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How to become an SAU Supporter


After a long time not being available, the Supporter options are available again.

Go to the Subscriptions page to see available options!

A few things worth noting;

Elite subscriptions are available but I'm not sure what more to provide. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Note that if new features come to the boards the Supporters will have first go at them.

If the upgrades available to Supporters changes, Supporters will all get upgraded.

These are subscriptions with a yearly renewal - you can cancel the subscription immediately after purchasing if you dont want to have it auto renew next year. See the PayPal docs on how to cancel recurring subscriptions here.

When renewal's come around again, we'll likely have different options available and you'll go on the nearest subscription with new merchandise sent out to you.

Please ask any questions in the contributor discussion thread.


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