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  1. Welcome to ! Car sounds cool. Any pics?
  2. Car looks great! Welcome to !
  3. Damn, that's beautiful!!
  4. Looks nice! Any more (less moist) pics?
  5. There is a Canadian section on this site. Keep in mind though, 90% of the users here are from Australia which is in a crippling drought and we don't see much snow so I'm not sure you'll get much by way of experience. That said, you could post in the Japan section too as they will have some adverse weather there also as will our USA friends.
  6. Where are you located? I think if you're regularly driving in snow, you'll notice any car without traction control I'd assume.
  7. Welcome Paul! The 370's are really nice. Almost bought one myself a few years ago. Any pics?
  8. Looks fantastic! Any more pics? And !
  9. It looks like they got tired when they got to the passenger side, it seems far less holey than the drivers side. Maybe they drove on left-hand circuits? That would really piss me off. Sorry Steve. Yeah, this is the kind of thing that I couldn't leave. God I hope they didn't do this somewhere more nefarious.
  10. Hope the new owner joins and keeps us updated. Gorgeous GTR.
  11. So cool to see the coverage of @VSpecPerformance's open day in a variety of publications. Looks like the day was a brilliant success! See more about it here https://www.whichcar.com.au/features/worlds-best-nissan-gt-r-collection 👍
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