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  1. Welcome to SAU! Is the engine in the Z dead? Wondering what the motivation is for the swap. Why a Barra btw?
  2. I've just installed an update, can you please try again when you get a min ?
  3. Oh and if you want to trade or advertise on these forums, you need to comply with the rules;
  4. What happened when you uploaded photos?
  5. I had them in my Stagea. They were brilliant. He was a trove of info that bloke.
  6. Welcome! I'm a sucker for a C34! Are the seats original and just retrimmed? Or from something else?
  7. Wow! Super cool. Any pics of her?
  8. That looks great! Awesome project!
  9. Welcome Semteks! Do you have a Z31 or just the RB from one?
  10. What are they going on? Just interested, I can't help with the calipers.
  11. Please follow the steps here to be able to post as a business.
  12. Welcome! A stock gts4? Any pics? So cool to see unmolested cars these days.
  13. Welcome to the family! Any pics of your Skylines?
  14. Welcome! Sounds like a great project. Theres more than enough resources on here to help you through it. Any pics of the old girl?
  15. Hi Chris Any pics of your car? What is the problem you're having?
  16. Hey man, welcome. Any details on the car? Where are you from?
  17. PranK


    Welcome! I had a bright yellow, blue engined VC. I have great memories of that car! Rare as hens teeth these days. Ha, I love the swaps you've made! What model was the pulsar? I had 3 N13's back in the day, one with a CA18DET swap.
  18. I really like these and have been following on. I love that the brakes are decent and that the rear tyres are big (275's) because for me that means they are committed to this being a real drivers car and quite the track weapon. I'm not a V6 fan and would have liked a straight 6 but I knew that was never going to happen. The figures look healthy though. I'm out tho with no back seats. At least until I can afford a 65k play car. 🤣
  19. Welcome to ! Your car is gorgeous. Well done.
  20. Hi iconic. Theres a lot of info on this topic on the site already. I suggest hitting the search feature.
  21. Find a better scanner. I think OBD2 was the standard after 2006 but that doesn't mean you wont be able to find a scanner for it. See this thread
  22. Depends if you park under a tree. Takes bugger all for a bit of foliage to get stuck in the sunroof drains and block them enough. Especially with the rain we've had this year. I check my carpets every time I get into my cars after any rain, I'm so used to having puddles in them.
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