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  1. Its definitely a little more effort preparing the wiring. If youre not concentric twisting I like to make sure the wirings nice and not all twisted up together because you'll see lumps a lot more. Sometimes you cant help it especially if youre doing a lot of splices in one area. But yeah like @iruvyouskyrine said I definitely prefer it over braid. You end up with a lot nicer loom that's sealed and protected from chemicals/heat a lot better. It is more expensive but when youre doing a full wiring loom it doesnt work out a lot cheaper to do it in braid.
  2. Finished off the cooler/relo Friday. Took it out for a cruise Saturday night on the same route we did a couple weeks ago. Max temp got to 92⁰ which is about 20⁰ cooler than without the cooler. Got onto the highway and temp was sitting between 80-85⁰ with a few hits in a row. Super happy with that. Next will be to upgrade the auto cooler and move it to the passenger side similar to how Ive done engine oil cooler and I'll probably chuck a fan on each through the ecu to trigger at certain temps. Gave her a quick wash and wiped down the engine bay before the cruise on Saturday. Was a bit chilly 10-12⁰ she still struggles for traction have to really roll it on until I've got some wheel speed. Hoping when I get 275s on and lower the rear a bit more she'll hook up a lot better on the street. Still need to put my subframe collars in aswell. Getting a lot closer to sending her down the 1/4 now. When I do the new auto cooler I'll throw in a couple pressure sensors and a temp sensor and wire it to the ecu so we can play around with the dump valve and also setting up 2step. In other news been working on a wiring loom for a customer, Link G4+ Fury for an rb25det in an s13. Turned out pretty nice. Full tefzel with raychem shrink. Makes me want to redo my loom so bad. Couple pics below. Forgot to take photos of the finished loom
  3. Yeah mate I wired it up myself. I'm a sparky so not so difficult for me haha. Just use a multimeter for any inputs to dash.
  4. Ordered all the stuff i needed for oil cooler setup earlier this week. Setrab oil cooler like @Dose Pipe Sutututu the baller. Tarks oil filter block and an Aeroflow billet filter mount. Got cracking on it today and got the cooler half mounted, filter relo on and tarks block on. Tomorrow I'll finish the lines off and make the second bracket for the cooler. Also trimmed the bumper out to get a bit more airflow onto the cooler. Shes a snugggg fit in there with only mm's to spare. Auto cooler is currently half behind it for now but I'll eventually get a new cooler and relocate it over to the passenger side. Going out for a cruise on Sat night so will be a good test to see how the cooler goes. If its still a bit warm we'll get a fan on behind her.
  5. Up for sale is my Nismo 300km dash. Dash reads at 22146km. Great condition everything works like it should. Located North Brisbane $600 neg
  6. Got the dash wired up and went for a small cruise on friday night. Dash is awesome! Can see all the data now. Got the speed sensor working yesterday, just need to calibrate it now. Then the last one is fuel level, need to pull the sender out and measure resistances for full and empty. Also worked out we need an oil cooler. Will chuck a filter relocation in with it as well. Plan is to move the auto cooler to the passenger side and shoehorn the engine oil cooler on the drivers side somehow 20200611_175611.mp4
  7. Also anyone know what size resistor would work?
  8. Just finished installing my new AiM MXP dash. Thought I would run into this issue of the alternator not charging. From what I've read the exciter wire runs from the dash to the alternator. Ign +12v puts power to the lamp while the alternator isnt charging. When the alternator is charging it changes the exciter wire from a gnd to +12v therefor the lamp becomes unlit. As I don't have a lamp there anymore can I get +12v from the ign with a resistor and connect it to my alternator exciter wire to get the alternator to charge again? Thanks Heres a little vid of the new dash 20200611_175611.mp4
  9. Cluster mount finally rocked up today! Wasted no time getting it in for a test fit up. Looks awesome! Put power to the dash but still have to hook up can and the rest of the inputs. I have set up a lot of the alarms, lights, pages and things so once it's all wired up should just assign what readings I want where from the ECU.
  10. Yeah like Ben said its 100-200km/h. Have no need to test 0-60 really as most racing I do is done from a roll. And when we go to the strip it will obviously be a lot different to launching on the road. Setup is in an r33 gtst. RB26/30 3.4 stroker, precision 7685, powerglide made 912rwhp on 33psi with more in it.
  11. Dragy is awesome! We use one in my car at roll racing to see if the changes are working. Fastest 100-200 is currently 4.11s, with the old turbo. New one I've done a 4.25 on 30psi in the middle of summer. Should go mid 3s now we've got it turned up if we can get it to hook up.
  12. New Aim MXP Strada dash arrived last week. Can't wait to get it put in and running. Will be able to have speedo on there now and also bonus of deleting my current boost gauge and trans temp gauge. I ordered a Mako dash surround as well, so just waiting for that to turn up before I can put it in. Should make the interior a lot cleaner and also have all the extra things I need to see infront of me
  13. Yeah we went 1021hp on 35psi with the 7175 gen 1 (thought it was a 7675). That was ok a hub dyno though. That old turbo was a menace it would come on pretty quick. New one definitely feels a little slower but I can't really compare because I changed the diff gears to 3.69s at the same time I put the 7685 in. First vid is 7685 we had 30psi ramping to 37psi at around 6250rpm (can hear when she starts singing), second vid is 7175 racing mates gtr with the 7685. On a mainline hub he spun up 1130hp 36psi. I think I raced him on 28psi because we couldn't run anymore due to wheel spin with what I assume is the major difference with 4.11s vs the 3.69s now. received_644170796131896.mp4 20190601_212408.mp4
  14. For anyone interested in larger frame PTE's here's my 7685 Gen 1. 912rwhp on 33psi. Still have a little bit more boost to jam in it so we'll see how we go. Hoping to get up a bit closer to 960-980rwhp on the roller. Setups is 26/30 3.4 stroker with a powerglide.
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