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  1. Nice. Its done a great job! You're not one of these crazys who thinks GTR badges are for GTRs only are you?!?
  2. Painted rear windows? I guess its cheaper than tinting. Welcome to Antoine.
  3. Man I'm loving this. Something seriously satisfying about seeing those calipers cleaned and rebuilt. How did you blast them?
  4. Its long overdue, I've put it off for long enough, but very soon we will be undergoing a massive update of the site to Invision 4. Invision is who we use for the forums and main components of SAU. Some addons are 3rd party (timeslips, spy, trader ratings, etc). The version of Invision we're using is no longer supported at all and the few bugs I've raised with them lately have not been fixed. I've been testing the process of upgrading on an external development server and it is very solid but also seriously time consuming with the latest test update of BASE forums functionality taking several hours. The soft date for initiating the update is this Friday at around 7pm. Things you need to know; Things will be a little different when you first log on after the update. The update is worth it with many very positive features being added. We'll be starting with a single theme initially but will be settling on a second (dark) theme in the weeks following the update. There will be hiccups! We request that you stay patient and log your bugs and problems in this thread. Supporter options (subscriptions) will be disabled from mid week (Wednesday) and will likely be the last feature to be updated (as we will be migrating subscriptions to a new system to work with Invision 4.) Ask questions in here. Thanks.
  5. This has been logged with Tapatalk (who build our apps). I'll update you when I get anything.
  6. *hides headlights*
  7. Soz @pol1on1 - will check it out.
  8. Did you go to GTR Festival? Upload your pics and enter the competition here;
  9. There are threads on here about the strangest things you've found in an import, this is a good addition!
  10. I might just pop in and say we're very, VERY lucky on these forums. The vast majority of members are mature, helpful and accomodating. While its easy to think people are having a go, its probably worth noting that on SAU people are usually *not* having a go (or if they are, its more obvious and they're likely just taking the piss). (Oh, and as a side note, we have a lot of female members too. Theres no sexism or assumed knowledge.) Enjoy the forums.
  11. I love this. So fricken cool.
  12. Looks great. Are you enjoying it?
  13. Welcome Dan! Nice choice! Got any pics?
  14. Dang. It looks *really* good.
  15. GTR Festival photo thread (and competition) This is the thread for GTR Festival photos. On Sunday we will open another thread where photos can be nominated as the best event photo. A poll open to all members will determine the top three photos and each of these members will receive a merchandise pack containing stickers and tyre pressure gauges. After posting your pics here, enter the photo competition here; Get snapping GTR Festival attendees!!
  16. So considering the low votes across the board I'm going to send each entrant some stickers and pressure measure things. Thanks all please pm me your address.
  17. GTR Festival photo competition Enter the GTR Festival photo competition for a chance to win one of 3 merchandise packs! Only post photos - comments will be deleted! RULES: Nominations/Submissions will be open until 8pm Sunday 11th June 2017 All site users will be able to cast 1 vote. Poll will be closed at 8pm Sunday 11th June 2017. Winners will be visible immediately. Only a photo's owner can nominate themselves / enter the competition. Only one photo per member is to be submitted.
  18. You should start a build thread as you'll get more attention and people able to provide input.
  19. I love this! I also love that your tow car is a Mk4!
  20. Looks so freaking awesome.
  21. Budget sleepers FTW! I love a good budget build, its a little more my level these days.
  22. Super cool. I love a good sleeper.
  23. Argh, thanks for telling me. I'll get onto that.
  24. Super unimpressed by the R8 - surely it should be faster than that? The S15 is very cool and as much as I love a 7 second GTR, the sleeper-ness of that Falcon is awesome! a sub 12 second Falcon cab is just so cool.