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  1. Welcome @FloKastl! Search is good and theres tonnes of topics already that cover this.
  2. I'm not sure I can see them checking the system to ensure it hasn't been tampered with. Or even if they do, surely there'll be systems like chip tunes that have a handset where you can revert to stock.
  3. Ha. What I mean is, reckon this is realistic? I'm well aware of the sau populations' opinion of enforced speed limits.
  4. A very interesting post on CarAdvice What do you think? https://www.caradvice.com.au/744080/mandatory-speed-limiters-fitted-to-new-cars-will-be-the-best-thing-that-happens-to-car-enthusiasts/
  5. Agree. I think our way of life in almost every aspect will be changed in the near future. If we don't adapt we'll be left behind.
  6. Loving this. Looks awesome Tom!
  7. How certain are you that it wasn't lying around before the strip down? It might not be for your car. It's quite a substantial piece, I'd expect you to have some kind of adverse experience from trying to drive.
  8. to the site! I have a bit of a soft spot for the 370's, I really dig them.
  9. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-01/nrma-calls-for-diesel-and-petrol-car-ban-by-2030/10949414 What do you think? I do feel like we're lagging in auto emissions policy, that's for sure.
  10. I might buy one for my E90! Road & Track: The Nissan Skyline GT-R's RB26 Inline-Six Is Going Back Into Production. https://www-roadandtrack-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/buying-maintenance/amp26985019/nissan-syline-gt-r-rb26-engine-restarts-production/
  11. Welcome Hartley. I think you're going to need to be more specific with the problems and your suspicions. Eg, why did the doors drop? What do the switches look like? What are the actual problems experienced?
  12. Lots of suggestions when you search. Heres a search I prepared earlier for 'gtst first mods' https://www.sau.com.au/forums/search/?q=gtst first mods
  13. Lots of suggestions when you search.
  14. Hi and welcome! Great car to work on, super easy. Its worth having a search of the site as this topic has been raised several times in the past. Be great to see some pics if you have any.
  15. If you do get a meet going, I'm happy to send some stickers over for you guys. I'm super keen to help the NZ community get more active again.
  16. This looks great! Well done. How do they feel?
  17. Welcome! This site is definitely not just for Aussies. Any other pics of your '32? Looks really clean.
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