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  1. Plan is too turn it up in a few months as I will be doing some racing at Morgan park & Qr. car has a metal headgasket at the moment so see how it goes during the tune if we go that far.
  2. yeah, may as well while do it all while apart and do it right. Shit thats impressive power, I am only after 220-230kw for now and heaps more response. I am on the hunt for another cheap stock sr just in case I do turn it up.
  3. I'll pick up where I left off. Got pretty much everything sorted but didn't get on the dyno so just sent it as the kids say. Lost the starter motor before the day started then got 2 runs and lost power steering. High pressure hose let go so just ended up being an official for the weekend. Great event and now getting ready for the next one in 2 weeks. A video from one of the local media guys As usual I was going to fix the 2 things that were broken but that escalated very quickly Pulled the whole driveline for a quick inspection and found a lot of small things that needed fixing- Leaking rear main seal, half worn clutch with wrong cover plate bolts, perished hoses, cracked exhaust manifold, leaking exhaust, gearbox rear seal, loose balancer bolt and the list it goes on. After emptying my wallet and funding Taarks retirement I replaced all gaskets, resealed sump, put on standard inlet & exhaust manifolds, New NPC RB clutch conversion, all hoses, Taarks fuel rail, Taarks power steering relocation, gearbox mount and a quick respray rebuild Also decided on doing in bay cooler setup using current radiator with a r33 shroud and going a smaller intercooler, New Garrett GTX Gen2 2867 internal gate, new exhaust system (old ones baffles were loose and missing in parts), Injector upgrade to ID1650 and walbro 460L. Got engine & box back in yesterday and spent this morning doing small things like hoses and p clamping the loom out of the way. Plan is to run 16psi, E85 and see how long it lasts. And yes sil80 is still getting some attention. I have been ordering small clips and rubbers with every order from EFI Solutions and its new wheels turned up after waiting 4 months Plan is to keep hoarding parts for the next few months and get back into it at the end of the year once all the racing is done.
  4. Selling a heap of stuff from my 180sx track car to fund upgrades SR20 Freddy intake with fuel rail & injectors $700 Garrett GT2876 with SR20 manifold & dump pipe $1200 SR20 Exedy single plate clutch & flywheel $200 SR20 Exedy dual plate clutch & flywheel $700 Apexi power intake $80 Microtech LT10s with loom $500 Hand controller sold SR20 S13 Standard coil packs & loom $80 Nissan s13/180sx strut brace $50 Stereo gear Take it all $250 Pick up from Kirwan or can freight at buyers expense
  5. Okay time to grab a beer and update on whats happening with the fleet of S chassis' As I posted about 2 weeks ago I bought another 180sx. Was right price, a few good bits and local. Plan was to just look over it fresh fluids & race it........ 24hrs later I made the call to strip my sil80 of all its go fast handling bits- MCA coilovers, rebushed rear cradle, gtr diff & axels, Steering rack, rods knuckles & Brembo brake setup. 14 hours later it was all swapped then had to do all fluids, flush cooling system and sort out a new steering wheel as the Ebay special on it was F*!cked. Raided my cupboard of hoarded goodies and fitted up a Keys racing wheel. Wheel alignment on the friday and it steered a lot better but steering was knotchy/not smooth. Saturday morning of race day came & still was trying to finish off little bits. First laps in the rain, cold tires and a bit too much right foot had a few spins. Started to get more confidence as track dried out and pushing my braking point a bit too far, took out the chicane tire barrier with a massive front right lock up and understeer. I was lucky as a mate was filming and got it all. Result was a bruised ego , bent front guard, head light and more cracks in the front bar but worst of it was flat spotting my RS3 fronts. Pulled/kicked the guard straighter put the lights down and got back out there to get 4th in class and 9th outright which was a good effort. video-1552187916.mp4 So after that weekend found a few things I wanted to fix like the shifter as I would always grab 5th not 3rd on up shift from second, catch can setup and the steering rack. Ordered a heap of stuff from Taarks and got about fixing it all but as I pulled one part off found heaps of stuff I wasn't happy with. Ended up stripping & cleaning cooling system- new rad hoses, thermostat, clean radiator, clamps. I would say the system had not been looked after as brown muck was coming out for a while. All sorted after a treatment and now using penrite coolant. Replaced all the vac hoses and removed the "2 stage" boost controller and added a mac valve to control boost through the ecu Replaced shifter cup, ball, springs and rubber boots Moved the battery behind the seat after finding only 2 m6 bolts drilled through inner guard securing the battery. New isolator switch and proper earth cable. Added a Cobra Suzuka fixed back my mate donated from our targa car as it was flooded and written off during the floods last month. Installed my old defi setup as the SuPERCheap guages didn't work properly Went to rebuild the steering rack as it was leaking on one side and found it was bent so grabbed a spare & rebuilt it but i stuffed up as it leaked too. Grabbed another rack and having a local shop rebuild it. Hopefully get it back tuesday. Ordered a half cage from AGI as new cams passenger rules require one. Started the car up after replacing the IACV hose and had stupid high idle. After pulling the solenoid apart it was missing a sping & gunked up so cleaned it and inspected the old hose to find a restrictor in it. A local shops handy work. Fitted a vented fibreglass and bought some widebody front guards as these are full of bog and some rust came with a pair of side skirts too. So planning on dyno tuning thursday or friday night as currently has maybe 170-180kw by seat of the pants. Get the rack in , wheel align and drifting this weekend. 180sx current spec list 24 March 2019 Engine: Standard sr20 with mls headgasket freddy plenum GT2876r .86 rear china manifold split dump with bitsa exhaust Link G4+ ecu Greddy fuel rail & unknown injectors aeroflow fuel pump dodgy intercooler piping & intercooler Handling: MCA Purple coilovers Kazama adjustable Camber, Traction & Toe arms GKtech front castor arms S15 front LCA & knuckles R33 GTR diff, shafs & hubs Urethane Bushes R33 GTR Brembo Brakes & master cylinder dba 4000 front rotors & project Mu Rear Project Mu Brake pads GKtech tie rods & ends & rack bushes Whiteline sway bars front & rear R33 GTR wheels with Hankook 255/40/17 RS3 Inside: Cobra Suzuka seat Defi water & Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost Keys racing steering wheel Outside: Hektic 2000's era styling Tiger mica paint clear tail lights Plans for the future are to move to in bay inter cooler setup, r32/32 radiator shroud, Braided turbo lines, Oil Cooler and lots of ducting.
  6. Short of it is stripped sil80 of all its suspension, brakes, diff and steering into track car, raced it, took out a chicane tire barrier, fixed it and now sorting it out lots of small things to make it reliable for the rest of the year before drift event next week. Will do a big post tonight
  7. Spent a bit of time today going over the car. -checked plugs 👍 -compression tested 👍 -checked for blocked intercooler 👍 -dropped cat and all clear 👍 -rechecked base timing 👍 -checked catch can, empty -re calibrated throttle pedal & throttle body. This may have been an issue as car now rev's more consistant and goes to limiter. - Ordered new 14psi gate spring Hoping to get back on the dyno late next week to have another go at sorting the 98 tune. Now I have 24hrs to prep the new 180sx for scrutineering friday night & racing on the weekend
  8. How did you get the s15 rego'd with a rb20? Wiring is easy stuff for me and the Link is very user friendly. Planning to pull the full engine loom and do it properly, won't be as good as the sil80 loom as I made that from scratch.
  9. Got it on the dyno tonight and didn't all go to plan End result was 227kw on 14psi no matter what we did. Wastegate spring is too soft (7psi) & leaking at manifold flange, catalytic converter may have collapsed and fuel may be off (tried mixing half a tank with old & fresh). Got a few small water & oil leaks. Plan is to get a gate spring tomorrow, drop the cat out with decat pipe, reseat wastegate, fix all the leaks, drain fuel and double check base timing. Got 2 other cars to get ready for racing & setup the race event this weekend so will try and get back on the dyno next week Also bought a dedicated circuit/drift car Sr20, gt30 T2 flange, Link g4+ plugin, coilovers. was a great deal so couldn't pass it up. Plan is to do all new suspension, r33 brakes, add some sensors to engine (IAT, Oil Pres & temp, Fuel Pres & temp and a flex sensor), fixed back seat and a big tidy up. Need to bin the kebab spec dual sub setup too.
  10. Will get rego after Japan holiday in May then a mexico trip will happen Before I took it off the road around March/April 2017. This pad is in a local guys backyard Sil80 Alligator creek skids.mp4
  11. Got the car idling well after rechecking a few things in the PCLink software and sorting out the wideband input First time out of the shed in 18 months Video of idle so much smoother with the DBW setup
  12. Went to put coolant in last night to start it up and then there was a big puddle on the floor so gave up. First thing this morning removed radiator and it had a crack where I had ground abit too much off to fit it better. A quick weld and refit it all and no more leaks 😃 Put in a battery, plugged in the laptop and loaded a base file. Started testing injectors, igntion, set up e throttle & calibrated cas. Hit the key and it spluttered to life but won't stay idling BUT it does start. Have organised to get some help sorting the tune. Pretty happy that it at least starts and done everything myself this time around. Will get a video once its running nicely
  13. Good work on the class win. I miss that track was fun. Cage upgrade is a good idea, do they do an sport sedan style "outlaw" class at Winton?
  14. Pipe work all done and engine now ready for coolant. Got lazy with the exhaust and bought a justjap cat back will finish fitting it tomorrow and waiting on the aluminium box for astra power steering set up then will fire up and start tuning next weekend
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