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  1. We'll see going to get into the standard exhaust manifold after I finish this off. Have you picked a hoist yet for the shed? I've just ordered a HAPP70 will make working on cars so much better
  2. Was refering to the underside diffusers, My class only allows a 50mm front splitter from body work to centre line front axle. May have to see if I can fit something into my design.
  3. no fancy ve head just the standard redtop still. Its hard to find info on what works with these heads so just cleaning up little and blending parts. I am aiming to make reliable 250kw (270kw on scramble) as don't want to do gearbox conversion.
  4. That is amazing work, how much of difference does this have compared to running just a flat underside?
  5. Any more pics of the head work? I've started porting mine but won't going as far as yours has been done
  6. use the 25 base map if a plugin as the inputs/outputs will be different but should always confirm all settings before first start. The Link ignition base map is fine for first start.
  7. Track is 40 mins west of Townsville at Calcium. No noise but I have an oil pressure guage and it did show low pressure a few times at idle in the last sprint session. Will be wiring a pressure sensor to ecu and setting up a rpm limiter on the new motor.
  8. Just rebuild what you have and stay away from aftermarket/copy BMC. I too recommend @Dose Pipe Sutututufor brake stuff
  9. if its all a standard loom, engine and turbo setup just use a factory rb25 ecu & injectors for now to get it sorted? If going to upgrade a link plugin would be the way to go if you don't want to make a complete new loom.
  10. that is cool, is it for time attack or circuit/improved production? like the datsun sticker under the wing end plate
  11. Been slowly collecting parts and the new internals arrived this week so engine was dropped off for machining. Just going to get crank linished, rotating assembly balanced and deck the block. Heads getting hot washed then returned so I can start porting it before being machined. Hit some suspect areas in the engine bay with a wire wheel and found some dodgy repairs Plan is to sand blast the bay and see how bad it is. Also got to see the plans for the new track and stage 1 looks good but is now 12 months away so going to try and get the car all sorted for japnats at QR in April
  12. You mean the body loom that runs under the right guard? Just make sure it ziptied hard against the underside and don't run stupid size/offset wheels and low height.
  13. I have used East Coast Customs in the past when in Brisbane. They do a wide range of vehicles from imports through to new model american & euro stuff. Had a mate use GT Auto garage with good success
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