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Im excited like big kev


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i kno i own a commie...

but im getting it back after about 2 months of not driving it because i ****ed the auto, i decided that the auto box can get fu(ked so im getting a manual conversion im getting a Nismo clutch and to my supprise sam from XTC told me that the clutch has a lightened flywheel worth $900 new so sweet and then i bought a short shift kit and a new Greddy turbo timer so im so excited to get it back some time this week...

also while i havnt driven i tinted my tail lights and got rid of those ugly grey strips where the tail lights are and painted them black..

so im excited!!


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lol shut up u...

yeah im sure with a proper tune it will do a hell of a lot better than on that day... especially seeing as my stock turbo, 12psi and a remap on my RB20DET made 142rwkw :P so i would think with the bigger turbo u have u can make at least 160kw.

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what do u suggest i upgrade too then?

Whats ur budget and what purpose do u have for the car?

S2 R33 wouldnt be a bad buy... if not for the gay interior.

Could always get an R32 GTR :P

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