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  1. You guys are nuts. While it's not attractive by todays standards it's still damn cool and would have been awesome in 93.
  2. Yeah, I saw this yesterday, it looks awesome. I'm hoping @VSpecPerformance adds a post about it.
  3. Welcome! Car looks great (and fun!)
  4. PranK

    Welcome! Car looks fun!
  5. I reckon the rear and the profile is great but yeah the headlights are very strange. And yep it ticks my BMW boxes. [emoji41]
  6. PranK

    Subscribing to get my Nugg on.
  7. Yes yes yes!! I'd love a 996. Though for my commute I'd probs lean towards a 4S or something.
  8. Loving my 330i for the commute. Its super easy to drive and has a little bit of punch. My Bora wont sell and its too good to part out, so that's likely to become a registered track car (rego cause we have no decent tower.) We have a CX7 which is likely to be sold soon to make way for a new CX9, having never owned a brand new car before I am a little excited about this. It will be leased through my work (financier to be decided if you know anybody.) Then in the next few years I'll get an M3. Likely an E92 with the V8 (or maybe a new Supra!). M3's have always been a dream and while I absolutely still love JDM I love the comfort and feel of German and they are easier to commute in than a GTR (IMO).
  9. PranK

    Doesn't matter where you are, all are welcome. Nice Stag! Had one myself a few years back, great car.
  10. PranK

    Cef looks great! (so does the RA). I just got back from 2 weeks in NZ, so many Jap imports! Also, $2.15c per litre for 91! 😮 I'd love to see more Kiwis on the boards, maybe I can send you some stickers to hand out at any meets you go to? Thanks, Christian
  11. I'm not sure what the prob is, can you send me the OS and browser? Just use contact form linked in footer or PM me. BTW @niZmO_Man mad props for the sig!
  12. PranK

    Hey Beau and welcome! Best to ask your Q in the appropriate section but in the meantime, any pics?
  13. PranK

    I love that the first clip car has TEST number plates!