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need bov help ~~


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yeah i got a hcr32 stock cept for exhaust and filter, and atm has a greddy adjustable bov, anyway due to stupidity on my part ive threaded the screw at the top u use to adjust it and as such cannot close it enough and rendered the thing useless, ive accepted the fact ima need a new bov but i dont know what to get, i didnt purchase this one and all i know is i want one that makes the whistle noise, not the flutter or tssshhhh.

atm im running 11 psi.

this is a pic of my current bov


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HKS SSQV make a high pitch sounds their good valve's,

You can get all sorts turbosmart type II, Blitz BOV's

Depends what you want or you can have no bov and have it plumbing back through the turbo which makes a flutter sound but its no good for you'r turbo after a while. (so i've herd)



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Stock Plumback. Can get one for under $100 and is perfect

Not having a BOV will shorten the life of the turbo. I hear people doing stupid things to get the flutter such as blocking the plumb back pipe. Dont think causing a noise is more important than the life of the turbo.

This flutter noise you talk about is a Compressor Surge and is not good for the car...

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okok explain this to me, my current bov which i ****ed up, the greddy adjustable one, basically if i open it i get the tssh noise with a slight whistle on full boost and a slight flutter under fullboost ie 2500 shift, however if i close the bov fully it would make the full flutter sound which sounds cool and all but as u say is compressor surge and is assing up my turbo ?

okok now atm ive ****ed the bov by threading the adjuster completely and atm its just screwed in enough to stop air from flowing through there and thats about it, infact its so loose im scared it might come out, and in this form it just makes a big long tssshhh noise and thats that, im assuming im losing boost with it set like this but yeah have no choice, but i cant afford bov right now, is this wrecking it ?

and isnt a plumback bov essentially my bov closed ? hence causing the flutter and damaging stuff ?

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