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XMAS SPECIAL! - Brand New!!! Weds TC-005 18"

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BRAND NEW!!! Weds TC-005 18" (5 x 114.3) in gunmetal


F: 18 x 9 +39

R: 18 x 9 +39

These wheels have been bought in from J Land brand new!!! They are in the original boxes and come with nuts, valves, covers, instruction manual (!) - obviously all brand new...

Cost approx. 240,000JPY (~$3,000AUD) plus shipping, duty, GST, etc.





$2,250 - never to be repeated

As always, inspections are welcome. Happy to ship interstate.

Kind Regards,


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Will fit/suit GTR with the fitment of spacers (if you are willing to go that route)

Otherwise more suitable for RWD offset...

As an example, will fit the rear on an R33 Gtst perfectly, however the fronts are very close to the suspension and may rub over big bumps/full lock, etc. In this example, fronts will require stretched rubber and may require a spacer, however, caliper clearance is fine...

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