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  1. Hey Bob, have you changed the O2 sensors?
  2. At a guess I'd say that there'd be a lot more support and parts for SR20's in the states which would be a big plus for a project like this.
  3. Holy shit I could watch that launch all day.
  4. This is looking great! Well done!
  5. Looks great! Do you want me to delete the first posts in the thread? Until you start talking about your car?
  6. I'm loving this thread. Well done! I had a S2 exhaust on an S1 also. It stuck out too.
  7. Hey Travis, welcome to !
  8. Totally love this. There are a few on this site. Might be a few in the build section. Welcome and I look forward to more pics!
  9. Car looks great! Welcome to SAU!
  10. Looks great! Welcome to the site.
  11. Hiya and to ! What are you trying to find out? Is this a 4 door? Its a run-of-the-mill R33 Gtst with an RB25DET. An auto should be easy to find for it.
  12. So, theres a few of us here who no longer have Japanese vehicles, so, lets see what you've got! I have two VWs; a B6 TDI Passat wagon and a Bora 4Motion V6. Both cars are very cool, I love them! The Bora has a surprising amount of squirt (150kw) and handles really well (I put Bilstein B8's in it.) The Passat is less lumber-like that I thought it would be. Its still very 'soft' in how it goes about things, but thats what makes it a perfect family car. Its totally unexciting. I'll post pics soon.
  13. Hey WackyRacer, Post a new topic in the maintenance section to get some help. Hopefully you find what you need. Christian
  14. Hey psyberwolf, welcome to the site!
  15. Gah. OK. I'll investigate. Sorry I didnt see this for a while.
  16. Wow! Any more pics of the CAT18 one? I hope you're planning on a build thread for the new one? So cool.
  17. Yes! This is awesome! It looks great!
  18. The United States is our 2nd largest geographic when it comes to visitors. You out-weigh New Zealand by 1.5:1. So, why don't you introduce yourself?
  19. God I absolutely love that.
  20. This is fantastic!
  21. Sweet! I've added it to the tutorials list.
  22. Huh?
  23. Welcome to ! Nice car, any other pics? The R32 Gts' are so cool. Even with the DE.
  24. No way! Most members are from Australia, but we have members from all over the world. You're as welcome as any (providing we don't talk rugby!) Car looks super clean! You've got a nice list there, a lot of those things are known issues that you'll be able to find people on here who have dealt with (like the clutch).
  25. Looking at your number plates on the wall, I used to have a mate with CDUCTV in NSW. I just googled him, brought back some memories. In an effort to stay on topic, I'm not sure if he regrets selling it.