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  1. I'm looking forward to pics! Especially of the Morimotos. We need more peeps to ignite the North America section!
  2. PranK

    Hey @dirty_dyer and welcome! Any pics of the ol girl?
  3. PranK

    Done 👍
  4. PranK

    Welcome! Any pics yet?
  5. PranK

    What car do you drive?
  6. PranK

    Great to see more members from the US!
  7. PranK

    Agreed. Red is awesome.
  8. PranK

    Welcome to the site @Grizza! Any pics?
  9. Nice! Welcome to the site. Keep the videos coming!
  10. PranK

    Welcome @Nate65! Is this a new decision or been thinking about it for a while? Christian
  11. PranK

    I love it! Fantastic project!
  12. PranK

    Good score. Great fun daily! Any pics?
  13. PranK

    Looks great! Welcome to !
  14. PranK

    Not many cars sell on here with that little info. BTW, best to post it in Cars For Sale forum.
  15. PranK

    Welcome! Car looks great! Much done to it already? Any more pics?
  16. You've been productive! I'd love to see the 3d printed gauges!
  17. PranK

    Welcome Keenan! I reckon that would be a blast to drive! I had a CA18DET equipped N13 pulsar at one stage, it was lots of fun!
  18. PranK

    This. Can't talk about your car without pics, its not allowed. And welcome!
  19. PranK

    Gday fredeuce and welcome! Lots of info for those topics on here, just give the site a search.
  20. PranK

    Looks fantastic! Gotta admit with you that ride height and fitment is perfect.
  21. PranK

    Welcome! Happy to have you. What do you drive? Where are you from?
  22. PranK

    GTR looks great!
  23. I was more referring to the assumption that people will be ok with it. A generalised statement.
  24. Damn! I had to look up the V12 Century. What a car! I did find this an odd sentence on Wikipedia; "As this is a top level luxury flagship, private owners are comfortable with the yearly road tax bill"
  25. I remember those pics.