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Rb26 Turbo Upgrade, All Dyno Results


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this is of great interest to me currently as im yet to choose turbo(s) for my new build.

please no chatter or conversations as to make the thread easier to wade through if it gets as big as the rb25 thread!

all relevant engine mods would be great too.


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this one came with the car, unsure of boost but i think its 18psi. Looks like full boost by ~4750rpm.

HKS 2530's and split dumps

Z32 AFMs

Power FC

sard 700cc injectors

full 3.5inch exaust, cat pipe

standard motor and cams

usual support mods.


was retuned at racepace 330kw at the wheels (rear?) at 18psi. Unfortunately that dyno sheet is unavailable.

Edited by SLY33
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well i can only give you a baseline atm.

this is:


stock turbos

stock dumps, fronts, stock IC

3 inch exhaust

cam gears (on stock cams)

14psi boost using trust profec B spec II

Power FC (tuned by Hitman)

Apexi power intake kit

it made 253 rwkw, but i had them fiddle a little bit more for a slightly fatter midrange, ending up with 247. I thought that was pretty good going for just cat back exhaust, pods, 1 bar and a PFC + cam gears. But it's no where near enough these days :D


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Hi Sly33,

as you requested results are a little old and the new motor will be fired up very soon

Standard internals for 2 years


Apexi PFC and hand control

Apexi ACVR

Garret turbos 707160-5

Sard 700cc injectors

Bosch Afms (Z32)

Tomei Poncams 260 9.15mm

Tomei adjustable cam wheels

Tomei timing belt

N1 water pump

Custom 3" intake kit

Custom 3 1/2" exhaust (custom 3" dumps)

Rest was std

manifold/fuel pump/reg/intercooler/plenum/fuel rail/head etc etc


This motor is currently being upgraded to forged internals and getting a few other nice bits and pieces

CP Pistons

Pauter Rods

June oil pump

Tomei head gasket kit/block restrictor

Nismo bearings

Custom port work on the head

Oil cooler kit Apexi with relocator and 19 row cooler

G-reddy radiator 48mm

Blitz 102mm intercooler

Hks manifolds (hpc coated)

as you can see alot of work is going into cooling as this is built for track work as well as street.

I will post results in this thread once the motor is up and running and run in

pete :D

ps i have also a r34 gtr vspec i have been working on with similar spec i might be able to post for you SLY33 after the wkd have to wait and see.

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Apexi PFC D-Jetro

Garrett t04Z turbo running 24psi

Apexi 53mm External Gate

Sard 700cc injectors

HKS Fuel Rail

HKS Fuel Reg

HKS Step II cams 272 272 10.2mm lift ,

HKS Valve Springs ,

HKS Valve Guides.

HKS adjustable cam wheels

Jun Oil Pump

Arias pistons with n1 rings

Pauter Conrods

608rwhp or 454 rwkw's at 24psi on Ultimate 98


Edited by R32-GTS
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R32 GTR – just had engine rebuild done with ...

R34 N1s

Tomei adj CAM gears

Apexi PFC

Apexi EBC

Forged Pistons (Weisco)

N1 bearings

ARP rod and stud bolts

HKS style dumps

3” catless exhaust

Head work

N1 Water

N1 Oil

Tomei fuel pump

Tomei head gasket

SX fuel regulator

std injecotrs (bugger)

std FMIC (bugger again)

std AFMs (yes - I know - I know)

currently seeing ~300awkw (~400hp) @ 18psi

will add Tomei poncams + 700cc injectors + Z32 AFMs and aim for a safe 350awkw


Edited by itbmils
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  • 2 weeks later...

R32 GT-R build 11/92 first rego 93

fresh rebuilt RB26DETT from DART automotive 3000km ago


tomei poncam 260 260 9.15 cams

tomei sump baffles

OS cam gears

rebuilt with new internals to DART spec (ask Jim )

TRUST extended split dumps

HKS GT-SS turbos


baffled cam covers



3.5 inch exhaust HKS rear box

splitfire coils

iri-top plugs

700cc SARD injectors

044 in tank

SARD fuel reg

remote filter and oil cooler.... now holding about 7.5 ltrs of oil...

57mm PWR radiator

power steering cooler

HICAS removed

and it goes on...

drive line is stock apart from the Jim Berry clutch, redline fliuds in the Gbox and diff, and transmaxZ in the ATTESSA with Castrol R 10/60 for the engine

fuel is BP ultimate 98

power is at all 4 @ CRD....


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Man 342rwkws from just nismo turbos and only 13 psi the post above is running a bit better turbos in the GTSS but was using like 18-20psi to only make about an extra 15-20kws weird.I wouldnt mind seeing the dyno sheet on this one


Mods :

apexi air pods

3 1/2 in jap exhurst

power fc ( tuned by hitman )

Made 251.7rwkw or 337.5rwhp on about 11psi on a fresh engine


with boost:


with a/f


More to come soon i hope


Edited by blk180
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1997 R33 GTR - VSpec

K&N filters

Power FC with std AFM - 15 psi

HKS Hi Power Cat back exhaust


Apexi Front pipes

Twin plate clutch

Everything else (power related) standard


Not sure how to post pictures, if u cant c it then let me know how to post.

This set-up was OK for a month or 2 then AFR increased, Power dropped to 340HP and the following were installed :-

Nismo fuel pump

Nismo fuel pressure regulator

Trust fuel rail

SARD 700cc injectors

Now all running fine and back to 360HP.

Why do some dyno runs have KMH on the X-Axis? I find it of very little use, difficult to tell where power is being delivered. Ask your tuners for RPM...

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  • 2 weeks later...

will get the dyno graphs scanned so that I can post here.

stock everything bar M's pods and large front pipes + 3in highflow cat and 3in exhaust = 230rwkw @ 10psi

same as above parts, but with HKS intank pump, GT2530's Xforce dumps = 275rwkw @ 17psi - not DET, safe AFR's (it still wanted more boost!)

yet to fit PFC, Sard 700 inj's, HKS cam gears, bigger AFM's and 3.5in exhaust. shooting for ~ 320rwkw.

oh - all done on a non rebuilt '89 GTR that I have had for near 2 years.

Edited by DAN00H
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  • 4 weeks later...

1994 R32 GTR stock internals, intercooler, injectors, f pump etc etc

HKS GTSS Turbo's

HKS Cam Gears

Profec B

MINES Dump pipes

HKS front pipes

Trust PE II cat back exhaust

Apexi pod filters

275rwkw's at 1.1bar



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  • 2 weeks later...


2x Trust T517Z's with custom Greddy piping

HKS 600cc squirters/Nismo fuel pump

Trust 600X300X100 front mount

HKS cam gears

Tomei 260 cams 9.15mm lift

Z32 80mm Maf's

Power FC

Full CES race 3.5 in dumps/Y pipe/metal cat etc

Hks external oil cooler/relocater kit/braided lines etc

OS Gikon triple plate clutch

OS Gikon "Cross mission" box

Still on bleed valve for boost control---- TurboSmart E-Boost 2 coming

292kw at 4 wheels @ only 16 psi on BP Ultimate/injectors at 70% duty cycle

* Should go 340kw+ at 4 wheels @ 22psi

*OK its not going to make 450rwkw+ like some bigger combo's but the great thing with this combo is its amazing boost properties and drivability-only marginally more lag than stock turbo's

*will attach dyno sheets soon.

Edited by overev1
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Back on dyno for cam timing adjustments.Power went from 351rwkw to 368rwkw.

HKS 2530's

Nismo 600cc inj

Power FC

HKS 264/264 cams

HKS ebc

Z32 AFM's

Trust cooler

Stock bottom end

Tomei fuel pump


Edited by m&m
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  • 2 weeks later...

First dyno done on my car about 6 months ago, I was very impressed with the clean power line and the steady 11PSI held all the way up to 293rwhp. Will get a Power FC and get it dynoed again...

1993 R32 GTR

Retuned 28/Mar/2006


3" Mandrel bent zaust

R34 ball bearing turbos

front dump pipe

HKS pods

Power FC D-Jetro

PRofec B-Spec II (0.9bar)




Retuned 11/Oct/2006



Tomei Cam Gears

Nismo 600cc Injectors

Nismo Timing Belt

Nismo Fuel Pump

Nismo FPR

Nismo 62deg Thermostat

Cooling Pro 3-core Radiator




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