87 T3 flanged waste gated housings on a GT30R or propper GT3071R . If using ext gate you could lock the integral gate shut . This is an expensive way to do it but should bolt up and allow a little more potential .

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