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  1. klutched

    Spent a few hours on it this morning and painted the block. Came up alright, few hard to get spots around the deck that I missed cause I didnt want to get paint on/inside. Fitted up my crank trigger as well. Thinking going for a 12t on there instead of the 6t. Went to put the sump on but didn't have any pickup o rings left so ordered that, rear main, cam seals and rocker cover seals as well. Hopefully next couple days ill have the short block all bolted together.
  2. klutched

    Amd engine builder sent me this. Couple last checks fo do then I pick it up tonight
  3. klutched

    Got my head back and 6boost came Can't wait to get bottom end back and slap it all together! Couple gaskets I've still gotta order as well.
  4. klutched

    Went and dropped couple seals and gaskets down to engine builder and he had just finished prepping the block. Come up absolutely mint. Go back on wednesday to pick up the finish product
  5. klutched

    Engine builder sent a few snaps to me today! Ready for assembly now wooo! Rings are all gapped, just gotta drop down the old pump housing so he can machine out the slot for the crank trigger, and take new crank seal and pump gasket and it's going together. NSFW
  6. klutched

    Little bit of progress on her last week. Ripped the stock fuel lines out to make way for the new -8 hardline. Need to make something to hold the brake line in place as well. Few of my sensors arrived. 5bar MAP sensor, and oil and fuel pressure sensors. Also ordered a new IAT sensor, oil temp sensor, Link CAN Lambda and Billet Coil Kit 2000hp R35 kit.
  7. klutched

    Thanks mate! Surge tank and hardline turned up as well! Nice bit of gear. Tank is going back as it had a bits that were damaged during anodizing so they're upgrading me to an SPR1200 😎 Wasted no time getting the pumps in, not that I'll be able to use them yet... Need to start ripping out my stock fuel lines that will be replaced with 1/2" -8 hardline. Will be -8 to the bay splitting to -6 into the rail then -8 to the fpr and back go surge.
  8. klutched

    Got a package yesterday, was expecting it to be my surge tank but this rocked up instead!! 4 months and the wait is up. I should have ordered front runners at the same time but oh well Should look secs with mickeys wrapped around them and mounted 😎 Finally loom is all complete now! Hopefully when everything is in it all works... Come up pretty good. It's back in the car with all the stock connectors on. Also started to fiddling around where to mount my boost solenoid and FPR. Was thinking about mounting it there but decided to keep it hidden as best we can so hopefully mount it under the catch can somewhere. Should have some more goodies arriving this week as well! 6boost, surge tank, head and the bottom end
  9. Turbo-1 T4 divided steampipe manifold with EGT bungs to suit RB26. Manifold is HPC Coated. Can run twin gate on it or use the 2 into 1 pipe for the 50mm. Turbosmart Progate50 with screamer Came off 32 GTR with 7675 making 900whp Mint condition, great setup for big power Located Brisbane QLD. Can arrange post at buyers expense. $1100neg
  10. klutched

    Yeah shes a big one hahah! It was making 910whp on a 2.8 GTR. Should get pretty close to my goal I think Since the turbos black already I'm going to f**k the polished intake off and go black as well. Should come up nice 😎
  11. klutched

    Sooo this happened tonight.... Excuse my ugly mug. Its a Precision 7675 BB with a 1.12 rear housing. Should suit the 3.4 nicely me thinks
  12. klutched

    Got my sump back today and dropped 26 covers off to get a freshen up should look mint once its all in!
  13. klutched

    Rod bolts and bearings ordered yesterday, engine builder is really busy atm and said should be all done by end of next week Also dropped my sump down to be painted black which should be ready in a couple of days. I pulled my fuel pump out of the tank then decided to get a surge tank instead of modifying the stock hat. Ordered an AI SP1200. Will make it a lot easier if i have to put a 3rd pump in if we need more fuel. I'll be running hardline in boot and remove the factory lines to run twin 1/2" hardlines to engine bay then split the feed to twin -6 to feed the rail. Using these billet clamps to fix it to the body should look nice and semi stock. Wiring is coming along pretty good! Finished sleeving the lot then forgot to bring the wires down for the crank trigger so ill have to pull it apart and do that then thats its for the loom! I hope... i didnt like the look of just heatshrink for finished product so got sum sleeving and came up 10x better! Looks a lot nicer now.
  14. klutched

    So been working on the wiring harness the last few weeks. Im pretty happy with how it turned out for what it is. I think id rather do a brand new loom then resleeve a stock one again 😂 In the go fast department motor is almost due back! Head will be finished this week coming and block should be the week after. Got bored and honed for new pistons last week and balanced rotating assembly this week. Waiting on spool to get more L19 rod bolts back in stock so we can get rod bearing clearances set.
  15. klutched

    Progress is happening slowly. Got almost everything back in the bay now. Decided I'm going to delete the fuse box and make it look nice somehow. Also put in a new universal washerbottle instead of the hideously massive stock item. Heres the car as she sits. Pulled the loom apart to add/remove anything we wont be using, going to give it a makeover with some nice sleeving and reroute wiring into the guards to keep it looking clean! Few more wires and stuff to add for additional sensors and thing then start depinning and sleeving it all! Should be a fun time.... not! RIPSNZ sump is on the way, should be here this week/early next week! Thing looks nice 😎 Can't wait to bolt it all up! Last but not least new pistons! Couple bores were a bit out of wack so stepping it up to a 86.5 9:1CR. Should bump it up nicely from the 8.5:1 pistons that were in it. Dropped them off at machinist tonight, rotating assemblys off to balancer this week and the blocks going for a bore and acid dip to clean it up nicely 😎 Should only be a couple weeks away now!