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  1. add in a manifold and external gate adds more $$$$. Been in the wrx from the g series thread and it is great but the cost to do it I think out weighs what the average person needs. For myself it was an extra $1600-1800 to go G series (vband housing, manifold & gate) over the gen2 gtx and I am happy with what I have done. If/when they do a T3 housing for G30 that will be when I jump on that band wagon. Back on topic, so when you appearing on The Block?
  2. Well I have been thinking of doing some more Lawn/Yard work and the house does need some tidying up.......
  3. All good boys, I like a bit of discussion. Once Direct Injection pumps and spares become a cheaper I think the 2nd hand euro stuff will be the way go the same as the Japanese stuff did 10 years ago. I'll rename the thread to Dose & Dan's Banter Featuring robs cars
  4. Paul Ruzics time attack at QR is good. Runs morning & afternoon sessions. http://www.timeattack.com.au/ Morgan Park at Warwick is a great track, I've only done open practice sessions. https://www.morganparkraceway.com.au/ Only workshop I can recommend is on the northside. East Coast Customs, Rob is very good with tuning anything and they do a wide variety of cars.
  5. those are some good numbers for a small turbo, need to get the e85 tune sorted on my race car.
  6. She is especially putting up with me for so long. Her short term goal is to do Drag Challenge weekend next labour day long weekend.
  7. Be interesting to see the graph. I have found the gen2 2867 to be great on track but I can see what he means by "laggy" on street but his now done cams which again shifts the power band....
  8. Spent some time on the sil80 with new tie rod ends, castor arms & 17psi gate springs now installed. Moved it for the first time since I pulled out all the good suspension. Fuel is stale & hose at the fuel tank is leaking. Did some more setup on the ecu with correct injector data and ethrottle tuning too. Idle is a lot better. BUT the main reason its moved is to start work on this old thing Been promising the wife for a while that I would get it running properly and sort out a lot of small issues. She also wants to do some drag racing so plan is to pull motor & box, fix leaks, rewire the front end as its a mess and butchered, install electric windows, fix heater/blower fan. Finally install all this........ Never been in a nitrous car its mainly for the shits and giggles but still cheaper than a LS conversion. Just going to run a 75-100hp shot and hopefully not lift the heads.
  9. No more personal car updates until your new daily arrives. New bathroom looks the goods. Definitely have a go at tiling yourself. Its one my trades and for simple home reno stuff is simple (kitchen/laundry splash backs). Setup/layout is key, a good spirit level, a decent cutter & patience makes the difference. Quality tiles is key, simple test is to put 2 tiles face to face and check for bowing/curvature. I looked at the gen2 2860 before going 2867 and thought it may run out of puff over 230ish kw?
  10. Looked at BMW 335 and went in m4 but so damn expensive when they break. M4 was also missing some little things that make a great daily/fun car - no centre console, passenger seat position was weird and the info screen wasn't as good as cheaper cars. If only Hyundai made a rwd car similar to the I30N. A mates has surprised me and a few local skylines/silvia/86 owners. Be interesting to see how they go once it starts to get a few Km's om it.
  11. Street car, wanting something that I can go for a spirited drive in with all turbo noise as travelling 2600km to race and have turbo noises is getting old but still better than 7-8 laps around 55 seconds long locally
  12. Went to Brisbane and did the last round of time attack. Had issue with diff oil blowing out of the breather, turned out I over filled the diff 🤦‍♂️ Had rubbing issues with left front on turns 1 & 2 so had to raise the car 10mm to try and fix it. Only ended up doing 10 laps as the whole back of the car was covered in oil & took a while to do all the fixes. Didn't do anything else as I sold my car trailer as I got a great offer on it but it was also way too much effort to take car apart, use extra ramps to load & was just too long and heavy. As soon as it was gone ordered a full deck tandem axle Tilta Trailer just waiting for it to be built. Work has started on the Sil80 to get it moving again. Got a diff & shafts, rebuilt steering rack and put CAS & coils back in today. Just waiting on tie rod ends to arrive then can move it out of the shed. Got a heap of gktech arms & a few bushes waiting to go in.
  13. I have been debating for a while to get a 2016 86 but the lack of power and work shop support up this way has put me off that. Thought about swapping the rb25 setup into a S15 but still 20 year old car and would need as much work as finishing the sil80. Good idea on getting a bike, that pic makes me want to move back down that way.
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