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  1. Depends if you park under a tree. Takes bugger all for a bit of foliage to get stuck in the sunroof drains and block them enough. Especially with the rain we've had this year. I check my carpets every time I get into my cars after any rain, I'm so used to having puddles in them.
  2. Welcome! Lots of chicks here, we always play nice.
  3. Overnight parts from the UK?! Dang I bet that was pricey. Nice work on the belt. How long did it take all up?
  4. Nice! Maybe you should start a build thread?
  5. Hi, welcome to What did they chop out?
  6. Hi Erling, welcome to ! How far away from being able to drive it are you? The wait must be painful.
  7. I'm curious about the ability to add rear seats or iso points but I reckon the paperwork and red tape would make it too painful.
  8. Hey mate, welcome to You've got lots of experience! Lots of Skyline owners around brissy.
  9. Welcome Chas, where are you located? I'd agree with GTSBoy also, a turbo one should be fine
  10. That looks awesome. I bet its a hoot to drive!
  11. Nice, looks good! What are your plans?
  12. Need a bit of context. What are you trying to achieve?
  13. Oh damn this sounds cool. I'd love to drive Philip Island one day.
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