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  1. Dang, dealer of the year maybe? My BMW came with overspray and a badly refitted front bar but the dealer knew nothing about that. Looks great! I love Alfa's and I love Mitos. Are you enjoying it?
  2. Damn thats a great looking steering wheel.
  3. Yeah, I am no expert but I know when you shouldn't try to cut and polish a car and this is that time. As @GTSBoy said, rattle can it. Or plastidip it if you plan on revisiting... Or, even rewrap it yourself. Or, just put up with it and call it a rat. It'll be worth more then too.
  4. You should post in the WTB section and not create the same topic in multiple areas.
  5. I love this. Any more pics? The VK and earlier 'dores have such a good body weight, I reckon this would be a hoot!
  6. So freaking cool. Well done to all involved!
  7. Welcome @DirtyVL! This sounds like a great project, hopefully you'll start a build thread on here.
  8. Welcome Eddy. Tried Just Jap?
  9. PranK


    Welcome! Where are you from?
  10. Welcome @BP101! I'm not sure how many GTR owners will let you drive their car but there are a lot of owners on here who drive kids to formals and couples to weddings, so there should be some owners willing to take you for a drive. You might get more purchase in the QLD section.
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