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  1. Hi All, This is going to be my restoration thread. It might turn into a build thread in the future if I get the car to a good place where I can start upgrading and not fixing. Last week I picked up my E90 330i with only 50,000k's on it. I'm totally in love with it but there are a number of things that need my attention. I haven't got many pics yet. The body and mechanical are immaculate. It has a solid service history from BMW and its only bits and pieces causing me grief. Here is my current list of things to fix; The seal/trim around the rear window has disintegrated The same around the windscreen also Both front door seals are falling apart The rear passenger window won't go up when put the whole way down - looks to be catching on something and triggering the anti-pinch Bluetooth not working (MULF) - i have bought a BT interface to use in the interim Headlight washers don't go the whole way in and the passenger fell out when I was looking at them the other day. I'm scared to use them in case it falls out on the road. Drivers side cup holder does not come out without some persuasion. Boot struts are gone (have already ordered new ones after almost being killed by my boot) The electric rear sunshade has broken in one of the arms. It looks like a big inflatable person when I put it up, limbs everywhere When I'm happy with those being fixed I'm going to consider; Wheels. Some M-Sport ones maybe. Mine are ok but a bit too tucked for my liking and I don't want to use spacers New sport front seats. The current seats are in great nic and do a good job but lacking a little in support. Something with iDrive. The screen is pretty nice but it does bugger all. Maybe an after market reverse cam or even a new interface or something. I believe the car was not used by passengers, or at least not regularly. The only floor mat missing from the car is the drivers one and the others look mint. The passenger seat was super hard like it hadn't been used and theres no evidence of the rear seats having much use either. This meant that the passenger seat belt was putrid with mould. It took lots of hot water, car wash and vinegar to get it looking presentable. The pics don't do it justice. It was thick enough to stop the belt bending properly.
  2. Thanks!
  3. Yep, I have the CCC which is why I think a better option would be to just replace the whole system with an Android one. This is the Carly app I found, its $75. I'm more than willing to pay for it as it does look really good. Just hard to pay that much for an app that has no trial period. The 'Lite' only has code checks. Maybe yours is different?
  4. I've started researching non-BMW iDrive replacements. This looks awesome!
  5. Love this! Well done. It looks awesome with the coupe lights and R34 wheels. I'm looking forward to updates. I like seeing build threads for dailys, also showing my age.
  6. Yeah agreed. They actually can be good solid cars if looked after. This ones great cause the expensive stuff seems ok. Yeah, the seatbelt was so gross, poor kids had to use it until I cleaned it. I thought their fingers would burn off. Car is an 06. Haha, yeah was going to use some PVC pipe and have a CAI behind the grille. I don't have a budget atm, gotta fix the other bits first. Please send through anything interesting though. Thanks
  7. I did look at Carly. The full version app is $80 though - do you reckon its worth it?
  8. Thanks all. Yep got the torque app tho my OBD2 reader died so new one is en route. I still have it. I still love it. It will be sold, likely in parts. Yeah mine was a proper VW. Mk4 4Motion with 6 speed. Love it to death but she's had a hard life and I'm not sure she has much left in her. I decided to pre-empt her imminent failure so I wasn't stuck.
  9. They deserved it. That's all you need to know.
  10. Oh, another one for the list; New angel eye bulbs. They're a little lopsided and very brown in colour.
  11. My new 330i. More pics soon.
  12. So, theres a few of us here who no longer have Japanese vehicles, so, lets see what you've got! I have two VWs; a B6 TDI Passat wagon and a Bora 4Motion V6. Both cars are very cool, I love them! The Bora has a surprising amount of squirt (150kw) and handles really well (I put Bilstein B8's in it.) The Passat is less lumber-like that I thought it would be. Its still very 'soft' in how it goes about things, but thats what makes it a perfect family car. Its totally unexciting. I'll post pics soon.
  13. Its worth noting that the car is so nice to drive! 50:50 weight split and that brilliant 3L 6 with a relatively good box makes for some really nice squirts here and there. I'd always wanted a BMW and I probably would have liked one newer than this if I'm honest but with the k's and the condition of it with that service history it was hard to look beyond.
  14. Nice! I'm loving all the pics! to ! I think you need to start a build thread. I can move this to that section if you'd like?
  15. Brilliant outcome! So good to see stuff being repaired and not replaced.
  16. AUSTRALIA now has the distinction of having one of the dirtiest fuel standards in the developed world. Amongst signatories to the OECD – an international economic forum of 35 countries – Australia has the worst record on fuel quality. Mexico, once ridiculed as the only developed OECD member with fuel quality that fell lower than Australia’s, has recently introduced a 50 parts per million level of sulphur – used as a measure of how polluting petrol can be – in unleaded fuel. More on
  17. Hey @2_Liter_Turbo I've added temporary edit permissions to your account. Update in here when you're done. Christian
  18. RT @Loud_Lass: These vandals have been running riot for too long. via @Talaolp #auspol

  19. Hi Stan, Did you purchase something on this site or was it a club form? Christian
  20. Its long overdue, I've put it off for long enough, but very soon we will be undergoing a massive update of the site to Invision 4. Invision is who we use for the forums and main components of SAU. Some addons are 3rd party (timeslips, spy, trader ratings, etc). The version of Invision we're using is no longer supported at all and the few bugs I've raised with them lately have not been fixed. I've been testing the process of upgrading on an external development server and it is very solid but also seriously time consuming with the latest test update of BASE forums functionality taking several hours. The soft date for initiating the update is this Friday at around 7pm. Things you need to know; Things will be a little different when you first log on after the update. The update is worth it with many very positive features being added. We'll be starting with a single theme initially but will be settling on a second (dark) theme in the weeks following the update. There will be hiccups! We request that you stay patient and log your bugs and problems in this thread. Supporter options (subscriptions) will be disabled from mid week (Wednesday) and will likely be the last feature to be updated (as we will be migrating subscriptions to a new system to work with Invision 4.) Ask questions in here. Thanks.
  21. Commuting every day in Sydney is trying at the best of times, the level of driver stupidity I see is mind boggling. Knowing that I'm capturing a lot on my dash cam is tempting to share and shame but I usually let it go. God knows even I make mistakes sometimes. This lady this morning was just cruising down the wrong side of the road in her E-Class. Absolutely stunning.
  22. Looks super clean! Sounds like a great tourer!
  23. Hey @StanP and welcome to ! Your car sounds fantastic! I love the reliability factor. Any pics of it?
  24. Looks great! Welcome to ! Thats a great car list, reminds me of mine; slow cars, diesel cars/4wd's, fast cars, expensive cars, money sinks, etc etc. I can't help with your requests though, sorry. (Stalling due to BOV maybe?)
  25. Great review thanks. Sorry for resurrection of old thread but am thinking about one for my cx7. It's so God damn thirsty that I need an eco mode.