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NISMO; Some companies offer a packaging service along with freight, I believe Pack and Send do this as do others. I have never used Pack and Send though. Had quotes but they are expensive.

The condition of the wheels and what they were worth would dictate how you would need them packed. I had a few set of wheels sent from Otomoto in VIC to QLD through TNT that were in boxes with a little bit of foam around them that arrived in perfect condition. But personally I would have the boxes chocked as full as possible with foam etc just to be safe.

I have used Air Road Direct and TNT, both without any drama. I had a mate who worked for TNT though who got my stuff sent on a large customers invoice, so it cost a lot less and may have been treated better (probably not though, more likely just luck). Greyhound freight seems well priced, but I haven't used them as yet.

If you are not a company with an account I would definitely not use TNT though. I have heard many, many stories from my mates who worked there so know better.

It has been said here before, but transport companies are full of low paid workers and arsehole bosses. There are a lot of short term labour hire and casual workers. The result is obviously a workforce that doesn't care and often hates their jobs. Everyone from the courier that picks up your parcel to the dock hands at the depots to the B-Double driver are underpaid and ridden by overpaid and under-qualified bosses. I have worked in the industry myself, not any more though and never again.

It's a cut throat industry that runs on extremely tight margins, and the ever so small amount of profit being made is not seen by anyone who actually handles your freight. Sending freight in Australia is a gamble. Chuck a dart at a phone book and cross your fingers tbh.

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Can anyone recommend a company to send a front bar and reo from Adelaide to Ballarat (pretty much adelaide to melbourne).. I am seriously considering doing the 1100km drive as all the quotes I have gotten are around 200bux and can't be guaranteed to not break my shit.

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I recently used Realtime Express to freight a complete rb26 engine from Sydney to Melbourne. Cost about $200 and was here within a couple days. No damage. Quick and easy process. Only downfall is this company is purely online, so there is no phone number to contact. They can only be contacted via email, but then again they respond pretty quickly!

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i think i am posting in the wrong section but i dont know where to post it.

can anyone tell me how i should deal with a seller if i am buying from outside of my state?

do i send them half the money online thn wait for the parcel to arrive and then send half the money?

sorry i am a noob in buying stuff from forums.

any help will be appriciated.

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Best courier company I've used so far has to be e-go.com.au, they're super cheap and have fairly fast delivery times. I've never had any problems with them ruining my packages and I've used them to send things from subs to CF hoods to fiberglass front bars.

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Hi All,

Just wanted to share a bad experience regarding couriers in the hopes of helping someone else avoid the same drama.

Last week I sold some wheels to a fellow in NSW. He asked if I could have them to him before Thursday 12th March so he could use them for an event. He needed to fit up drag radials and roll his guards as well so I wanted to make sure they turned up with time for all this to happen.

I have been using Transdirect to book freight lately and had sent two recent packages with Couriers Please without drama. They arrived within two working days of being sent, Sunshine Coast, QLD to Sydney.

This time, as Couriers Please didn't offer adequate insurance cover, I decided to go with the more expensive TNT road express with a select-able insured value.

Item was booked in on Morning of 4/3/2015 for pickup. Estimated delivery time was the 5/3/2015

Picked up by a local fellow that afternoon which was great. Helped him load them up.

5/3/2015 no activity on tracking.

6/3/2015 they were sent out for delivery, courier ran out of time apparently and they went back to the depot.



9/3/2015 they sat in the depot all day, no scan activity, didn't get sent out. Myself and the buyer both called TNT at this point. I was brushed off and told they should go out the next day. Buyer was told they must have forgotten them at the depot and someone will send them out tomorrow.

10/3/2015 sent out for delivery, driver dropped off a card and didn't deliver wheels. Now this is when I became dissatisfied enough to write up this post. At the time of booking there was an option to authorise the driver to leave the items if premises are unattended at a certain location. The consignment note read verbatim;

Special Instructions:

Authority to leave at back door;Side gate is open
Despite this they were not left.
I contacted TNT once again to arrange re-delivery. I asked that they do so at no expense to myself or the buyer due to the stuff around, and the fact they ignored clear instructions.
The first excuse was they only had "side gate is open" on their con note.
I explained that I am looking at the con note I printed out and fixed to all four packages and it reads: Authority to leave at back door; Side gate is open.
They said that's not what they have. I explain that is what the driver will see when he looks at the item he is delivering. Offered to email it to them if they would like to see for themselves.
I mention that it was booked through a 3rd party so maybe that is why they can't see it on their computer system?
I then get told they haven't heard of the 3rd party and that I need to raise issues with them.
Well, if there's one thing I can't stand it's large companies palming off poor service and mistakes onto anyone else they can.
Basically asked why they would take money from a 3rd party company for services without first liaising with them about the service they are going to offer.
Next excuse was that the packages are 22kg each.
I mention that the restriction on weights able to be carried by the driver are 25kg and over, inline with workplace health & safety standards and reiterated that the option for leaving the packages at an unattended premises should never have been offered in the first place if this service is not available, also explain that we are now 3 working days behind the delivery date agreed on at time of purchasing the service.
Finally they agree to resend at their expense the next day for delivery on the condition that the buyer is at home (how generous).
So now on 11/3/2015 the item has finally been delivered.
All I can say is avoid TNT if possible as this whole experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth and after reading on some other forums, it seems this is not uncommon for the company.
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I'd like to say on the whole that couriers in general are pretty shit and have frequent muck ups - you wouldn't think it be hard to pick up a parcel and deliver it but they all seem to have unreliable services from time to time and I've tried them all.

As for forums and reading about experiences - you go googling that and you'll never find anything good said about it. How rare is it that someone will praise a courier company on the internet lol. Like those product review websites, average 1.5 stars for a product or service that is actually good, it's just 90% of the people on it are there to shitcan something.

Truth is they do get it right most of the time or they simply wouldn't profit from it. They just do shitloads of deliveries and the ones that stand out are the ones that don't make it - "when you do things right people won't be sure you've done anything at all".

Where TNT have bitten me before is sending stuff and them weighing it at their depot (or not weighing it and guessing the weight), making the cost significantly more. Once sent an aluminum gearbox bellhousing with TNT and they charged it at 100kg. I took a picture of my little finger holding up an identical bellhousing and captioned it "either I have the world's strongest pinky or you guys are full of shit".

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On 24/10/2021 at 4:13 AM, Fway said:

We use a fast courier tracking and post bag and glasses on daily base , He is a very fast provider with in a 4 to 6 working days . He is such a nice and also we use this, Recommended all people.

I found their services poor

1. on a few occasions they were unable to locate my work address, unlike every other courier service

2. they had some items listed for delivery that day, but item was not delivered for weeks

3. I had to head into their distribution center on 2 occasions and pick them up from there

4. items have been returned to sender

a. Couldn't find address

b. They never called to contact number supplied

c. Claimed item was delivered, only for me to find that the item was returned to sender

d. Claimed the item was delivered when it wasn't, claimed courier had the item signed for, but when questioned and we asked for evidence of this, it turned out, after a day or two, they found the item, to which I had to head into their distribution center 

Opinions may vary 

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    • Something about these RBs just makes for huge headaches when it comes to dropping bolts. My very first interaction with the car was changing the plugs out to see if it would cure a misfire. I immediately dropped one of the coilpack cover bolts down the intake side of the engine. I called it a total loss and ordered a set of replacement bolts just to have, but I found the original bolt months later jammed in one of the ITBs, right in a little gap between the intake runners and a reinforcing bridge in the part.
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    • Did you do the powder coating? They look great.
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