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  1. ok, double check the continuity/resistance of the consult plug wiring and correct connections at ecu and port. Have a re-read of this Nistune Diagnostic/Connection issue guide https://nistune.com/docs/Installation_and_Communication_Diagnostics.pdf consult port wiring guide http://nistune.com/docs/MAF_and_Consult_pinouts.pdf for it to be an issue with the factory ecu in my opinion it is a wiring/pinout issue
  2. Does the car start and run? If ecu is not getting power check ECCS relay and associated fuse If just a communication issue test the continuity of the wiring from the consult port to the ecu
  3. Get a set of vernier and a square measure the adaptor bracket and the caliper for thickness evenness and square. Wonder if caliper was from a crashed car and is twisted?
  4. different year of manufacture maybe?? Pin 104 on one my looms was the same as yours. if you can power it and test/probe would be the best way to confirm function
  5. Depending on the condition of the GTR...... If needing alot of maintenance (small rust blemishes, all bushes, brakes, faded/damaged interior pieces) YES. I looked at a r32 GTR before I brought my 370z and for the money the 370z is alot better car and definitely outperforms a r32 so the new 400Z would be the go but probably a series 2 so all the little issues are fixed and plenty of aftermarket support by then BUT if the GTR was in very good condition and only needing paint touch ups and small stuff, keep GTR as a good ecu fixes all the cold start/drivability issues and still a cool "old" car. Also depends what you are using the car for daily driver or weekend fun car. All the modern stuff like cruise control, satnav, info hub, interior quality, ride quality is a big thing for me these days and the new stuff is great in most situations I have put mine in so far and the performance is leaps ahead of 1980s tech.
  6. Pricing you would think be around $68-75k Will probably try to undercut the supra market
  7. You need the big box tailshaft from a r34 gtt as splines are different.
  8. Just something I've done to be safe as never had the time to try things (Dyno hire is expensive up here) and most just want e85 tunes for power figures and generally only use 98 or e85 when flogging their cars. Do the flex thing so car is still able to be driven when no e85 available. Rather be safe than have dead engines.
  9. Best thing these days is flex fuel scalers and offset tables. I don't add any extra timing under 60% ethanol. A decent tuner will set everything up correctly the biggest time factor is actually confirming 98 to e85 tuning having to test add/remove ethanol content to the fuel tank. I know a lot of people who add 33-36% fuel and blanket 5-6 degrees and not scale it correctly for ethanol percentage.
  10. I really liked it. There is a lot of carry over from the 370 interior wise but interior is more on par with other new cars with the digital dash and entertainment system. Going back to a turbo engine is great and will be good for those chasing power. I've enjoyed my 370z being auto for daily duties and the odd fun run but I would definitely get this new Z in manual. Hoping the price will be competitive compared to the supra/z4.
  11. Best to find a local workshop with experience. Google/phone around for quotes. Pricing is going to be different from country to country.
  12. As has been said lots of info out there and being sensible and not just jumping straight in and adding all the timing. When It comes to paying if all the features are being set up correctly and there is no issues with cold starts, rough/surging it is worth it. I had Trent tune a car a long time ago and it was spot on. If you have a go yourself ensure everything is set up correctly with injector info, trigger setup, inputs and outputs as a missed/incorrect setting will stuff up/cause small issues. Have a good look through the link ecu forum. There's plenty of us here that can help you.
  13. Link plugin g4x would be the go. They have plenty of features for future upgrades and the help/user manual is alot better than haltech in my experience. The thing I really like with haltech elite is the wiring assignment and table allocation but the connection time to ecu is horrendous. If you are going to get Trent to tune it have a chat with him first and are you going to do the install & initial setup?
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