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  1. Welcome Ash! Any pics of the car? I can't help with any supra info but I can say that we have a lot of helpful people in here, somebody is sure to be able to help. Christian
  2. Loving this. So happy you (and the car) made it to !!
  3. Welcome Eddy! Absolutely stunning car. Any more pics?
  4. Welcome to SAU! Stag looks nice and clean, well done! I can't imagine there'd be many there?
  5. Welcome Nic. Any pics? Car sounds great!
  6. I wouldn't be able to look at my car unless both front and back rims were perfectly aligned. As a side q - wouldn't they cause a wobble?
  7. Hi All, This is going to be my restoration thread. It might turn into a build thread in the future if I get the car to a good place where I can start upgrading and not fixing. Last week I picked up my E90 330i with only 50,000k's on it. I'm totally in love with it but there are a number of things that need my attention. I haven't got many pics yet. The body and mechanical are immaculate. It has a solid service history from BMW and its only bits and pieces causing me grief. Here is my current list of things to fix; The seal/trim around the rear window has disintegrated The same around the windscreen also Both front door seals are falling apart The rear passenger window won't go up when put the whole way down - looks to be catching on something and triggering the anti-pinch Bluetooth not working (MULF) - i have bought a BT interface to use in the interim Headlight washers don't go the whole way in and the passenger fell out when I was looking at them the other day. I'm scared to use them in case it falls out on the road. Drivers side cup holder does not come out without some persuasion. Boot struts are gone (have already ordered new ones after almost being killed by my boot) The electric rear sunshade has broken in one of the arms. It looks like a big inflatable person when I put it up, limbs everywhere When I'm happy with those being fixed I'm going to consider; Wheels. Some M-Sport ones maybe. Mine are ok but a bit too tucked for my liking and I don't want to use spacers New sport front seats. The current seats are in great nic and do a good job but lacking a little in support. Something with iDrive. The screen is pretty nice but it does bugger all. Maybe an after market reverse cam or even a new interface or something. I believe the car was not used by passengers, or at least not regularly. The only floor mat missing from the car is the drivers one and the others look mint. The passenger seat was super hard like it hadn't been used and theres no evidence of the rear seats having much use either. This meant that the passenger seat belt was putrid with mould. It took lots of hot water, car wash and vinegar to get it looking presentable. The pics don't do it justice. It was thick enough to stop the belt bending properly.
  8. Looks like a great base. Buying cars that need TLC is great because giving them the love they need can be seriously satisfying. How many k's on her?
  9. Totally agree. But I'm a fastidious owner and it has few enough kay's to undo the wrongdoings (imo). Ordered some 21" Vault chromies. In seriousness, I happened to find a guy selling a set of 17" MSport wheels with tonnes of rubber (and RFT) on them. Better offset and staggered. Picked them up today. The wheels have some of the worst gutter rash I've seen, but can't complain for $400 and gives me another project considering upgrades and changes to this car will be minimal for a while.
  10. Damn, look how clear those headlights are!!! Well done, it looks super clean!
  11. Oh, and lastly ... Over the past month I've needed to top up the coolant twice. With only a small amount, but still. Added to that was an error code (check engine light on intermittently) which related to the VANOS system (variable valve timing). There was zero change in driving or anything. I dropped it into the warranty-approved mechanic today to investigate and he flushed the engine and gave it a solid service. He said that because of the k's (50k) the k's since last service wasn't a lot, but the months since last service was - it was serviced last in 2015. I knew this, I just hadn't done it yet. He was going to clean the VANOS solenoids rather than replace them straight away. He also said that the seal on the radiator drain plug was leaking. Beauty, easy fix. So, he called just now and said everything went to plan. Car is running well and no codes. Fingers crossed he's sorted it. He did tell me that rear tyres need replacing. This has caused a fair bit of thinking because I am considering ditching the run flats and making a spare tyre kit in the boot. The RFT's grab on everything and make rough roads horrible to drive on. Lots of yanks buy a space saver and kit, or just a foam filler. I absolutely love this car and have missed it today. Its been a long time since I've been as taken by a car as I am by this. OK, it happened with the Bora and the GTR's and the Stagea, but whatever. Shut up.
  12. So, the other thing is while I was in the back of the car and rubbed my head on the roof, all the liner started to sag. Thankfully there is a trim piece at the 3rd brake light I can use to get in and spray some adhesive. Because I am far too particular to have a car with a saggy headliner. Its not a Kingswood ffs.
  13. Ok, bit of an update. One thing that gets under my skin with any car is something that doesnt work. Even if I never plan to use it, I just hate that it doesnt work. Case in point; my electric rear sun shade. One side is broken and it opens kinda strangely... Add to that the terrible faded parcel shelf and awful condition of the C-Pillar trim, I thought it could all get a clean up. Hard to see the fade until the tray was out of the car. Heres the little clip/slider that is broken. I used JB Weld on it and left it overnight. But, it just disintegrated again when I touched it, and so did the other side. The plastic was just far too brittle to fix. Another victim of Australian UV I think. I found a guy in the UK that sells just the runner and clips and so I bought a bunch to replace them all. This is the state of one of the C-Pillar trims. The parcel tray looked so much better after a spray, but I totally killed the fabric. Its very hard and brittle now. I don't think anybody will notice though. When I was playing at the back of the car I looked under at the exhaust and noticed a flap. With a vacuum activated actuator. So, after reading online about 330i exhaust flaps and how the second pipe closes to stay quiet at commutting and freeway type speeds (ie, less drone) I decided to block it. The car sounds great. The noise sticks around when it used to fade away. I wish there was another flap to open some kind of race system...
  14. Hey Jack and Welcome! Any pics of the new car?
  15. This thread isn't for discussing legislation or cameras.
  16. This isn't a disucssion about the need for reversing cameras (they have been legislated in the US to be on every passenger car from 2018 on.) As for the post you quoted, it no longer exists.
  17. Looks great @c_foz !! Well done!
  18. Damn! This looks awesome!
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  20. So, whats the fix? New board?