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  1. If it fouls on anything when refitting with the gearbox, just bash a dent in it with a hammer. But seriously, fabricate with the gearbox in also. It will help show you what room you've got further down to fit things where, as well as allow you to fabricate mounts that might attach to the gearbox etc.
  2. Unfortunately most of us are not gifted with high enough garages to fit a hoist in. Unfortunately my Skyline is no longer on a hoist, as my mate is selling his house. Car is currently at another friends house until my garage is re-arranged. These looked like an interesting way to lift the car up a lot higher than normal (I was spoilt by having hoist access ) I'm wondering how much extra use I'd really get compared to just four jack stands. I think most of my under car work is finished (Just need to redo the fuel tank lines, install tail shaft, and drop the exhaust off again to fully weld it once I'm happy with how everything is sitting. Maybe I just go with leaving it on car stands? The extra height of having the car up is nice when leaning into engine bays, and inside the cabin and boot.
  3. Duncan, do you have more info on the QuickJack? Where did you get it from, and do you have pics of it WITHOUT the car sitting on it? From your under car pics, clearance looks good for being in the middle, BUT, is there any supports going left to right to join each section?
  4. It's QLD, SAU QLD is basically dead. Has been for a long time.
  5. I want to know how you have acquired this skill. Do you not do any work or something?
  6. Damn people need heat in cold environments! I don't know how you guys deal with that cold, I've done a bunch of work on a car many years ago in Canberra in the middle of Winter, I could not do it again. I'm headed for Canberra again end of July actually, I'm not looking forward to that cold, and I believe you likely get colder than Canberra!!! Also, to save you needing to split the wood, buy a bigger fire place! As to reopening our borders, look, while COVID-19 happened, we had to all go for a vote, we told the other states it was for councils... Really we vote on Quexit, and it's going through, we're out! So pack your passports
  7. As I've said a few times mate, I really love this build! Done with heart, in the back of a shed, and so nice and neatly too! It'll be a ripper of a little unit when you get it complete very soon!
  8. Don't make us wait much longer on these updates... I'm worried about what the rest of June and start of August will bring for us!!!
  9. You sir, shall be dealt with, HARSHLY, out of the eyes of the public
  10. The real secret is, it's a lot further on in the build than the videos suggest... I filmed Episode 4 the other weekend... Hanging for some free time, and hopefully start filming Episode 5 this weekend, but it's going to be spread over two weekends Though I did resign from work, 2 more weeks and lots of spare time!
  11. Episode Two: https://youtu.be/gezUa7cDb9k
  12. Dont blame me... Yes I suck on camera... Episode One:
  13. From the new Supra just to really annoy people?
  14. All he wanted was the respect. To some that's more important than winning.
  15. Buy a 100/105 series cruiser. Will fit a kart piece of piss.
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