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Skyline Manuals R32 + R33

The Dan

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I have the R32 GTR Manual, R32 GTST manual and the R33 GTR+GTST Manual.

These include all engines of the following:






RB26DETT (R32)

RB25DE (R33)

RB25DET (R33)

RB26DETT (R33)

Includes all info for 4wd systems and electrical and chassis information. They are all in English and I will be setting up a FTP server to host them.

Please let me know if you are interested and what connection your internet is so I have a fair idea how far to break it down.

I will be willing to post them but at your own expense. I have them all included in a drop down autorun menu ready to go.

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Hey dude, I'm a computer bozo, I'm clicking the link and its just comming up with a warning about the page being being read only because a proxy is set incorrectly then up comes a page and it says, "page cannot be displayed".

What am I doing wrong?

BTW: I'm using a work computer over a network, is that a prob?

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How long will the site be up for? I am not going to be at work for a week, but I have left them running on getright, and the computer left on to autodownload.

I am only getting them at 2kps each (my link is capable of around 400kps...so I guess you have throttled it)

I will leave it running, hopefully it will get them all before you remove them.

I gave up on the single file download - it's too slow to get it quickly, and it keeps dropping out (and resume is not supported by your sever)

Thanks heaps for doing this!

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I got direct cable. There must be some sort of prob with the program I'm using.

there should be resume supported.

I was using Bulletproof but I swapped to Xlight.

I will host it for the rest of this month and from the 23rd until the end of each month after that.

I have torrent also. I might try that, it might be faster.

Just so everyone knows.

My connection is capable if 18.75 mb per minute transfer.

I think it's around 800 KB/s

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How many people who want it live in Brisbane. If you do I can just burn it on CD.

$1 per CD.

Plus a donation to SAU would be appreciated coz without them, none of this would have been possible. You don't have to of course but would still be a good idea.

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