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  1. Meh, I don't even have a Nissan. Open discussion these days, definitely not model centric. I'd love to see some Stanza pics!
  2. PranK


    I'm sorry mate, I have no idea what you just said. Welcome tho!
  3. Might be worth posting a full domain name link. Shortened links can hide malware and generally nefarious websites.
  4. Welcome! Do you have an S15? Any pics?
  5. Welcome! Car looks great, well done. You might cop a bit of flac here for the GTR badges.
  6. Yes! Loving this thread already!
  7. Welcome! What @KiwiRS4T said.
  8. Welcome! I love RB's and I love BMW's so I'm all about this build. Need pics!
  9. Welcome! Not the kind of car we see on here usually, but you're still welcome. How old is the project?
  10. Welcome Craig, any pics?
  11. So much yes! R34 GTR in white is just the business.
  12. Thats awesome. I was looking for so long back when I had a Stag.
  13. The bug that makes you want to modify every last bit of it.
  14. Thanks to those who were able to make it. God speed Nick. Here is a link to Nick's posts. The last one is quite upsetting. https://www.sau.com.au/forums/profile/435-goldzilla/content/
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