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  1. There is also an LX Torana in the Builds section with GTR 4WD running gear.
  2. Nice one! Sounds like you have a plan for it. Do what you want to do and don't let anybody give you shit for it. BTW this is one of my fave engines ever, an RB26DE with trumpets. Just so awesome but broke the brain's of all the RB26 purists. More on that 240 here; https://dsportmag.com/the-cars/rb26-powered-s30-sung-kangs-award-winning-restomod/
  3. That looks great! Well done! Are you enjoying it?
  4. Track surface is probably lacking some substance if it hasnt been used in a while. I didn't realise that they were back open, I'm itching to get my 330 out and around it.
  5. Ah ok cool. Last time I tracked a GTR we just added the good ole Tomei baffle.
  6. So you just wanted more volume, is that it?
  7. God I love the GTR being blocked in by pink bikes with sparkley handle bar tassles. I've played this game before.
  8. Forgive my ignorance here @fatz but wont that extend too far down? Whats the benefit of that sump?
  9. 5000 miles puts you outside Australia I believe. Where are you?
  10. Car looks great, have you hit the track in it yet?
  11. Dang. Dang dang dang. I need to see more.
  12. Dang, that looks like a super clean solution!
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