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  1. Awesome. I love long-time owned cars. So much personality in them.
  2. Yes! Awesome project! Can't wait for updates.
  3. Mercedes have just announced they are quitting diesel and petrol cars by 2039. https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/motoring-news/mercedesbenz-to-call-it-quits-on-petrol-and-diesel-powered-cars/news-story/c3104ab07d351f9e0622a20c096b070f
  4. Zed looks nice! Whats planned for her?
  5. Nice and clean. Also finally trimmed my headliner and pillar trims. I'll post pics soon.
  6. Just FYI; Autonomous driving cars are totally stumped by Kangaroos. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/jul/01/volvo-admits-its-self-driving-cars-are-confused-by-kangaroos
  7. After seeing some horror pics of wheels from Aaron at @Import Monster I vowed to never buy cheap wheels again. Imagine one of those spokes cracking in half at freeway speeds! Get OEM or at least quality wheels. They are copies of Work 11R I think which means they wont be that pricy for legit ones.
  8. PranK

    New guy

    Welcome! Any pics? Getting lots of you Northern Hemispherers lately, glad to have you!
  9. Can't you just fix that on the side of the road? 🤔
  10. Oh, and yes, every day in either of our cars I get carism. People treat you very differently in an X5.
  11. Great to see this type of thing still happening. Well done! Need to look out for each other.
  12. I dunno, having no motor is pretty special!
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