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  1. PranK

    Any pics of the Laurel?
  2. PranK

    Looks great! Don't see many R32 Gtst's around where I am, it looks pretty clean especially given the k's. Well done and
  3. Nice update. Great that you're still enjoying it. Any fresh pics?
  4. Have you tried Bug And Tar Remover? Most car wash brands have one in their range. Thats what I used to use on a rich-running white GTR.
  5. PranK

    Oh so now you're better than me?
  6. PranK

    You need more smilies. I was wondering if you were serious too. FWIW, both my series 1 GTR and series 3 GTR had the same one-sided GTR end plates.
  7. I think they look ok. Not brilliant but ok. I was expecting to read an article about body kits and rims being the only upgrades but it seems they might actually be ok. Better suspension, better brakes and 19s. No extra power though but I think 224kw is pretty good. But. They are still FWD. And they are still just bolt ons. Should they be badged TRD? Maybe Toyota needs to bring back the Sportivo badges? [emoji1]
  8. PranK

    Damn it looks the goods.
  9. PranK

    Welcome @simsy! Sounds like she has a bit of a story. Might be a solid case for a build thread. 👍
  10. This is so awesome. Just astonishing how bad these devices are. I love that none of the cars even have headrests. We've come a long way.
  11. They sound British.
  12. PranK

    As @Steve85 said; any pics? I love the 260RS.
  13. PranK

    Welcome Fredrik! Any other pics of the car? How long have you had it?
  14. Nismo? Really? Disappointing.
  15. I hear all of you. I'm most consider about why this would be a limited numbers car! Only 250 coming here. Why? What about it is good enough to be limited?
  16. Although, the front seats look awesome.
  17. That makes sense.
  18. Yikes. Did you search? The flutter, from my poor knowledge, is actually not great as its the blades spinning backwards because the pressure hasn't been vented. If you seriously blocked the stock BOV just to make it flutter then I refuse to answer anymore.
  19. Sorry mate, no ads on behalf of friends. If they want to sell, they can log on and post it.
  20. Welcome! You're definitely a man after my own heart. I love BMW's and the E39 M5 has always been a favourite.
  21. Not many, only 160 parts in total but still pretty cool for them to acknowledge these cars and their owners. Not sure if they'll be available through Nissan dealers in Aus though.