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Hey...I got a rb20det sil-80 and i just installed my pfc and i need to get a commander to tune the bugger...now There is a bloke on here who is selling a pfc commander model number pfc 415-x001. Now thats supposed to be the latest commander out for the new generation powerfcs...I got my powerfc this year straight from japan...and the serial listed in the booklet for the commander is 415-N001 and then again underneath is states 415-F001. Now I told him this and he reckons it wont work and he doesnt wanna send it if i buy it if its not gonna work...and thats fair enough i get where hes coming from there.. Ok but i think the x in his serial means its universal in the new gen models so it will work with any pfc so my 415-n001 (n i believe for nissan) would be compatible. Does anyone know anything more about this or could explain what they know about the new powerfcs and commanders? Cheers.

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here's what he said:

We use the 415-X001 Commander with our R32 GSTS Power FC.  That's the same modle of Commander as;







Toyota Supra (most models)


Honda Civic

Honda Integra

Mitsubishi Lancer EVo's (most models)


I think you could safely say it is the THE most popular Commander.  I am sure if you really wanted one you could get it overnight air freight. :P

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Sydney Kid told me that the hand controller is the same as the 33 and many other nissans. so should be very easy to find.

There are 3 or 4 generation of Power FC... X will work on most current generation power fc (Nissan) but not previous generationand N will work on previous generation power fc.... so it is Half right correct but not perfact as D-Jector use N version too.. this is a very complicated stuff. Dont take my advice and dont repeat my mistake

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