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  1. Hey Johnny, Welcome to !
  2. R35 GTR powered Patrol is awesome Hubba hubba.
  3. Congrats!!
  4. Welcome MissGTR34, your car is gorgeous. Do you have any more pics of it?
  5. Bah! Will have a look.
  6. Interesting that the cover pic for that video has an Infiniti with 'Skyline' on the front plate
  7. Careful guys, NSW Police have added some real firepower to the Highway Patrol squad. Volvos. Yep. Volvos. How do you feel about being pulled over by one of these?
  8. Yes! I love this! I can't wait for updates!
  9. This is a super long thread. Can you do a summary post?
  10. Welcome to ! There are a few peeps on here who have done this conversion. I'm sure you'll get the info you need. Will you start a build thread for the changes?
  11. Hi Canadians! Now that you have your own section on SAU, why don't you introduce yourself? You guys are our 4th largest demographic on these forums! Looking forward to e-meeting you all.
  12. There's not much better than a white R32. Welcome to the site. You planning on starting a build thread?
  13. Just grab a hair dryer and warm it up when you work with it as it will become more malleable.
  14. I love the wrap! Creative way to get around spraying the door. A shit spray job will look a lot worse than a shit wrap application. Did you use a heat gun on the wrap?
  15. Hey Mike, this might get more traction in the classics section. Do you want me to move it?
  16. Welcome! Both those Nissans look sweet.
  17. Nice! I like it!
  18. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the site!
  19. Hi All, SAU's first attempt at crowd sourcing a solution. This problem is two fold - we have two distinct issues but both can be addressed together with a good solution. Problem 1; Wanted To Buy section. It sits below all other For Sale sections and people end up posting in the For Sale section. How can we promote the use of the WTB section and make it easy to use for all? My ideas (just ideas, not right or wrong) include; Allowing WTB in For Sale. This will water down the actual FS posts. Having WTB as a sub section of For Sale (moving it to a link above the FS section).This, but with a 'latest 5 posts' displayed in For Sale. Problem 2; SAU have wonderful business traders who provide both SAU and SAU's members with major benefits. Business traders are restricted to posting in their business forums (which they have moderator access on). Business traders really need more exposure. We need to make sure the traders get as much exposure as we can give them. Some thoughts; Allowing traders to post in regular For Sale sections Allowing traders to post in regular forums (ie, somebody asking about what turbo to buy, a trader could suggest one of their products) A list of 'latest trader topics' on the top of the forum. This is open to suggestions/opinions by anybody. Even traders. Have your say! Best suggestions (as judged by the community in a followup poll of best posts) will get a little SAU pack sent out to them (containing something like stickers and lanyards - and maybe more.) I will close this thread in the coming weeks and move to a poll.
  20. Same year as mine, problem is only Euro models got them. And I have to compete with the US "Jetta" owners when they do come up. Not really worth it but you never know. [emoji23]
  21. So, theres a few of us here who no longer have Japanese vehicles, so, lets see what you've got! I have two VWs; a B6 TDI Passat wagon and a Bora 4Motion V6. Both cars are very cool, I love them! The Bora has a surprising amount of squirt (150kw) and handles really well (I put Bilstein B8's in it.) The Passat is less lumber-like that I thought it would be. Its still very 'soft' in how it goes about things, but thats what makes it a perfect family car. Its totally unexciting. I'll post pics soon.
  22. No way. What a freaking bargain. Well done! (I'm waiting for genuine Xenon headlights for my Bora in my price range but they usually sell for over 600 which is nuts and way too much for me.)
  23. God damnation there are some gorgeous stags in this thread. I miss mine now!
  24. Are they aftermarket lights on the rear? They look super nice and clear.
  25. Love that. I'd hate to reverse park it though. [emoji28]