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  1. Look at the curves. At peak power boost has dropped dramatically. Earlier in the piece though, there is a near 40rwkw gain across the mid range.
  2. That's all it is mate, practice, practice, practice. I'm only as "good" as I am as I spent 40 hours a week on a MIG for 3 months straight. And by 40 hours, that's actual time on the MIG, not just at work. And I'm not a good welder, I'm okay, not great. I have some inconsistencies. TIG, just lots of hours of practice and critique. I'd love to have a tig to actually do some alu work, but no money to buy a decent tig setup.
  3. Superbly neat welds! I only wish I could weld that neatly, though that's the benefit of TIG, wayyyyyyy more control. I'm a MIG boy, Ha ha, and my own is nastily setup as flux core which is worse! 😮
  4. That's a very tidy exhaust job. I like it!
  5. That's what I thought may occur, as the oil is more spread thin, rather then being pumped around with no air gaps with the coolant...
  6. See, I've always wondered about the whole water bringing the oil up to temp. If you take a litre of oil, and a litre of water, and subject them to the same amount of heat energy, the oil ends up at a higher temperature. But then again, I'm assuming the water is subjected to more heat energy inside the block. For those of you with temp gauges, what is coming up to temp first, the oil or water temp? IMO though Duncan, you are 100% right that for motorsport, I'd be ditching it, and running a relocator + oil cooler.
  7. Those clean ones though are now demanding the same if not more than what I paid for mine back in 2006. Around 2011/2012 was the time to grab cheap R33 GtST where a nice one would come up for $5K
  8. Would love to go to TomorrowLand. Has always been a want but never mad either so far
  9. No such thing as cheap skylines any more
  10. I heard its living life on a farm, happily prancing around the fields, and eyeing off racing the neighbours paddock basher...
  11. I say go for it, do the boxes fail spectacularly? If so, can you out a light and a dash cam under the car? Wanna see that shit on vid. As mentioned, Mark may be old, be he ain't mature
  12. Hey @mlr Wasn't there something mentioned earlier about these things having a gearbox issue with more power?
  13. I can see one huge thing that you have that I don't... Patience... Ha ha ha I'm a hit it with the flappy disk, smash a quick touch of the scotch brute disc over it (if I have one) and send it if I had a polisher on the bench grinder then I *might* consider polishing otherwise too much effort ha ha
  14. That's awesome! Makes perfect sense, I didn't think you'd made it that way as I couldn't see a single weld mark on it! Great finish on the product, I was hoping you had a magical source to buy them from as my welding on sheet steel is no where near that good! I'm assuming it was all TIG welded? I only have my MIG and it's currently setup as flux core, I really need to get a bottle for it and change to a 0.6mm wire for doing sheet
  15. How did you get it all so nicely shaped and rolled? Are you a sheet metal worker?
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