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  1. PranK

    Lots of suggestions when you search. Heres a search I prepared earlier for 'gtst first mods' first mods
  2. PranK

    Lots of suggestions when you search.
  3. PranK

    Hi and welcome! Great car to work on, super easy. Its worth having a search of the site as this topic has been raised several times in the past. Be great to see some pics if you have any.
  4. PranK

    If you do get a meet going, I'm happy to send some stickers over for you guys. I'm super keen to help the NZ community get more active again.
  5. PranK

    Good info!
  6. PranK

    This looks great! Well done. How do they feel?
  7. PranK

    Welcome! This site is definitely not just for Aussies. Any other pics of your '32? Looks really clean.
  8. Looks fantastic. Interestingly the 2nd car today I've seen with a bespoke loom.
  9. Haha ... Intimidate. Bespoke wiring loom ftw.
  10. AWD Passats to be Vic police highway patrol.
  11. PranK

    18 years! Thats unreal. We should do a competition to see who has had their car the longest. I reckon you're a shoe-in to take it.
  12. PranK

    Looks great! I love the brakes. Interested to see dyno results.
  13. PranK

    Looks gorgeous!
  14. PranK

    Nice! 👍
  15. PranK

    Nice little collection there! I'm not sure you can have a list like that without a single pic!