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  1. Its long overdue, I've put it off for long enough, but very soon we will be undergoing a massive update of the site to Invision 4. Invision is who we use for the forums and main components of SAU. Some addons are 3rd party (timeslips, spy, trader ratings, etc). The version of Invision we're using is no longer supported at all and the few bugs I've raised with them lately have not been fixed. I've been testing the process of upgrading on an external development server and it is very solid but also seriously time consuming with the latest test update of BASE forums functionality taking several hours. The soft date for initiating the update is this Friday at around 7pm. Things you need to know; Things will be a little different when you first log on after the update. The update is worth it with many very positive features being added. We'll be starting with a single theme initially but will be settling on a second (dark) theme in the weeks following the update. There will be hiccups! We request that you stay patient and log your bugs and problems in this thread. Supporter options (subscriptions) will be disabled from mid week (Wednesday) and will likely be the last feature to be updated (as we will be migrating subscriptions to a new system to work with Invision 4.) Ask questions in here. Thanks.
  2. She needs a build thread.
  3. Seems a small percentage of people need to remove and re-install. I had to and had no dramas afterwards.
  4. The United States is our 2nd largest geographic when it comes to visitors. You out-weigh New Zealand by 1.5:1. So, why don't you introduce yourself?
  5. You read that right. One of the lowest scores given. Article here;
  6. Welcome! Where are you located? Car looks clean - any other pics?
  7. That looks fantastic!
  8. Welcome to ! It might not be to many people's tastes on this forum, but I love that Golf! We never got diesel mkiv's here The 33 looks nice. Will you start a build thread? We've been getting a few Euro owners on here lately, its great!
  9. I'd love @MaTBoY to chime in on this thread, he has some experience in this area.
  10. I'm not entirely sure if I've ever said this to you before, but; I agree entirely.
  11. That wont stop you from being taken out by another car at some point. I've been in enough accidents myself that I seriously could only have avoided if I could have slowed down time. In that scenario you (and your occupants) want more than 2 stars.
  12. Great thread! Looking forward to updates.
  13. 2017 Kia Stinger Drive has just released their first drive of the Kia Stinger. Pricing looks good! Also, 0-100 in 4.9 is very impressive. Eight speed auto seems excessive and no manual controls is a bit disappointing. What do you think? Is this going to be a cracker or a flop?
  14. RT @GetUp: Some Glen Davis farmers made a #StopAdani sign out of cow pats! Because a billion dollars for a billionaire's coal mine is ....…

  15. omg looks so nice Raj.
  16. Yep, both co's making the right noises.
  17. Stance ftw. Subscribed.
  18. Hey mate, best off adding these to a WTB thread in the classifieds section.
  19. I hear ya. I've been wishing for a new RWD Nissan for ages. Dang that render looks the business!
  20. I'd love to fix the images in the first few posts, have you uploaded them elsewhere?
  21. Search these boards, it uses Google search anyway. Welcome also!
  22. Nice! This looks great! Bah! Everybody is welcome!
  23. Don't listen to Ben he knows not what he speaks.
  24. Hi Lucas While I don't mean to be 'that guy' I need to ask; have you searched this site?