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  1. Until you start spending more time at "work"
  2. Still working on the 180sx as have entered the Mt Morgan Hill climb. Its all running and idle all sorted, going to dyno friday and will be doing most of the tuning myself for the first time so will be a steep learning curve. Ended up getting a new fuel reg as the linglong ebay wouldn't hold consistant pressure. Body kit is all fitted up and not a tek screw in sight. All nutserted with m6 bolts, spent way too much time making it fit nice so am having it painted properly on the outside for now in Mitsubishi electric blue. Tomorrows jobs are to finish fibreglassing the bonnet vent, weld on BOV and bend up some ducting. Had a little bit of interest in the cars but nothing has come of it. A few pics of progress
  3. I have been enjoying spectating that thread. Is he proper special or troll? 😂 How long til mexico trip?
  4. Experision of Interest Looking at selling all my S Chassis parts. A R35 GTR has come up for sale that I would like to purchase Selling all my S Chassis parts including : Work Meister S1 2Pc 18x8 +18 & 18X9 +22 Volk TE37 white17X9 +22 Brand New in Box SIL80 with built RB25 engine: rb25 s2 mahle pistons, spool rods balanced & grub screwed crank grout filled nitto oil pump ross metal jacket balancer n1 water pump oil restricters head to sump oil drain greddy plenum with q45 TB- ceramic coated silver gt3076r ex/w .82- coated black Turbosmart 45mm wastegate tomei poncams tomei valve springs heavily ported head rb26 engine covers- powder coated silica breath metallic mines cam cover baffles link G4+ xtreme xspurt 1000cc top feeds Aeroflow fuel nismo fuel reg Walbro 460L e85 pump splitfire coil packs 3inch stainless exhaust 40mm radiator air/water seperator setrab oil cooler with themostat blitz fmic Turbosmart 45mmlubmback BOV lots of braided hose driveline: rb25 g/box r33 master cyclinder exedy ceramic button clutch 1 piece 3inch tailshaft wheels: 18x8 +18 work meister s1 18x9 +22 work meister s1 17x9 +22 TE37 in boxes exterior: silvia front type x tail lights aero front bar and skirts gtr grill bomex bonneville rear lip hand flared guards Factory S13 indicators & park lights in Box electric bomex/east bear mirrors respray in custom grey interior: R33 gtr seats nismo gear knob powertune 7.1 inch touch screen 180sx sr20  180sx current spec list 24 March 2019 Engine: Standard sr20 with mls headgasket standard intake gtx gen 2867 .82 rear standard manifold 3 inch exhaust Link G4+ ecu taarks fuel rail 1650cc injectors Walbro460L fuel pump mid mount intercooler piping & intercooler Handling: MCA Purple coilovers Kazama adjustable Camber, Traction & Toe arms GKtech front castor arms S15 front LCA & knuckles R33 GTR diff, shafs & hubs Urethane Bushes R33 GTR Brembo Brakes & master cylinder dba 4000 front rotors & project Mu Rear Project Mu Brake pads GKtech tie rods & ends & rack bushes Whiteline sway bars front & rear R33 GTR wheels with Hankook 255/40/17 RS3 Inside: Cobra Suzuka seat Defi water & Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost Keys racing steering wheel Outside: Hektic 2000's era styling Tiger mica paint clear tail lights
  5. F355 sounds awesome, drove really well. It is very wide, was hanging over the center line on a few of the roads. Not for daily driving as the pedals are more to the center due to the tub design. Once its over 4000rpm it was a rocket. If I could find one at 2008/2009 prices I would buy one. R35 comfy, point and shoot car but interior is boring. This one needs a gearbox service & wheel alignment badly. Gave me a lot of confidence to have a go in the wet. EVO 6.5 Fun. This car surprised me very direct steering, quick through the twisty stuff and comfy. Shame they are expensive for what they are. Have had a serious think about buying one as the wife needs a new daily.
  6. Great work. Wish I had looked at this build earlier. All the detail is cool. Going to be quick with that VE motor
  7. got back from Japan this week. Was a great trip, drove some sweet cars & roads with Fun2Drive in Hakone. Drove a F355 & R35 the first time and then went back and drove EVO 6.5 to Fuji Speedway. Got to see two new supra's, Porsche 918, LFA, Ferrari 488 and Mclaren on the main circuit. Have been slowly sorting the 180sx with the rollcage arriving this week. All fitted up but had to move my battery and modify the bracket a bit. Fitted up the shroud to radiator properly by welding a few tabs on and its in with a mix of hoses. Fitted up the front half of the body kit and happy with the fitment. Just waiting to get fuel tank & cooler pipe back from welder as I kept blowing hole in them. Plan to dyno Wednesday night and race next sunday before painting it and getting ready for Mt Morgan in July.
  8. microtech hand controller sold microtech ecu & loom $400
  9. Progress from the past week, need to finish welds on pipework, put in fuel tank and make radiator pipes.
  10. Been a bit quiet with car stuff as been busy with running events the past weekend but managed to fit up the turbo with wastegate & dump pipe, all new braided lines. went to tighten up 2nd last nut and stripped the thread in the head so rage quit for a few days. Welded cast aluminium for the first time and no leaks so happy with that. Injectors & turbo arrived too New body kit arrived and started test fitting this afternoon also got the new bottom rad mount welded up and wideband bung. Tomorrow's plan is to finish rad & intercooler mounts and fix the stripped thread as I will have to take the whole manifold off. Plan to start cooler pipes Friday as will be busy with ANZAC day activities Thursday. Might get it running by Saturday hopefully before leaving for Japan. also some good news with the DriveIT project with more funding announcements during this election campaign
  11. Plan is too turn it up in a few months as I will be doing some racing at Morgan park & Qr. car has a metal headgasket at the moment so see how it goes during the tune if we go that far.
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