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  1. The factory option is expensive and hard to find. Its for my E90. I can't believe I've never used rivnuts before!! How awesome are these things!? I'll post pics when done. Nice. I like bracket ones. The E90 has a big fat bit of front bar where the plate goes, so it won't affect flow too much.
  2. Welcome Mike! Any pics? Lots of info here for you.
  3. I bet those two would be cracking fun dailys!
  4. Hey Grim, feel like writing up a diy guide in the diy section for the LEDs?
  5. I'm in Scotland right now and having driven around the fantastic Highland roads in a piece of shit Hyundai for the past few weeks I reckon your Stag would be a hoot on a road trip around the North. Welcome!
  6. Welcome! An R33 in Ireland? Not a common sight I'd assume? Any pics?
  7. Welcome! Any pics? What are the plans (besides the RB30)?
  8. Absolutely beautiful! Well done and welcome!
  9. Hey mate! Welcome back! Whats goss?
  10. Sounds great! Any pics? What brakes did you go with?
  11. Yeah, I am painting a front one atm to put on and keeping my eyes open for the rear. Hoping to avoid getting one that needs paint. Yes, E61's rock. @Steve85 has a mating pair.
  12. Nice, I'm digging it. Keep up the updates.
  13. I've now added the group icon that I'd forgotten.
  14. Looks great! I bet its a tonne of fun.
  15. R34 wheels suit it perfectly!
  16. Pics please. How did you get to 400 and whats your new goal?
  17. Meh, I don't even have a Nissan. Open discussion these days, definitely not model centric. I'd love to see some Stanza pics!
  18. PranK


    I'm sorry mate, I have no idea what you just said. Welcome tho!
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