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Mobile Mech - Remove sheared studs?


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Does anyone know a mobile mechanic that can come to my house to remove three sheared exhaust manifold studs?

I tried getting them out with an easy-out but it definitely wasn't very easy :wassup:

Cheers :(

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I used an easy-out for the first 2... getting the drill in there to put a hole in the stud can be a REAL pain. Be careful not to slip off-center and drill into the head. Also coated the place with CRC/WD40 before I even attempted to unscrew the stud.

Then screw in the easy-out, I recommend a pair of vice-grips, because it will be bloody hard!

The last one was one bolt on the rear exhaust pipe on the manifold.... and i f*cked it up by slipping - nothing that a tube of ultra-heat treated gasket goo couldn't fix. So yep, I have one snapped stud on mine :(

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Dayum that sounds like hard work ;)

I was thinking of getting someone round to weld something to the end of the studs and then unscrew them?

Perhaps I'll give it another go with the ezy-out tonight. It's just tough getting the drill in there ...

Cheers though Kym ! :(

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