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FS: HKS Vein Pressure Controller

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Am selling my HKS VPC as I'm upgrading management

These units remove the need for AFM's and convert it to a MAP

Comes with everything - air temp sensor, map sensor, main unit, all wiring and separate loom intercept (which goes between the ecu and the loom, wiring all completed for the vpc to plug straight in)

I'm in Perth but can post interstate

After $450ono for it


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180athid - most of US Supra owners switch to VPC's as their models came out with AFM's, and they never seem to have problems with it.

In terms of handling power, I guess if the Veilside GTR (domestic fastest street speed GTR) has one, then that's good enough :(

rx-[7] - yes they will mate, it's own loom connects between the ecu and the engine loom (the blue-ended loom in this picture http://www.mkiv.com/techarticles/fuel_cont...rol/hksvpc2.jpg). It creates its own MAP and removes the need for the AFM's, without affecting the management

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