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  1. rust, probably sat out side for a while or damp area
  2. Got tagged in this but too far away for me https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/741002503234886/?ref=share_attachment
  3. Rolls Royce Merlin engine been made to a Chevy so should bolt in 🤣
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/218232969777799/?referral_code=undefined&referral_story_type=general
  5. Seems to be some good series between IPRA, sports sedans and sprint/time attack at 3 different tracks in SE Qld. Do they still run events out at Logic centre?
  6. is the car being road registered and whats your budget? I'd be checking local laws for modifications if wanting engineering & rego.
  7. I rang a guy about an s15 IPRA car last week but was sold and was priced well and have been tagged by mates in a few but have not found anything that ticks most of the boxes. This is a big one for me Will probably just fix the current race car as I know whats wrong and what needs to be done to improve it.
  8. Cars looking great, you won't be disappointed with MCA coilovers.
  9. hows the hunt for a chassis going? seen a few half finished s chassis come up lately. @Dose Pipe Sutututu when will you be heading to mexico?
  10. Got the sil80 out for round 2 of the local sprints, put the Nankang Ar1 back on and sorted a wheel alignment. Car went pretty well bar the cooler pipe coming off the DBW throttle body, alternator playing up when hot and getting use to it again as only been 4 years since I last raced it. Finished 6th outright and 2nd in class with a 48.64 some very quick cars & drivers out there. Missing my fixed back seat and harness like the race car......... Plan to get a throttle body to vband/clamp thing on and mod cooler pipe, corner weight, LS alternator conversion and re-align it. Cars got plenty of power so no point going e85 yet. It's around 4 weeks until next event. Will get the gopro and film next event as was in a rush to get ready and forgot it
  11. that would be the fuel pump relay priming. so ecu has power to trigger it, sure no ignition? Pull a plug and test spark, a common issue is fuel lines around the wrong way 😅
  12. welcome, rb's goes well in s chassis. Plenty of info out there as but best resource on Nissansilvia.com is gone
  13. make sure to have good earth point from engine to chassis and battery to chassis. Check voltage at the CAS, coils and injectors too
  14. I am currrently scanning a complete guide ATM. Here you go a few pages are missing like factory diagram but the rest will get you sorted S13 to RB25 Wiring Diagram.PDF
  15. Rocky has Mt Morgan hill climb in July. Whitsunday motorsport runs a few dirtkhana and sprints. Up in Townsville, Marque have sprints at driveit and tcac run Hill climb and motorkhanas
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