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R32 GTR electrics problems


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I just got my new import last week which is GREAT!


The head unit doesnt work....

The stacker doesnt work....

The GPS system doesnt work.....

The clock doesnt work.....

And the climate control is just hot all the time unless I stick it on 18 degrees and hold the cold button for a few seconds...then I get lovely cool air.

So far Ive checked all the wiring to the head unit....and its fine...theres power....I've checked all the fuses near the steering wheel of which 2 and 3 are missing?? I've checked all the fused behind the head unit. I have also tried entering the climate controls diagnostics aswell. Which wont let me in for some reason. I notice there is a delay on my fuel controllers powering off and me turning the key off of about 5 secs.

Any help? I'm stuck :cheers:


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Ah.....I see, well thats solved that problem. :)


The Cd player is fuxored

The stacker is fuxored

but I got the Nav system going...wooo!

Now the only problem is the blood climate control. It gets so bloody Hot in there :)

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