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  1. Never fitted one but you could always cut/enlarge the area where the cas gasket goes
  2. also seems like a lot of people start the vk** swap and never finish it as I couldn't find many running examples only one I've seen in person is the MCA 370z and that is never going to be a street car again. If wanting V8 the LS* swap is the way, can even use the CD009 6 speed these days that way really should only need engine mounts. Other thing may be a honda 4 cylinder of some variety pending year to meet emissions but thats a small engine in a barge.
  3. Where are you located? In Brisbane I recommend East Coast Customs & Townsville either myself or ShaneFraserMotorsport. A quick google of nistune tuners is a good place to start too
  4. Check ecu and injector fuses but probably fried ecu
  5. yep, I have gone from greddy w/Q45 to plazmaman w/ DBW. There was a noticable difference when we ran it up on the dyno a while back. Will hopefully have it all finished in a few months & have results of greddy& 6boost vs plazmaman & external gatedfactory exhaust manifold- everything else the same.
  6. blue and pink. Same dyno & workshop. the only variables was prp coil kit & the tuners as I touched up the original tune the boss did the original only really changed the fuel map & boost control.
  7. get a fan controller and wire it up as per instructions. something like this https://www.aeroflowperformance.com/af49-1029-adjustable-fan-temp-controller I have found most aftermarket fans not that great, take a tape measure to the rad and see what options fit from something like a falcon, commodore or even a 350z fan with shroud would be a huge improvement.
  8. Easy to use what you have, this will work https://au.gktech.com/products/rear-suspension/hicas-accessories/s-r-chassis-hicas-delete-combo It's easy to remove the hicas ball joint by removing the clip and pushing out the ball joint and replace it with a standard bushing as I just finished refurbing one of my subframes using a donor one.
  9. Sucks to hear about bank drama. Freeing up some dollars for a BMW or more Reno's? Please do this. How would you bonding to aluminium go with the pressure?
  10. I've used poly and whiteline bushes and prefer the whiteline subframe, lca and knuckle bushes with everything else adjustable and rose joints. Done lots of daily/highway driving with monthly track days. Gktech have been my go to choice for adjustable arms for the last 8 years, good thing is they finally sell parts to replace worn stuff. If you can find a s13 subframe as won't need hicas lockbar. Definitely worth the time doing this.
  11. Immobiliser is the last thing you need to do. Brake master cylinder sounds like it's stuffed and needs rebuild. Smell is Probably an oil leak onto the exhaust. Probably best to check compression and leak down and inspect turbo as it may have blown oil seal(burning oil smell) Car looks/sounds to be a stolen recovered. If not mechanically minded will be a long expensive problem.
  12. If going to pull it apart what a s15, a bit lighter and should be able to find one for similar money
  13. It's to route the water jackets together. Yes they look good but unless you have a a 800+hp setup not worth it. Here is a back to back on a r34 from standard to plazmaman intake,take note of the big dip. Highly recommend their top half plenums for street cars
  14. @Chris Rogers is the alarm guy, Did mine 12 years ago never had any problems. As MLR has stated a multi layer approach is the best way still the best system ever
  15. Will happily swap my old school 3076 for more efficient turbo
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