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Wanted A31 Cef power window AMP/Relay box& clear parker/indicator lenses& front ...


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Wanted A31 :

--Cef power window AMP/Relay box...

Preferably rear passenger/drivers box.

It sits inside the doorframe, just under the door handle. Its black, about 6cm x 5cm.

And has p/wndw AMP with a part no on it.

My drivers side rear window doesnt work... swapped the amp/relay box with the passenger rear and it works ok.

I sourced an J30 maxima but that doesnt work, plugs are the same, but has the actuall window switch IN the box.

Yes ive sourced r31/32/33/j30/s13/14 all are different....!! arghh

I need one!! Anybody have one???

----Also im searching for the CLEAR parking/indicator side lenses. Mine are all orange!! The one im after has clear parkers, with orange indicator bulby thing!!

---and also need front bumper bar indicators.

VIC prefered. I pay KESH :)

Yes ive tried Megalla.

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have you tried meggala?

i think you should f*ck the idea of getting the clears with the orange bubble off... the look homo!

keep your orange ones n smoke em out black style, like me!

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