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Hey guys,

I have 3 PC's, 2 x AMD Duron 800, 256Mb ram, 10Gb HDD, 32/64Mb GeForce2 Video, Sound, CD drive. 1 x AMD Athlon XP 1700, 256Mb ram, 3.2Gb HDD, 32Mb GeForce Video, Sound, CD. 1 x 21" Dell/Sony Trinitron Flatscreen Monitor. Heaps of extras including Raid controller and 4 x 9.1Gb SCSI LVD drives.

Here is a link to the specifications of the monitor:


Looking for $1200 for everything, pick up in brisbane only please and sorry but i don't have pictures, as i don't have camera...


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Hey dude, i'm in brisbane southside

Interested in the monitor mostly.

What size drives will the raid controller support?

If any of this stuff is still for sale towards the end of january let me know via [email protected]:)

I'm moving house and dont want to go buying up things that aren't essential ust yet:)

Ummm, i'm not real sure... I guess any size.... here is the link to the specs and stuff on the card:

Raid Controller

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sorry just read the original post again didnt see the link at first...

No worries, i was hoping for ~$450 for the monitor. Its in perfect condition, no scratches or anything. I am open to offers, its taking up too much space and has to go. Same with the rest of this gear. I'm currently doing some renovating and there is crap everywhere....

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