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  1. Loving your story writing! Makes for an entertaining read. I really want you M3. Swapsies? What was the butterfly body count by the end? I'm looking forward to updates!
  2. haha, maybe coolER but still not cool.
  3. Second this. It screams of a specialised tool. Go to a machine shop, they should be able to make one for you.
  4. This is great. We thought about a SSS too for our Lemons car but we're still undecided. What are you going to do about a cage?
  5. Thanks mate, you've probably got enough to wrap the whole car! Yeah the excels look great. Anybody have any race car towing experience?
  6. This definitely seems to be a favourite and theres lots available off the shelf for them.
  7. Really? is it for sale? I'm assuming its either > 2L or turbo though?
  8. Also, if anybody has an old car or a source of old race cars for sale, i'd love to see them. Or, if somebody has a car they'd like to donate, the car is going to be covered in SAU stickers.
  9. Hi Guys, My brother in law and I are seriously considering getting a super cheap car to convert to a bit of a race car and entering into both the Cheap Car Challenge and the 24hrs of Lemons. Lemons requires a car that costs < $1000 with all safety gear. Though there is some wiggle room on this. CCC requires a car less than 2L with no forced induction, has to be 15y old (i think, i dont have the details in front of me). Both require no engine mods, very basic suspension and brake upgrades and tyres. We'd love an E36 BMW 318is. Super slow, but good chassis, weight distro and RWD. We're hoping that we can hire a car trailer for the race weekends and tow behind the X5. We're very early on in the piece and I'm just hoping for any opinions or stories or suggestions from you guys on anything to do with these races. Thanks, Christian
  10. Welcome! Loving the R31. Any more pics? Lots of R31'ers on here, hopefully they can help you.
  11. Bloody great post! I can't believe the M3 wasn't for you! 😁 I love the sound of that 180 and the thought of commuting in such a beast. You can put up with a crap load of discomfort when you're young eh! Looking forward to the updates.
  12. Can't give it shit. This was mid - late 90's and while it never tickled my fancy it sure didn't look as disconnected from reality back then.
  13. I love the good ol' bedspread parts layout shot. We've all done it.
  14. This is awesome! Super ambitious project, I love it. Save a car from the wreckers. How rad are squirrels?! SO cool.
  15. While I may not have done anything I'm happy to take the credit.
  16. Hi and welcome!
  17. Surely not on the big turbo?
  18. Looks really clean! Any more pics? I bet it gets its fair share of attention.
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