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  1. PranK

    This is for an R34 but will be almost exactly the same process.
  2. Closed as dupe. Original is here;
  3. PranK

    Thats a super cool project!
  4. PranK

    No. Its a very important distinction. Much like a Gruffalo noise.
  5. PranK

    Welcome to ! Why no coolant? Whats your temp like when you hear this noise? Do you notice any change to the performance? Does it change in sound in sync with revs? Can you leave it running after a drive to get it to 30 mins? Then stick your head under the bonnet?
  6. PranK

    Hi and ! Any pics of the car? Sounds like a good project!
  7. PranK

    It looks super clean!
  8. PranK

    Wow, thats a loud colour! I like it. Any other pics?
  9. PranK

    For what car? The M35?
  10. We could really do with a list on this site. Would be great to get some people to contribute to a topic, theres more than enough info, just needs to be collated.
  11. PranK

    Welcome! What info are you looking for?
  12. PranK

    Yeah. I had heard of a lot of others having problems with their led upgrades within months of changing them so I tried to find a decent one. They've been in now since April I think with no issues. #touchwood.
  13. PranK

    Love RS4's! Need pics! And,
  14. Getting shitty at an 8 day domestic transport time is not impatient. Thats poor service. Fingers crossed you get it tomorrow!! 🤞
  15. Looks great. I love the stealth look.