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Hi guys... its almost 2005, and a few of you guys have asked for calendars, so we're organising a photoshoot and then printing of calendars.

The catch is it probably won't be ready till the end of Jan.

The photographer will be Greg... here's a sample of his work...






So far we have:

Ash - R31 GTS-R + hopefully the purple R31 from autosalon

Jamezilla + Leewah + Friend = 3x Midnight Purple GTRs

Matt (GTTR34) and Adzmax - R34 GTt's hopefully we can get Dale(?) as well

Haven't figured out combinations but these cars are available:

Clarkey - R33 GTR

Jack - R33 GTR + Towtruck (or R33 GTR in wedding car mode)

Al - R33 GTSt (Suspension king)

Troy - Yellow Panda eyes R34 GTR V Spec II

Naveed (Nismo32) - White R32 GTSt

Robin (XXXGTR) - Silver R32 GTR

Troy - Silver R32 GTSt

Danny (Autotrust) - Impul R33R (limited ed R33 4 door GTSt)

Snowman - Team wang trackwhore R34

So far we have showcars, fast cars, family cars, rare cars, track cars and possibly a wedding car. Would love to get a drift car to round it off. Also some classic cars... Hopefully we can get Ron's PGC10 as well. Would love to get a 240K from somewhere that's been 2000GTR-ised and a DR30 too.

Any other nominations are more than welcome...

to be eligible to be in the calendar the following criteria have to be met:

* Car must be skyline or skyline related (ie skyline engine or body)

* Owner must live in VIC

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that cuts out Troy and the panda R34, Naveed n the nismo R32 GTSt, and Danny and the Impul R33R... good one... there go some of the more unique cars cruising around VIC. I'm assuming the calendar is available to the general public as well... at the end of the day its just to raise some money for the club and to give the club more exposure to the general public.

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i did sign forms last night....however i WAS approached and asked BEFORE i signed the forms.....i think membership status shouldnt play a part in it as to my understanding isnt the idea to produce a nice product?I am prepared to give my place up for someone else if they want it or theres not enough room

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When is the photo shoot? I think I overheard you say last night that it would be in a couple of weeks?

Where will it be... location, location, location...

Who owned the calsonic/bayside blue R32 GTR in the sandown clip played @ last nights meeting... nice ride - would look good in calendar.

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hahaha nice pic there troy maybe we could have it as a lil sub pic under the finished product.... who cares if they are a member or not just make them join lol only 50 bucks wont kill them to show off their ride if they have enough pride in it...

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I too beleive that non-member cars should be included in the calender. As Shan has stated, we are trying to raise funds for our club so all the best cars should be included. If my car is not good enough then i'm cool as i know a better car would have taken it's place.

The calender should consist of the whole variety of SKYLINES (sorry Sam, just my opinion), not just GTR's or late model. Maybe have a page for each class.

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