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s2 front bar on a s1 skyline


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im not sure, it would be interesting to hear, i actually like the S1 bars though ( ive got an S2 )

one i did like was on www.nismo.com.au

they had a 400R style bar with the S2 Blinker Light arrangement that looked nice, im thinking about that one

not sure if the mounts are the same for the S1 or if the bottoms of the headlights Front grill level out at the same as the S2

would be interesting though - sorry i didnt help much but though id chuck that idea in

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Ok, I did this conversion on my old skyline

It is quite simple, all you need is ether a s2 support (hard to find), or you need to cut a bit of your s1 support away. The bar will then fit fine.

I did it myself with a angle grinder and about an hour of time

Headlights are out by about 5mm, noone even noticed on mine, but for a full s2 conversion new headlights grill and bonnet will be required to complete the car.

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