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  1. PranK

    What he said.
  2. PranK

    Hi and welcome to Do you have a multimeter? What happens when you touch the bulb terminals with the points? Do you get any voltage? Have they ever worked? Can you unplug all except the 3rd light to test?
  3. Can you not search eBay or Gumtree?
  4. PranK

    Thank you!
  5. PranK

  6. Yes, and also make new videos to post to YouTube.
  7. I think OP is well aware of the mistake thats been made, so we probably don't need to flog a dead horse.
  8. PranK

    Look at the size of the US bumper!!
  9. PranK

    Welcome to @Nomake Wan ! That sounds interesting! Keep us updated.
  10. Poor bugger. Imagine how nice it would be if everybody selling a car was nice and trustworthy! Theres a few things to do but nothing in the list is huge (that I'm aware of). It will be a satisfying project if you can forgive yourself and let go of the grudge you're probably holding onto. The perfect time to learn how to fix cars!
  11. PranK

    Welcome to @Steve Gee! Any more pics of your collection? Sounds nice!
  12. PranK

    Thanks guys! Yes please!
  13. PranK

    Hi All, Its been a long time since I've needed to get window tinting done, but before I start struggling in summer I thought I'd get it done soon for the BMW. I'm keen to know who you guys have used recently. I'd probably prefer a mobile business unless they were near the city. Thanks all, C
  14. PranK

    I see. As I said, we've only just got "trucks" this year (they've been available as grey imports for a while) - this is the first time you can buy a Silverado new from a dealer (even if they start at $115k). 🖕
  15. PranK

    Wait ... thats precisely what I said. 450kg?