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turbo performing poorly after a few minutes operation


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Hey everyone!

My turbo seems to not be functioning as efficiently after a few minutes of operation, for example, under low boost setting, it'll hit max boost in first gear fine, then after a while won't be able to spool up over 0.8psi, it has only started doing this recently, a friend suggested that it could be the fuel pump causing these problems, or possibly the ignition coils... could this be true?

I did do a search on this topic, but alas couldn't find any help, so any help is greatly appreciated!

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i ran 12psi (0.8bar) through my stock turbo using a blitz dual sbd boost controller for about a year before i upgraded. I wouldnt be trying to force more boost than that on the stock unit otherwise you might find the ceramic exhaust wheel in your cat and then you'll have no boost. My question to you is what boost controller are you using? electronic or a manual bleed valve? Anything to check might be the spring on the wastegate actuator, maybe the spring is getting weak and cant hold the gate open as well anymore?

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He said 0.8psi or did you mean 0.8bar Aeris ?

Could be 1 of 2 things that Rob77 mentioned. Exhaust wheel is already in the cat or spring is flogged out on the actuator which carn't hold the gate "closed".

Or maby the actuator arm has come of the gate's flap which is just staying open and not causing boost pressure to rise. - easy to check just have a look at the turbo and you'll see.



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Fellas, i don't think you have understood the problem, unless i have mis-read it. The boost is fine every morning, until he does a few k's, then the boost plays up.

This can be the spring in the waste gate though, due to the metal in the spring becoming that little bit softer when it heats up. It can also be you BOV, if stock, for the same reason. Another cause may be a hairline crack in your piping, ic, or pleneum, and when these heat up the crack is allowing boost to escape (highly unlikely though).

Are you hearing any squeals/noises when boost is not being reached?

I have never experienced this fault and am not a mechanic, just some simple logical thoughts :cheers:.

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it's definately 0.8psi, not bar...

it does work when i begin, and then eventually stops.. checked the cat, and there was nothing in it, not being an expert with turbos to me the turbo looks stock

i have a wold 3d ecu, turbosmart dual stage boost controller, turbosmart dual port BOV,

the problem is only recent.. if it's the wastegate, what would i need to do, to fix this problem?

thanks for all the help

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