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  1. Must be turbo.
  2. Hi All, SAU's first attempt at crowd sourcing a solution. This problem is two fold - we have two distinct issues but both can be addressed together with a good solution. Problem 1; Wanted To Buy section. It sits below all other For Sale sections and people end up posting in the For Sale section. How can we promote the use of the WTB section and make it easy to use for all? My ideas (just ideas, not right or wrong) include; Allowing WTB in For Sale. This will water down the actual FS posts. Having WTB as a sub section of For Sale (moving it to a link above the FS section).This, but with a 'latest 5 posts' displayed in For Sale. Problem 2; SAU have wonderful business traders who provide both SAU and SAU's members with major benefits. Business traders are restricted to posting in their business forums (which they have moderator access on). Business traders really need more exposure. We need to make sure the traders get as much exposure as we can give them. Some thoughts; Allowing traders to post in regular For Sale sections Allowing traders to post in regular forums (ie, somebody asking about what turbo to buy, a trader could suggest one of their products) A list of 'latest trader topics' on the top of the forum. This is open to suggestions/opinions by anybody. Even traders. Have your say! Best suggestions (as judged by the community in a followup poll of best posts) will get a little SAU pack sent out to them (containing something like stickers and lanyards - and maybe more.) I will close this thread in the coming weeks and move to a poll.
  3. I can't agree mate. I hear your argument and you're entitled to your opinion, but I think our opinions are destined to clash.
  4. Its long overdue, I've put it off for long enough, but very soon we will be undergoing a massive update of the site to Invision 4. Invision is who we use for the forums and main components of SAU. Some addons are 3rd party (timeslips, spy, trader ratings, etc). The version of Invision we're using is no longer supported at all and the few bugs I've raised with them lately have not been fixed. I've been testing the process of upgrading on an external development server and it is very solid but also seriously time consuming with the latest test update of BASE forums functionality taking several hours. The soft date for initiating the update is this Friday at around 7pm. Things you need to know; Things will be a little different when you first log on after the update. The update is worth it with many very positive features being added. We'll be starting with a single theme initially but will be settling on a second (dark) theme in the weeks following the update. There will be hiccups! We request that you stay patient and log your bugs and problems in this thread. Supporter options (subscriptions) will be disabled from mid week (Wednesday) and will likely be the last feature to be updated (as we will be migrating subscriptions to a new system to work with Invision 4.) Ask questions in here. Thanks.
  5. Ok, so, we're all being good so far in this thread but I can detect some energy. So I'd just like to suggest that we keep some civility in our responses. Fwiw I love a good argument as much as the next bloke.
  6. For Sale (Business Traders) For Sale (Other Items) For Sale (Private Whole cars only) For Sale (Private Car Parts and Accessories) Group BuysOk, so I have the bandwidth to look at this again. Very sorry for the delays. What I have come up with is this; Traders can opt to sponsor forums. That will allow them to answer questions in the forum as well as drawing attention to their own products. This would be heavily moderated at first to create rules and guidelines to ensure freedom of speech and no bad-mouthing other products from other traders (not that I expect this to happen, but it's good to have it in writing). I think the sub forums of the classifieds section will be spread out. The 'For Sale' sub forum has more sub forums; For Sale (Business Traders) For Sale (Other Items) For Sale (Private Whole cars only) For Sale (Private Car Parts and Accessories) Group Buys Unfortunately, this means you cannot easily see the last post made in each one. Also, as it's all bunched up it's hard to distinguish between them. Breaking these up and displaying them as individual subforums (like the premium traders) will draw more attention We'd do something like; Classifieds For Sale (cars) For Sale (parts) For Sale (other) Premium Trader Premium Trader Premium Trader Business Traders Group Buys Wanted To Buy Thoughts? Also, just a thought at the moment, but we could enable the Business Traders to post in the general For Sale section. We could give them their own prefix of 'Trader' to easily identify them. Thoughts on this? Thanks guys.
  7. Wow, that's a big call. Robbing a person of $10 or $1m is not the same thing. Just because you do something illegal (or wrong) it isn't the same as every other instance of other people doing a similar thing wrong. Hence why we have courts and judges, they decide what scale you sit in for your wrongdoings. When traffic offences get serious, people need to go to court. Because the offence is of a serious nature and needs to be dealt with and judged by a person, not a scale of fines (for smaller offences) and this is because speeding is not always the same as speeding.
  8. Are you insinuating that I'm not the perfect angel? FWIW, as @djvoodoo said, its one thing to have a squirt on an empty road every now and then, it's another thing all together to behave like this. Also to promote it. Not even mentioning the damage it does to police relations with Skyline owners.
  9. Nup. You're not old fashioned. You're bang on.
  10. I can't support this. This doesn't help the 'scene' at all imo, nor does it improve our relationship with the Police.
  11. Thanks Glenn, We're investigating.
  12. It should go away after a while of you getting mail. Is mail from SAU coming through ok?
  13. Let me know if this is still happening This should be fixed. :thumbsup:
  14. 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 & GT3 RS Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve probably heard about the new Porsche 911 GT3 and its RS hardcore variant. How could you not have? Every magazine has been praising it and every schoolboy’s bought an RS poster just to hang it up on his bedroom wall. It’s been called the sportscar of the decade, the bargain of the century and even a supercar. Well, the simple fact of the matter is that it probably IS the greatest sportscar ever made, and we’ll tell you exactly why. To further differentiate the “standard” GT3 from the insane GT3 RS variant, we’ve decided to compare the two and highlight the differences between them. Design The normal GT3 looks like, well, a GT3 racecar for the road. It’s wider, lower and more aggressive than your run-of-the-mill 991 911. Almost everyone bar those partially blind can tell the difference between it and the regular car. That’s mostly down to one thing: that huge rear wing. You can’t ignore it can you? It’s just there, sitting tall and proud. For 2017 Porsche has redesigned the bumper lights and the air intakes, bringing it more in-line with the new Carrera. The air intake layout is especially interesting, since it seems to be remarkably similar to the one found on the Cayman GT4. Headlights and taillights get a slight revision, as does the decklid and the bumper at the back. Then, there’s the GT3 RS, and you really can’t miss this one even if you are blind. For starters, the front bumper has been completely redesigned sporting larger air intakes big enough to engulf a small child altogether, thinner LED stripes and a huge splitter. The front fenders get louvers, and that’s a first on any production Porsche. They’re not just aesthetic however. They provide actual downforce at the front axle, pushing down on the tires, providing more turn-in and stability. The rear fenders get intakes similar to those found on the 911 Turbo variants and revised side skirts with an all-new wheel design round off the look. Well, that and the ridiculous rear wing. If you thought the GT3 had a large wing, wait till you see the RS’ fixed one. The weird thing is that it doesn’t look out of place, especially since you have the splitters and the louvers. It really does give off the impression that it’s a well thought out package, mostly because it is. Interior We’ll just touch base on the interior and move on, since it’s the usual Porsche stuff you expect to find. The GT3 RS bases its cabin on its younger GT3 sibling, boasting some RS badging, Alcantara all around and a sportier layout. The bucket seats were ripped straight out of the 918 Spyder and offer more support as well. A Club Sport Package is standard on the RS, offering a bolt-in roll cage, battery master switch preparation and a six-point safety harness for the driver along with a fire extinguisher should things go wrong, which hopefully they won’t. If you’re after even more race-ready equipment, there’s always the Sport Chrono Package with integrated timers and Porsche’s very own Track Precision app. It measures lap times automatically via GPS, logging data on a smartphone. A useful feature to compare your laptimes and measure up against your mates at the end of the day. Engine This is the 911’s crowning jewel. The standard GT3 houses a 3.8 liter flat-six Boxer engine at the back, producing 354 glorious naturally-aspirated Kilowatts and 439Nm of torque. By contrast, the GT3 RS uses a bigger 4.0 liter flat-six unit with 373 Kilowatts (18 more than the GT3) and 459Nm of torque. The two units might not seem that different on paper, but the way they go on about delivering their power is anything but. For instance, the GT3 RS does indeed feel more powerful, and you can feel the extra kilowatt difference, but they get delivered slightly lower down in the rev range. When we say slightly we mean that it “only” revs to 8,250 rpm, whereas the GT3’s unit, because of its smaller displacement and titanium connecting rods with forged pistons, goes all the way to 9,000 rpm. Just imagine that. A six-cylinder horizontally-opposed engine screaming at bike-rivaling revolutions per minute. If you think it sounds glorious, you’d be right. Both engines use Porsche’s brilliant 7-speed PDK transmission, but the 2017 GT3 might see the addition of a third pedal and a manual shifter. Porsche isn’t revealing anything just yet, but it’s almost certainly going to happen. Finally, after years of complaining about the lack of manual, we finally might get our wish. Driving dynamics If you’re purely after a track car, go for the GT3 RS, no question about it. It’s got more aero, 20mm wider tracks at the front and rear, a revised suspension and more power. It is, for all intents and purposes, the faster car. Period. However, don’t mistake it for being the better car. On the road, the GT3 is just as fast as the RS, and arguably even more fun. The lack of the RS’ trick aero means it’s much more willing to dance and it’s just amazing getting to rev it out to 9,000 rpm. It looks slightly more mannered and if you choose to leave the roll cage out, it’s much more livable with on a day to day basis. Conclusion It’s a matter of picking your poison really. Do you want something which will annihilate every other car on the track, or the best sportscar ever made capable of demolishing any B-road? Porsche has you covered on both fronts, and it’s a win-win situation either way you go.
  15. What kind of designs would you like to see? The SAU logo and maybe even state logos?
  16. Goodbye! Hopefully you'll come back regardless of the car you own.
  17. Alaska? Yikes. What are the roads like?
  18. Welcome to SAU! Planning on doing much to it?
  19. Welcome! Any pics?
  20. Oh i love it! Steering wheel controls!!!
  21. Thanks Chris, welcome to the site! You might want to translate your posts as I dont think we have many Spanish speaking members.
  22. Awesome! Welcome to the site! I love hearing about GTRs abroad!
  23. Hey Gavin, welcome to the site.