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  1. welcome, car looks to be in great condition
  2. Could try one from a sr20 gearbox or a signal converter maybe easier to use. There was a topic on here not long ago about speed drives and compatibility.
  3. Yeah want to get it all done before getting stuck into the racecar again.
  4. Got the exhaust all done and it turned out ok. Got it up nice and high with plenty of clearance, painted it all black except for the mufflers and made up a tailshaft loop as MA regs requires one. Started with an aeroflow loop kit and modified it to suit. Then sent the car off to the detailer and had it cleaned properly, got the interior wet cleaned also got the windows tinted. Next cleaned up a cusco strut brace I've had sitting around by powder coating the brackets black and polished the bar. Need some new bolts before fitting it. Have now got a date to finish the car off as I've entered rockynats at Easter in the street drags, Dyno and cruise so now sorting out little things before rego and tune in a few weeks. Spent tonight fitting front wheel speed sensor and making a template for ducting to the oil cooler. Tomorrow nights plan is to do a service with new oil, filter, coolant and plugs as it's been a long time since I did it. Biggest job I'm hoping to have sorted by rockynats is working aircon, I've got all the lines but going to put some heat sleeve over them and do o rings will be nice to have for cruising.
  5. no issues but we have installed a aluminium spacer to replace the rubber bush. Plazmaman plenum is the best way to retain drivability down low https://plazmaman.com/product/rb25-r33-inlet-plenum/ can also use rb30/vl engine mounts or any 40mm thick ones (cortina are ones work)
  6. Have heard of an Rb20 loom and ecu with nistune being modified to work on a rb30 would be the most economical way to go.
  7. Just rewire the cas. Google search Rb25 cas wiring. Was multiple posts in the last month on what wires were Swapped
  8. Do you have a copy of the afr and power curve be interesting to see what "rich" is for your tuner. Is this on petrol or ethanol?
  9. Like anything depending on how you drive and maintain it. If your stressing about it lasting and/or breaking gearboxes probably best to not go chasing numbers. Gotta pay if you want to play I'd take a responsive 300-350hp any day over a 500hp+ 30year old import as a daily.
  10. Seen this before with too much timing and lean mixture. The heat wrap doesn't help either. Fix the crack, remove heat wrap and do some logging of afr, exhaust manifold pressure and temperature. Take it as a lesson learned.
  11. stop pussy footing around and go full bogan https://www.aussiespeedshop.com/product/ls-1-gm-6v71-supercharger-kit-cathedral-port/ or maybe get into a job that lets you enjoy the noises. This was fun to rip around in at summernats a few years ago now.
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