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GT-R Prototype seen in NUR


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Taken from another forum, so I don't know how OLD/NEW/ACCURATE it is

Japanese magazines have a way to get information - either they have a insider mole or they are just making up junk as they go along. Holiday Magazine recently reported some interesting details about the prototype GT-R that's been caught in a G35C skin testing in Germany, here are their findings:

1) Next GT-R will be FR, judging by the different size/offset/tire front and rear wheels found on the prototype. Instead, they suspect the next GT-R will utilize some sort of electronic AWD, or e-AWD, as found on the March AWD in Japan.  

2) It will utilize a 3.2L Cosworth VQ engine with electric turbo assist producing over 400hp and a 8000rpm redline.

3) The prototype is noticeably shorter than the G35C (shorter doors) but is wider by about 2". Bulging front and rear fenders similar to the Top Secret Widebody G35C.

4) Tranny - just when you thought "This is old new" Holiday Auto indicates the next GT-R will use a 7 speed clutchless Getreg transmission similar to one found on the next generation BMW M5. Also, a rear transaxle design will be used, which combines the function of tranny and differential into a unit located in the rear of the vehicle. This makes conventional AWD system impossible, but helps achieving 50:50 weight ratio.

5) The next GT-R will be built off a new platform, a next generation FR platform following FM and FR-L. The new platform incorporates aluminum monocomb space frame front end, extensive carbon composite floor and steel cage. Nissan has been investing heavily in Carbon Composite technology.

6) The prototype GT-R along with the Toyota 4500GT have been seen shooting past Porsche's new 911 Turbo on the track. This is encouraging news even though there is really no way to confirm how the production models will turn out.

7) Brake system on the mule was 6 pot front 4 pot rear Brembo system.

The vehicle is scheduled to be released in 2007. Don't bother asking me to scan the article or their projection pictures. The pic of their 'theoretical GT-R'on the cover is so disgusting I had to rip off the cover to avoid puking all over it.

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God i hope it doesnt look anything like that!

I have a feeling that they're liking all this silly photochopped and made up pictures for what the next GTR will look like, although the specifications etc are fairly secret even more so is what the car will ACTUALLY look like.

There is no way they can make a new GTR than doesnt look as good/better as the R34 GTR, it would be stupid and result in a loss of sales. Im eager to see how they do it, cos the 34 gtr is a bloody good looking car!!

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