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  1. By drove it last night he means he ran a load of washing through it...
  2. I want to see how well it goes when you do the cold water to atmosphere purge during summer to make sure you're getting the coldest possible water into that wash! That spray will look hectiks!
  3. Fog lights don't give a bright foreground. They provide a low power yellow light that isn't reflected by mist. And if you don't want bright foreground from low beam, I'm not sure where you're trying to light up.
  4. Is it just the photo or are the panel gaps all f**ked in the two top right doors?
  5. Retard ignition timing, richen it up at idle. If you can do it on a switch, you can make sure its running normally for emissions test
  6. Will do. The ones I'm going to put in an test are NOT your cheap ass everyday eBay spec ones, but are still well priced. I'm even looking at swapping out the light bar I have with a new one from them as the light output is wayyyyyyy better than I have now. I'm actually a bit disappointed the new main headlamp that goes on trains is 24VDC to 110VDC.if it went down to 12V they'd be on the cruiser already as the light output even when they're on "lowbeam" is freaking intense!
  7. I approve of the Barra. Why go an old engine that's missing a whole litre of displacement?
  8. Err when I have my low beams on and it gives more light in close, and further light, with the same spread. That's better Secondly, the replacements we're selling in H4 and H7 are actually from an automotive range of LED halogen replacement. They aren't the same as eBay in the essence that the workmanship and quality of parts is far greater. (Psst, electronics distributor with the BENH background to go with it to understand the differences )
  9. This work week ends in 4 hours and 15mins for me. Still sucks ha ha
  10. Buy something cheap, like an 80 series cruiser. And shove a Barra turbo in it. From memory get Barra after June 2006, and it'll happily make 500kw. So then wind the boost in, injectors, FMIC, and go rip skids. Even better run the ZF6 gearbox and turn the cruiser RWD just for the drag racing Lols. I reckon you can easily get a 80 series into the low 12s in that combo.
  11. I haven't had LEDs in a skyline however I replaced the low beam in the cruiser. My initial result: My high beam became basically useless. The lows were awesomely bright and I loved them. The highbeam lotto no further down the road, and only lit more of the tree tops that were close by (adjusted properly). The only way I got to see further was to turn the light bar on. The end result: about twelve months later one dimmed and the other died completely. I pulled both out and have halogens back in there. Why do I have halogens: they were cheap and I needed them immediately. The lights I had were cheap eBay ones. $40 for both. I am however about to order a set through a supplier from work who make the LEDs we're now sticking on trains as their new headlamps etc. So these are a quality unit, direct replacement globe, with no need for head sinks etc on them. PS I'm sick of the shit halogens in my cruiser!!! Oh I also never had an issue with the cops up here, and that included when they went on a 4WD blitz!
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