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  1. Got a build thread any where on this car?
  2. You don't want a poly windshield, all other glass ok too. Contact ravage raceworks, may be able to help you. https://www.facebook.com/ravageraceworks/
  3. Try a window tinter for tear offs, a local place here in Townsville has done them in the past. A quick google search will help https://www.facebook.com/RaceScreen-Tear-Offs-169184126960839/ https://www.alfab.com.au/3d-shaped-polycarbonate-race-boat/
  4. I am getting quicker with edits but don't think I could do someone else's stuff Yeah its funny how happy to sit and do one thing and sit there and be over something else
  5. You could add a larger reservoir to the heat exchanger circuit so can add ice when at the track. Where I was working at the time found adding a watertank/reservoir in boot of blown cars helped massively, less expensive than an interchiller kit but lost spare wheel well. Cars could do back to back runs with more consistant IATs. I fitted an interchiller and 4.9L whipple to a LS at a shop I was at and IATs were never a problem.
  6. I am now 3 edited videos in for the getz and got 2 more to edit for the 180sx. It definitely takes longer to do stuff filming but I am enjoying doing something different. Once you go through everything it becomes a big list. Keep chipping away be done in no time. Post up some progress pics when you have time.
  7. Its skid control, good events to drive at and variety of stuff even starting to do some dirt events. Yeah not a small amount of work, you still filming the build?
  8. I do a bit of everything and will be joining a local business that runs events so bound to run into each other at some point. Have a look at Gold Rush Hill Climb great event and I'll be driving it this year.
  9. Nice, hopefully see you out at a few events once the car is ready.
  10. nice work. What thickness material you using?
  11. 3.46 be a good middle ground, surely they could pull a little bit of timing out down low to limit the torque. You have a decent size trans cooler? trans slipping due to heat when street tuning?
  12. I've only seen them on sr20s and ej's as most go to a vband style manifold. I would love to go a G series on my 25 but need a t3 rear housing
  13. Contact Shane from subaru doctor https://www.facebook.com/TheSubaruDoctorTownsville has put a g35 1050 on a rb25 stagea and is in the process of doing a forged motor. Car is amazing to drive and I was surprised at how good it is for a turbo that size down low. Haven't seen a failure of a g series up here yet.
  14. If serious about racing I would be looking at a quality rim, you'll be kerb hoping a bit as it is quicker in some places. I run the TE37s in 17x9 with a 255 and if I ever decide to go bigger I'll look at another set most likely. Racing and having a reliable car ain't cheap and rough guess with what your spending on the motor, decent wheels will be a drop in the ocean and worth the investment.
  15. I've had the same problem with small pieces too and found doing shorter welds on opposite sides and letting it cool abit before starting again.
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