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  1. Welcome to ! I can't help you with the head, you may wish to post in the RB section.
  2. I love the light covers. Whats the plan with it?
  3. Ergh, I get worked up when I read things like this. Just so many stories from so many different places. Its becomming too common. Interestingly, I dropped my little old BMW to my normal specialised BMW place today and noticed that there were lots of non-BMW's there today which was totally unusual as it is an almost strictly BMW shop. Went inside and found out that the old owner had sold up in October. I've had so many bad experiences even with my run-of-the-mill E90 that I was actually worried about leaving it with them. I know, the car isn't anything special, but having been burned so many times I still stress about it. As soon as a car has quirks (GTR's or even old BMW's) you need to make sure the right people look at them. I hope you dont get ripped off man. They better sort this without causing more dramas. BTW, your R32 is stunning.
  4. Thanks guys! I think I will stick with the suggested 16mm. Looks like my control arms have had it also, so need to repair before upgrade.
  5. This looks great, I'm looking forward to updates!
  6. Damn, thats awesome info, thanks! What were the symptoms of having too much stiffness on the rear? I need to stop thinking bigger is better all the time.
  7. I recently added a 27mm Whiteline front sway bar which feels great and stiffened the whole front up nicely. Problem is, I'm still using the OEM 13mm sway bar on the rear which undoes a lot of the front bar benefits. Now its time to upgrade the rear one and I'm a little undecided about the one to get. Whiteline have a 16mm and a 20mm rear for my E90. They said that 16mm is probably better because the 20mm might cause unwanted oversteer on the street. 16mm seems pissy though and I'm wondering if they are protecting themselves. SuperPro have a 20mm 2-point adjustable one which feels like the better option. Its irritating that there is no standardised measurement of sway bars so you can get a better idea before buying, rather than just reading reviews. It'd be nice to say "well 16mm will be x times better than 13mm". The OEM front one was hollow FFS, it was light as a feather. Theres no doubt that the 16mm Whiteline one is going to be much better than the OEM 13mm one, but will there be an appreciable difference between the 16 and 20 ? And, maybe the softer Superpro setting will be like the static 16mm Whiteline one ? So confused. Thanks guys!
  8. I am. We could revive the sau group. I'm in lockdown till at least the 9th of Jan so I have some time. 😭
  9. We have similar rules here in Aus with regards to headlights. What I'm wondering is how will you convert headlights to RHD? These cars never came in RHD so a quick swap is not an option.
  10. Car looks great! Really clean! I look forward to updates. You Northerners have a few good build threads on this forum.
  11. Poor girl has some history. Hopefully you paid the right money for it. It'll be a great project if you have the money to put into it. Just make sure you really do you homework and read a lot of *recent* posts as a lot has changed since this forum started 20 years ago. Good luck, I look forward to the updates. Btw considering R33's were never sold in a RHD market what are you planning to do to the headlights?
  12. Welcome Stu. I'd ask in the car audio section of the site. It'll get the attention of the right members that way.
  13. Welcome to ! You'd be better off asking in the stagea section to get the attention of people who might know.
  14. Welcome Cody. Any pics of the old girl?
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