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  1. Oh and I just remembered, a while back Brakes Direct offered all subscribers to their newsletter a free bottle of brake fluid! haha, jokers... Never arrived. Bit off a little more than they could chew that day. 🤣
  2. So seems like the customer service doesn't match the product quality? Sounds like they are great brakes in the end but man, I am not down for having to deal with difficult people.
  3. Brilliant! That will be a great project.
  4. Did you do the powder coating? They look great.
  5. Hi and welcome! The R33 looks pretty clean. Its unusual to see a Gtst in the States (at least for me) most of the Skylines seem to be GTRs. Zed looks good, I dig the calipers - are they just the factory brembos?
  6. How's roadworthy going?
  7. Welcome Bird! This is gonna be awesome. Two of my fave things: RBs and classic zeds. Can't wait to follow along!
  8. Yes we absolutely can! I can auto lock topics in classifieds older than x days. I'll sort this out this week.
  9. Love it. The car looks awesome! Had one just like it a long time ago. You'll enjoy it. And, welcome!
  10. Hi and welcome to ! If you wish to advertise your business or sell anything you need to check this topic and do whats required; I hope to see you contributing to the site soon!
  11. Welcome to SAU! Is the engine in the Z dead? Wondering what the motivation is for the swap. Why a Barra btw?
  12. I've just installed an update, can you please try again when you get a min ?
  13. Oh and if you want to trade or advertise on these forums, you need to comply with the rules;
  14. What happened when you uploaded photos?
  15. I had them in my Stagea. They were brilliant. He was a trove of info that bloke.
  16. Welcome! I'm a sucker for a C34! Are the seats original and just retrimmed? Or from something else?
  17. Wow! Super cool. Any pics of her?
  18. That looks great! Awesome project!
  19. Welcome Semteks! Do you have a Z31 or just the RB from one?
  20. What are they going on? Just interested, I can't help with the calipers.
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