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  1. Hey Jay, welcome to the site! As this is the newbie intro's section, this topic wont get much attention from the peeps in the know. I can move it to the tech area for more exposure if you'd like. Although, @Shoota_77 seems to have you covered.
  2. Android powered double din units Hi All, I was browsing eBay because I'd like to update my head unit soon. I was stunned by how many super cheap ($150ish) Android-powered double din units there were. They seemed pretty good with a fair bit of memory and 1080p screen. What are these units actually like? Surely you can't go wrong at $150 for a unit with as much as these have. I'd only be worried about hardware failure I think. Check this guy out; I'd also be worried about startup time and whether the head unit would just resume from where you left it (ie, still tuned in to the same station). I'd hate to have to select my music every time I got in the car. What's the general consensus with these?
  3. Welcome to the site! I love the V36's.
  4. Well done for checking though. This is the type of thing that would flip me out also.
  5. Yep, there was a spam complaint on Jan 5, 2017 6:55 AM. Took forever to find it. If you want to get emails, don't mark them as spam. I have removed that complaint, hopefully thats all you need to get emails again.
  6. It looks like you may have marked an email as spam. I'll need to reset the status.
  7. That looks awesome! I hope there was nothing in that drum!!
  8. Nissan Nismo GT-R Is the standard Nissan GT-R too civilized for you? Maybe you feel like it’s lacking power or excitement. Fear not, the Nismo edition is here to solve all your worries. It offers more power, better handling, and greater overall performance, but that comes at a rather hefty premium. The GT-R is no longer the budget hypercar beating sportscar it once was. It’s now a full on supercar, with the price of the Nismo version exceeding that of Porsche’s Turbo S and even the 911 GT3 RS. Is it worth it? Well, it depends on what you want from a car. Nismo is short for Nissan Motorsports, the company’s caring division. They’re in charge of the hottest and most exciting models Nissan makes, and they eventually even deliver their own specially-tuned model like the R35 GT-R Nismo. It’s a hardcore, enthusiast car, so in that regard, it’s not a Porsche Turbo S rival. Then again, it has so much raw potential and outright speed that you can’t compare it to the GT3 RS, which is more of a driver’s car offering enjoyment. So what is the Nismo then? Well, for starters, it’s a lot more powerful than the standard GT-R. The 3.8 liter twin-turbo V6 located at the front has been tweaked to a rather large extent. The entire turbochargers have been swapped out for larger ones, offering higher air flow (they’re actually lifted from the GT3 car). The result is nothing short of astonishing, because the relatively light and compact unit is capable of delivering 600 horsepower and 481 pound-feet of torque. European models get 8 less horsepower, but it’s not really noticeable unless you’re a racing driver. The engine is still mated to a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox, but Nissan say it’s better than ever. The shifts are faster still, and it works great in conjunction with the new turbochargers. Elsewhere, there’s new shock absorbers, springs, stabilizers and a unique Bilstein DampTronic system which transfers power to the wheels more efficiently and is completely driver adjustable. A lot of emphasis has been put on aerodynamics. The Nismo version looks identical to the new 2017 GT-R, styling wise. It’s got the same tweaked front grille and the updated rear end, but a host of other changes as well. For instance, the aggressive bumper gets several layers of carbon-fiber sheets to improve the stiffness, the canards have been redesigned to improve overall airflow and the rear wing has been optimized to provide more downforce. The new Nismo GT-R manages to produce more downforce than any other Nissan ever built, apart from the racing cars of course. We have to get back to the elephant in the room, and that’s the price of the Nismo. It’s some $38,000 over the 2017 premium GT-R, raising the figure to a whopping $227,000. In other words, you can have a premium GT-R and a Golf GTI for the price of one Nismo. Would you, however? No, we wouldn’t either.
  9. This is going to make selling my Passat TDI interesting.
  10. Welcome koreaturbo.
  11. Welcome to SAU Adz! There are a lot of R31 owners on these forums, you should feel well at home.
  12. @Ryanchit check the post above that has the pic of my car at night. It has really affected the quality of the light in a positive way.
  13. Hi

    Nice. It sounds like you need a build thread.
  14. Hey @pauldawson you'd be better off asking in one of the Automotive forums. That definitely doesn't seem normal to me.
  15. I've started coating my headlights weekly with the 303 protectant as it has UV protection. @warps I did this last year with my Bora, just bought the sand paper grades and did it myself. The reason I grabbed the Mothers kit this time is because of the polish and the polish ball to really get them sparkling, which it does. I will just use the sand paper directly from now on.