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Who owns a white R33 Skyline?


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Hey all.

When I was driving home from Launny last weekend I passed a White Skyline R33. I think it had a bodykit. He must have realized I was driving a Stagea as he waved (I'm pretty sure it was a he) I wasn't quick enough to wave back. If anyone knows who I'm talking about tell him (??) I say hello.



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hmm, well i have only seen the one, but i don't do laps around town on a friday night looking for others either :headspin:

seen some white r32s around tho.

also seen one white r34 GTT with shit decals down the side. It would look so nice without the decals :wassup:

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Who has the dark grey coloured r33 down south. Saw ya down rokeby way and then again on the east coast highway near buckland. Thanks for the waves anyway, my gf was like "who's that" and i said "i dunno". then she says skyline drivers are so stupid for waving to each other just coz you have the same car. :thumbsup:

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I know of at least 4 white R33 GTS-Ts down here, they seem to be spreading like wildfire  :flamed:

Yep i know 4 people that have the exact same car, all with differnt mods of course but there probably the most common of the 33's in Tassie at the moment

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Yeah there is getting to be a few about, but look how many early commodores n falons are about. Clubsports around that VT model are become a VERY common site now there pretty cheap, so are the new ones when you come to think of it .

Go stand and your main street at peak hour and count how many late model Clubsports, R8's, and Monaro's etc go passed compaired to jap imports like 180sx, R32, R33 etc and bet u I know which hand u will run out of figers on first, and just think your say "1994 R33 GTS-t lightly modded" which owes you $25,000 max, could probably keep up with the new beaut $70,000+ LS2 297kw Clubsport and once you drive your new Clubsport off the showroom floor you have just lost $10,000 at least.

So my point is, even though there might be quite a few about now there still pretty special and the only reason that there seems so many is because you have one. Its like anything you get, once you have it everyone seems to have one, or so you think.

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