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  1. Glad you chose to finally join! Any pics?
  2. Oh man, what a loss. Top bloke, I'm saddened but thankful that I knew him. Any details on funeral, D?
  3. Hey, ! No probs with your sig having YT channel in it. Go for it! 👍
  4. Just found this in the states which looks perfect https://www.ebay.com/itm/UNIVERSAL-LICENSE-PLATE-TAG-HOLDER-MOUNT-ADAPTER-BUMPER-BRACKET-AUTO-CAR-TRUCK-/272911420979 Can't find one in Aus tho.
  5. Hi All, I'm finishing up a respray on a 2nd hand bumper I bought. It has holes where the previous owner had no doubt used self tappers to mount the number plate. I don't want to mount my plate like that, I'd prefer to have some sort of mount or backing that I could semi-permanently attach to the bar and then screw into with the number plate. I've had almost no luck finding anything, what I found was dodgy 1-size-fits-all Chinese options or genuine BMW options for $90. I'm hoping I can whip something DIY up and that somebody on here has done something similar? Thanks, Christian
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    Best answer ever!
  7. PranK


    Funny you write this now D I've been thinking about what to do for the 20 year anniversary!!! 😮 At the risk of sounding emotional, Its people like you and the others in this thread (sans slap) that make it worthwhile. 👍
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    I was thinking GermanAustralia.com
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    Yep. And you should see how much money I make!
  10. PranK


    Is it a big problem catering for both? I haven't had a Skyline for about 10 years but I still line them along with cars from all sorts of manufacturers. 90% of the chat is still very much Skyline specific.
  11. PranK


    It was changed to SAU from Skylines Australia a few years back to cater four both Skyline owners and owners of other cars rather than just Skyline owners.
  12. Welcome! You can't post an intro like that with no pics. Come on, where is she? C
  13. I agree, really nice lines. Shame about that camera, its almost worth taking off.
  14. Absolutely beautiful!
  15. Welcome Jordan How are you liking the 350GT? Any pics?
  16. Its been a while since I've done anything like this, but pod filters on their own, while sounding great, suffer badly from heat soak and ultimately will decrease your performance noticably. If you can't get a stock airbox, search on these forums for making your own CAI (Cold Air Intake) with an insulated foam box and pipe. Then you can just put a well functioning pod on (K&N). Theres lots of options here with some folks raving about pod filters under the headlights (in the vent) but they get wet easily. Its up to you how far to go.
  17. I dig that. I'm sure you could get any metal work place to make one.
  18. Welcome! Check the classifieds on this very site. :)
  19. Hey mate, I have an older BMW 330i and an X5. Leaning a little to the Euros these days.
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