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  1. Nice. Its done a great job! You're not one of these crazys who thinks GTR badges are for GTRs only are you?!?
  2. Painted rear windows? I guess its cheaper than tinting. Welcome to Antoine.
  3. Man I'm loving this. Something seriously satisfying about seeing those calipers cleaned and rebuilt. How did you blast them?
  4. This has been logged with Tapatalk (who build our apps). I'll update you when I get anything.
  5. *hides headlights*
  6. Soz @pol1on1 - will check it out.
  7. There are threads on here about the strangest things you've found in an import, this is a good addition!
  8. I might just pop in and say we're very, VERY lucky on these forums. The vast majority of members are mature, helpful and accomodating. While its easy to think people are having a go, its probably worth noting that on SAU people are usually *not* having a go (or if they are, its more obvious and they're likely just taking the piss). (Oh, and as a side note, we have a lot of female members too. Theres no sexism or assumed knowledge.) Enjoy the forums.
  9. I love this. So fricken cool.
  10. Looks great. Are you enjoying it?
  11. Welcome Dan! Nice choice! Got any pics?
  12. Dang. It looks *really* good.
  13. hey Christian,

    my address is 40 wentworth street ,Georgetown N.S.W 2298

    hope you liked the photo mate.

  14. So considering the low votes across the board I'm going to send each entrant some stickers and pressure measure things. Thanks all please pm me your address.