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Friday night,Summernats.


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In what will probably turn into a Summernats regular thing,I've booked a table or three at Da Cellini's restaraunt for Friday the 7th of January.Da Cellini's is the one on the roundabout in the middle of Lonsdale Street,Braddon.It's opposite the Mobil/car wash and the car dealerships.I was there last year with a bunch of friends,enjoying all the sights as we had a great feed and one(maybe 27...)too many drinks.Parking is at a premium,so plan ahead!OK,so it's mainly V8's,but come out and enjoy the fumes/skimpy clothes/million dollar paintjobs!At this point in time,there's 4 people confirmed,another 8 spots are available.Last year,we had more people want "in",so once the booked tables were full,people had to let me know they were coming and I added on-the owners of the restaraunt were really good about it.More than 12? Bring it on! We kick off at 7 p.m. Send me a PM or just post an "OK!" up to let me know you're coming. (partners/girlfriends/boyfriend/pet rocks/pay-by-the-hour-"friends"-WHOEVER!Just let me know how many!

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as i told you jayce, i will be in (work depending, but i will be getting the night off if im working NO MATTER WHAT) lol so yar, only problem is, my parents are gonna be in sydney so hmmmm no lifty in :P any1 want a passenger :wassup:

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Are interstate visitors welcome? :)

This would be my 5th Nats, and i have entered my car in once (about 2-3 yrs ago), burgundy R33 Gts-t, Victorian Personal Plates, 19" rims(dual 5 spoke) [Lenso Muse].

Unfortunately, the car is staying home and i will be driving up in my company ute [Free fuel :P], so if ya see a big guy in a white ute with a "WEDDERBURN" logo on the side, give us a wave, i will be wearing one of various SAU Vic t-shirts.

Hoping to see a few awesome Skylines there!



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Hi Al,

More than Welcome mate. We have some awsome lines here and growing all the time. 1st post on this thread is where we will be Friday night. Cruising Wednesday/Thursday eve Braddon area. Sure to give a awave and warm welcome.

Mixed feelings about taking the lines to the Nats so you may/maynot see a few in the carparks. I understand MYSHY32 is in the Horsepower Hereo's and his car will be on show Saturday in the middle of the track?

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Never entered the burnout event, cnbf waiting in the huge ques and missing all the action. Just cruised the curcuit and dropped a few burnouts, every now and then, to shut the holden/ford boyz up :). Also entered the show n' shine in the middle of the grass field.

Here's a pic

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