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engine conversion help needed urgently!!!

MR R33

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hi everyone,

i need help with an engine conversion, i am tryin to gather parts, can someone tell me if i am on the right track and if i am missing parts.

Atm i got a non turbo so i am buyin a

RB25DET head and fittin it onto the non turbo bottom, apparantly they have same bottom.

Exhaust mainifold

*Inlet mainifold im not sure if i need it, i was told i did



Wiring loom

thanx heaps

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so i should just buy the turbo bottom and i should be right i dont need the head? the turbo can be fitted onto the NA head

its just i would ask mechanics but they are all closed over xmas break.

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hate to jump on the bandwagon - but considering there is only about 3-5k difference on a turbo, and non-turbo r33, just sell the car..buy turbo version. It will cost more than $3-5k to convert it, and nobody will want to buy it afterwards.

Your car can be "converted" in a couple of short weeks!

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his right its like changing a bettle into a porsche, its still a bettle, when you would rather have the porsche

alot comes with it engine changes i was going to do this to my old r31, but i looked up prices think about it



lots of custom work


boost controllers (if you want more power and ya do)

my mate bought my old r31 including buying it and changing everything over cost him 15-16k took him a year to get the car running right then he rolled it lost 16k outrught was never insured

the money i got from old car i pick up an r33 gts-t for 17k and i was driving it two weeks after i sold my old car and the old r31 could never handle like an r33

what im saying is buy something that is built to do what u want, its cheaper and usually more reliable

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