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  1. Oh yes! This is awesome! Can't wait for updates.
  2. Welcome to Any pics?
  3. Nice! She's beautiful! I love hearing of JDM cars around the world. So cool.
  4. Hey Johnny, Welcome to !
  5. Congrats!!
  6. Welcome MissGTR34, your car is gorgeous. Do you have any more pics of it?
  7. Bah! Will have a look.
  8. Interesting that the cover pic for that video has an Infiniti with 'Skyline' on the front plate
  9. Yes! I love this! I can't wait for updates!
  10. This is a super long thread. Can you do a summary post?
  11. Welcome to ! There are a few peeps on here who have done this conversion. I'm sure you'll get the info you need. Will you start a build thread for the changes?
  12. There's not much better than a white R32. Welcome to the site. You planning on starting a build thread?
  13. Just grab a hair dryer and warm it up when you work with it as it will become more malleable.
  14. I love the wrap! Creative way to get around spraying the door. A shit spray job will look a lot worse than a shit wrap application. Did you use a heat gun on the wrap?
  15. Hey Mike, this might get more traction in the classics section. Do you want me to move it?