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Xenon Hid Lights Conversion For R32

Ronin 09

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I'm sacking the nissan projectors and retro-ing some Honda Euro HID projectors in... they're a bitch to do...

If anyone is interested, will post up some pics as I go.

Got the headlight apart at the moment, done some cutting of the euro HID projector and that's about it

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Headlight apart (sorry no glass pics):


Chrome headlight cover (being sprayed matte black) :D


Standard projector on left, Honda Euro on right (already cut an 'ear' off it)


As you can the Honda projector is shorter, and mounts further forward. Will have to fabricate a bracket for it to fit the standard adjusters... (in progress)

Cutting ears off Euro projector





Because the new projector sits so far forward in the assembly, i may have to cut the rear of the housing off and move it further back. If that's the case I'll plastic weld on a bit of PVC pipe with a press-fit lid on the back. Also, I need more diameter than the standard rear cap to get my fingers in to get the bulb out :D


I'm moving REALLY slow with this and probably won't get it done until xmas... so stay tuned

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Update :D

Inspiration struck... here is the old projector


Another view




So i cut off the front lens side, so i can use the existing mount points, and just bond in the new projector :D


Trial fit ;) is there nothing masking tape can't do??


back side


Trial fit again... stock you say...




New xenon trial fit :)


Bored yet?? ...To be continued

oh and to fit the xenon i had to cut the other side of the xenon light too

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small DIY I made for taking the glass off, which you'll need to do for this mod:


Couple of questions:

Where'd you get the Honda Euro projectors from, how much, and do they come with the Xenons and ballasts etc?

And... have you test run the light to see if the throw is any better than the standard projector?

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Funkey, the oven method works very well to get these apart... preheat oven to 180C, turn OFF oven, put headlight in for 10 mins and pry apart :)

The Euro projectors I bought off a wreck... $250 (!) for the pair. I had to ebay some ballasts and globes.

I have a couple more sets of Euro projectors only, that (when i get off my ass) will post on Ebay... unless anyone here wants them.

Will also be making a wiring harness that uses relays, and allows the lows to stay on when the highs are switched on... my harness also will ensure that when you just flash someone without the parkers etc on, only the highs will flash.

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Good on you Ronin that looks like a professional start. The planned loom and things are definately very professional.

I reckon before you set the actual projector please just blue tac it and actually turn it on so you make sure the focus point is throwing the light properly past the enclosure (headlight assembly). Unless off course you've measured where the honda projector sits in relation to the honda light assembly already.

Looks like a great project, if you're in Sydney and ever on a cruise I'd like to check em out.

Don't know about the led swap. I've been thinking of a led swap on the rear of my cefiro but since I'm selling it can't be bothered.

For the price of $250 and getting some extra bulbs and ballasts you'll have a great retro there - the honda xenons are very damn good and probably quite a bit cheaper than the audis.

What bulb connector are they for ?

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Love your work Marcus. Once you're done, could you summarise the time/effort involved please mate? Cause it looks the business and I'm dead keen to follow up.

ps I picked the car up a few weeks ago, looks great. No cam, so no pics :P Is yours finished?

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well.. its funny i see this thread today... I was at the car wash today and i did the motor and some green shit went into the headlights..

NOOOOO, so i pulled one apart and did it gold..

need advice? or should i go BLACK????


OR maybe even gold chrome?? do places do that?

Edited by kezza
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any one got any R32 standard type 2 headlights for sale???

the first one worked out, but the 2nd one while in the oven to seal up.. i cooked it, lol the whole of the bottom melted off...


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someonestolecc - the bulbs are xenon specific designation; they're D2S globes.

Mark - I'm going to need pics :P mine's still a fair way off :( gives me more time to play with other stuff though. I'll give a final run down of time / cost when I'm done. They're going to be expensive though - partial summary

HID projectors - $250

headlights (if you get another pair) - $250

Ballasts / globes - $300

various bits for wiring harness - $80

various bits from bunnings (paint, dremel stuff, silicone etc) - $120

Is it worth it? probably not. Is it trick? I think so.

kezza... oh no!

I've done a step by step for opening them below:

1. preheat oven (mine's fan force) to 180C. NB - leave the tray that you're going to bake the headlight on OUT OF THE OVEN. Bakey goodness:


2. SWITCH THE OVEN OFF! Place headlight and tray into oven for ~10mins... will vary at bit between 8 and 12 mins.


3. Pull the headlight out of the oven (wear gloves if you're a sissy like me). Get a screwdriver (not a good one because goop will stick and is a bitch to get off) and pry off one corner between the glass and the housing. If it's sufficiently hot it, once you get one edge apart it will be simply a matter of grabbing the two halves and pulling! voila! open headlight :)


So there it is complete with girlies on the newspaper :)

will probably not get time to work on this for a few weeks, but will keep updating this thread :)

Are we bored yet?

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haha fan forced hey.. lol mine had the big red bar down the bottom,(old school) doesnt matter, i fixed the melties with sicka flex to keep out the shit. im just glad it didnt stuff the internals!

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

OK, finally got an hour to do some work on the lights... bear in mind that I have no idea about electronics, so this is a pretty good effort as far as I'm concerned.

Bought some LEDs from Dick Smith - 8000mcd white ones

Planned my circuit using led wizard (just search these terms in google)

Chose the correct resistors for my circuit, as provided by led wizard

Found a voltage reg to maintain 12V to the leds

Did some pretty dodgy soldering and dodgy looking circuit board work to get this:

Front side on silver painted 'prototype board', cut to fit within the parker section of the headlight:


Rear side with the *ahem* excellent circuit planning and solder work:


It's alive :( didn't think first go it would fire, but hey, I'm a guru :blink:



Looks blue I think because it doesn't have enough voltage... but hey I can live with a little blueness :)

More to follow around Xmas / new year :)

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someonestolecc - the bulbs are xenon specific designation; they're D2S globes.

Thanks mate. Good to know. Wasn't sure if it was gonna be D2S or not. I might try to hunt some around.

Where did the PCB board come from? Usually stupid things like that are expensive at dick smith etc.

32 projectors just arent good

Actually the projectors themselves are quite good. It's the bulbs behind them and the electricals that are getting old.

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