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  1. PranK

    @Dave01 this is an 11 year old thread! check this thread for how to make a prop or the post at the bottom about regassing.
  2. PranK

    Welcome to the site! Got any pics of the car?
  3. PranK

    Welcome to the site! I'd love to see some pics.
  4. PranK

    Nice set! Which of them do you still own?
  5. PranK

    Car looks great! Welcome to the site!
  6. PranK

    Hey Tomzern, welcome to ! The z looks great! Any more pics?
  7. PranK

    Welcome volta! Car looks nice! More info required.
  8. PranK

    Thats another reason for me wanting the black, light headliners and pillars get so grubby and you wont notice on the black. Is it 3 or 5 door? My car is 4 door with a sunroof.
  9. PranK

    Thanks @Steve85 I watched a bunch of videos on Youtube and have decided to give it a go myself also. I think besides getting the headliner in/out of the damn car the rest will be straight forward. I'm looking forward to giving it a go and even more looking forward to having a black interior. That said, my wife reckons having black headliner and pillars will be a bit dark and heavy in the car. What do you think? I reckon it'll look fantastic. Good idea about buying another liner. I could trim that one and then swap them.
  10. PranK

    Yeah they are one of the quotes. $540.
  11. PranK

    So, I could quite easily switch to black too. Then I could just plastidip my trim (handles, light surrounds etc).
  12. PranK

    Yep, I reckon I will. I'll do all pillars too. I'm just worried about it being a problem again in future. Maybe I'll just carbon wrap them.
  13. PranK

    First two quotes are over $500!!!
  14. I reckon its awesome for $2k. Hopefully body, suspension and structure is ok, then you can save to drop an RB25 or RB26 into it later.