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  1. I remember that well. It was much appreciated.!!
  2. OMG Richard! @Beer BaronYou're definitely an old schooler, 100%. Its really good to see you post. It's been a really long time! I really hope things are well. Good to hear you still have your GTR.
  3. Front lip looks like the factory Nissan lower lip extension.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm really sorry for the delay here. I have installed a new dark theme which is based off the default theme. It's very similar to the old dark theme but I have no time to fix the old one. Just change to the new one in the footer and let me know what you think.
  5. It looks like a Tamiya kit in those last pics!
  6. Yeah definitely streetish. It's still my daily. I'll look them up, any idea of spring rates? I guess they'd differ.
  7. I'd like to consider upgrading the suspension in my E90 this year. I'm far from being in a position to be able to afford anything, but I can still research The BC Coilovers that @Just Jap Racingsell - does anybody have any opinions or reviews? They look really nice and seem to have a lot of good features. They definitely seem to be good bang for buck. These are the ones I'm keen on. https://justjap.com/products/bc-racing-coilover-suspension-kit-bmw-3-series-e90-e91-e92-2
  8. Love this. Have you started a build thread yet?
  9. Hey! Welcome to You'll have a nice little collection with those two.
  10. Welcome! Any pics? What're the plans with it?
  11. The Hako looks gorgeous! Any pics of the S13?
  12. Welcome! Any pics? Sounds awesome.
  13. Loving the car D. I love your write up on the features too. I'm always asking myself if its worth getting something newer with newer tech but then I read stuff like this and while cool, I just don't think i'd use most of it. I have the auto air recirc in my E90 (and E70 but different system) and its the stupidest thing in the car. Get this; if you leave the a/c to recirc and turn the car back on, it will default to off. If you leave the auto recirc it defaults to on. But the auto recirc is so bad at detecting exhaust gas that it's as bad as leaving it off. I just want recirc all the time. Dumb. As I said the E70 is different (and heaps better) but its 7 years newer.
  14. @R31Nismoidanything to add here? He hasnt been on here for 4+ years so not sure if he'll answer the call.
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