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FMIC,18" wheels, bovs, exhaust, gauge, air filter !!!

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Hi all, I'm from Melbourne.

*** These parts are up for grab BECAUSE car is being sold as standards

Please email me at [email protected] (please do not pm me, thanks!).

You need to COPPY and PASTE the addresses to view the pics.

* 18" WORKS wheels 10" rear, 9" front, come with tyres over 95% treads, these wheels came off R33 GTST & GTR and 300zx so you guys should have some kind of idea what offset they are, come with 2 sets of lock nuts. $2450





* FMIC (Front mount intercooler) for TT Z, almost brandnew,( 600mmx 300mmx 90mm (W xHxD*) POLISHED

tube & fin - core 600x300x75, top/bottom plate 90mm), comes with 6 blue sillicon hoses and clamps, not a single scratch or din, still under wanranty got receipt (RRP $1500 - $2000 depends on where you go) . $1250




* Blitz bovs comeplete kit, plug and play for the Z. $450




* Exhaust systerm (mild steel) from turbo back for TT 4/seater Z, "kakimoto racing", front and engine pipe in 1 piece not 3" but heaps bigger than standard, from dump pipe to the end is 3" look at fotos make more sense. poewer gain is noticable when installed compare to stock one. $600.





* K&N ( made in Japan) filter bolt straight on the TT Z. $70




* HKS boost gauge with vacuum hose and light, with bracket can be mounted in between the steering wheel and the cluster (if you know what i mean). $60



*** All REASONABLE offers will be considered.

Please email me at [email protected] (please do not pm me, thanks!).

You need to COPPY and PASTE the addresses to view the pics.



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