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  1. Welcome! That will be a cracker daily. Makes me jealous. Good to know you're going to give it some love.
  2. Thanks guys, keep them coming. I'm just waiting for the search to reindex and I can start tackling these issus.
  3. Welcome! What are your plans with the car?
  4. So until I can add an icon for profile you can tap your avatar and there's an edit button in there. Let me know if that works for now.
  5. Hmmm, I can insert an image. I'll check group permissions. I can see what you mean about the mobile version, I'll see what I can do. 👍
  6. I'm not sure about any Hiace specialists here. Unless you're asking a general question about running wires?
  7. Looking fantastic! I'm happy you decided to keep it. Despite feeling better about it you're also contributing to the small group of people who aren't destroying cars and are maintaining them properly. This car will only appreciate. The downsides always compound and end up feeling like a lot, but as with everything they will ebb and flow. I'm really loving it. Keep up the updates.
  8. I'm happy you chose to share. I can imagine how this would feel, I'd be absolutely gutted. I once lost the rear in an S13 and hit a post in the rear quarter. It wasn't huge but just horrible when you spend so much time keeping them clean and maintained. Good luck and keep us updated.
  9. Yeah they look nice! Thanks about the treadwear, that was confusing me. Touché. Nice, they look good. Thanks for all the help in here guys, much appreciated. As a lot of these stretch my budget for a part time track tyre I'm just going to need to have a think about it and see what my local tyre joints can do with prices.
  10. I fear we have drifted somewhat off topic. 😁
  11. This is not the BMW bashing topic!!
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