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Need Loan Of A Few Parts For Roadworthy


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Hi guys,

Just got my car on wednesday and took it to get roadworthy done but it failed. Now i am wanting to know if anyone can loan me a couple of parts for a day while it gets roadworthy.

I'm after a stock bonnet (preferably black), stock airbox, steering wheel thats legal (prolly stock) and lastly a set of rear wheels (new tyres wont arrive til 2 weeks time)

If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I live in Ipswich but will travel to parts of brisbane to pick up parts. Also i'd like to have them this week if possible.

Thanks a bunch guys n girls :)


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Mate sorry to burst your bubble but that sounds like a pretty tall order, especially if you're not offering anything in return ($$$/beer/whatever).

Wouldnt it be easier to get a dodgy roadworthy done?? They're easy enough if you find the right place, only thing that should hold you back will be tyres but if they're unroadworthy then you should replace them anyway.

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yeh but its the trouble of getting the car to the place to get it roadworthy as i leave for work at 6, get home at 6, plus dont trust anyone else to drive it.

I would definately offer something in reurn yes, no problemo.

Also you know of anywhere that would perhaps do a "dodgey" one for me?

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bud i have a stock air scoop for the r33 that i can loan u unfortantly no airbox can also help u with a stok exhust system for r33 cat bk, and stock springs ...

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Well dont know any places in brisbane, sorry. I'd only advise you getting a 'dodgy' roadworthy for your own use, never if you're going to sell a car.

Yeah wreckers is good idea, also the small workshops that are attached to servos are often staffed by some shady characters...

Whats wrong with your bonnet anyway?? Carbon?

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Is the car in your avatar your car. You never once mentioned what car you own so how are any of us supposed to know what bonnet and other parts you need. I am assuming you have an R33.

I would check with DOTARS because all R32's and some of the early R33's are allowed to have carbon fibre bonnets because ADR 69 does not apply for those particular year models. Don't let them tell you a pod filter is illegal either because they are not. And they have some bullcrap about unsecured....that's crap too. Secured via hoseclamp to the MAF meter.

Cops and roadies seem to think that all carbon fibre bonnets are illegal....that is wrong. I have spoken personally with DOTARS on several occasions regarding this topic and they assure me that 32's are definately clear but only some of the 33's.

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3LIT3 FORS3, yeh sorry i completely forgot to mention that, yes the car in my avatar is mine, 1996 r33 series 2

chaos, where u source this from?

looks like i'll be on the work phone again tomorrow chasing these things up. Any of you guys know a 'direct' number to DOTARS, who specialises in modifications? Already got the number of the head engineer of the RAWS workshops in canberra spoke to him last week.



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[email protected]

ask her anything you want but be sure to provide as much info as possible about the car and info about your question.

Also the fact that your car is an import.

As for the vents, they are ok whichever way they face as long as they comply with scoop and vent guidelines.

Whoever booked your friends for this was making it up. Never believe what a cop says to you, they will lie 9/10. It is their duty to prove to you that the defect is legitimate, not the other way around. If they do not prove to you that the defect is legit then you can report them for false reporting and they can be fined for it.

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ok guys update...

my mates dad works out at the raaf base and works with the mechanics out there. Got them to fix most the problems, cept for the need of new tyres and they are fitting the castor rods today.

Now i just gotta wait for my bloody tyres to come in and i can get it registered...too bad jamboree is on this weekend not next :wacko:

btw jsut wanna say thanks to the fellas who put their hands up to help me :(

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hey mate,

haven't seen you around ippy!!?? Didn't know there was anyone in ipswich with internet?? :wacko:

I live in North Booval.

If you still need tyres, i have a set of stock rims with brand new tyres on my r33, if you want to borrow/swap fot the day etc. just let me know. I might be a little bit late with this though.........

Any other parts you need, your welcome to pull off my car, but i kinda need them returned by monday. I've got a 94 model r33 4 door.




P.s. Give us a wave if you see me.

Edited by GTS-TBoy
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