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  1. klutched

    Thanks man. I used the stock r33 mounts. The new sump already sits pretty low didnt really want it any lower but need to fit that turbo in.
  2. klutched

    So we dropped the motor in today to see how it would sit in the car with turbo etc. Motor sits in a sweet position but manifold sits the turbo a bit high and bonnet wont shut So gonna have to put some r32 gtr engine mounts in to drop it down 20mm and i hope to go it will shut... Also have a bit of cutting to do on the passenger guard to make the turbo fit how we want it. The wastegate is also in a pretty shitty spot, very tight but hopefully once the compressor cover is clocked how we want it it will all work out. Might throw the box in and start fabbing up exhaust and things once I sort the engine mounts out. Gotta wait for new SDE converter to be made early next month as well. For the cold side we have decided to go all out and get a hypertune v2 twin rail plenum and 90mm TB and also hypertune 600x325x100 cooler. Will be running 12x1000cc injectors as opposed to 6x2000s as we will be able to control them better for 98 tuning hopefully. This should all happen within the next month or so, so stay tuned! Same same but different
  3. klutched

    So she got towed down to the shop this arvo. First time I've seen the car on the welds not in the garage. Look absolutely sexual, super happy with them! Got it down the shop and had to take a quick snap with the motor. Super excited to get it in the car running. Should be more progress this week
  4. klutched

    Got my kit this week and fit it all up. Nice bit of gear and very easy to put on. Can't wait to test it out on my new setup!
  5. klutched

    Thanks to rat32r for Alt Kit. Fitted up a breeze and looks sexy! Bringing the car down to the shop on Monday and we'll start making some decent progress on it all!
  6. klutched

    No progress atm. Have been away the past week soaking up the sun on Fraser Island. Will be back at it this week. Have ordered a 140A LS alternator kit from @rat32r which will arrive this week! Hoping to get the motor in soon, couple things to install on it before we drop it in though. Stay tuned!
  7. klutched

    Dayum, maybe just too much power for the stock block. I've heard the spool option is a bit more expensive as you need to line bore/hone billet caps which is about $300 on its own. But they have big power RBs running this setup and RIPS setup is similar as well, all proven. PRP is like 1600, spool youre looking at 2200 plus machining for both of them. Saying you have billet mains sounds way cooler though 😛 I think the grout will strengthen it to a certain extent for all of the possible causes and the girdle will eliminate possibilities from diff twisting/cracking the block. Just do it and be done with it incase the grout doesn't stand up to the abuse.
  8. klutched

    I'm not sure, send them a msg on fb. I think might be slightly cheaper than spool. My motor came with kulig billet mains and I just put a spool girdle on it. Kulig designed and makes all the kits for Spool. You want to dowl the main caps as well which makes them not walk around then the girdle ties them all together for extra strength. I'm a bit sad I didn't half grout fill my block especially with the power I'm chasing. I wonder if a brace is needed for >1000hp if you're grout filling. Would splitting a bore would be more from cylinder pressure and temps more than the block twisting and front diff? If block twisting and front diff then I would defs brace it, if pressures and temps then I reckon grout will be fine. Maybe just brace it and turn it up
  9. klutched

    I am running a spool/kulig kit on my rb34. Engine builder has used to multiple times and on Godzilla's GTR making 1700hp. They pulled it down after a few meets and he said bearings were perfect and could have been reused. Fingers crossed my block holds together with 1000hp https://i.imgur.com/nC98b9A.jpg
  10. klutched

    Kulig Engineering kit.
  11. klutched

    Didn't really do much on her this arvo, not much left to do really. Cleaned the second cam cover out and installed the foam and baffle ready to get installed. Got bored and put it together but covers have to come back off cause mate wants to check centerlines with the new timing belt installed. So excited to finally get it in the car after the LONG wait... Motor is silky smooth turning it by hand, should purr like a kitten 😎
  12. klutched

    Overnight parts from JAPAN arrived today (not really, just Kudos). Bolted the water pump on after a slight hack job to get it to fit because of the oil gallery bung at the front of the block. Fitted up new idler, tensioner and gates timing belt as well as a new cam cover back plate, old one was a hacked up 25 one... New OEM Nissan parts make me happy 😎 Tomorrow if I have time I'll finish off the front and put the covers and balancer on. Might even get to drop it in next week before I go away
  13. klutched

    Pulled the motor apart for final clean and assembly. Cleaned block, sprayed some hylomar on the headgasket and let it sit for a bit while we cleaned the head down. Popped headgasket on, installed headstuds and dropped the head on and torqued it up then pulled all the buckets up to check the shims hadn't popped out or anything. Have ordered a few bits and pieces from kudos, needed new waterpump, timing belt, idler and tensioner, RB26 backing plate with fitting kit, rear belt guide, cam cover bolt rubbers, cometic intake and exhaust gaskets and probably a couple other things as well. So motor should almost be ready to go soon 😎
  14. klutched

    Haven't measure yet, was more to check if the 1.2 gasket was going to work ok. Still need to pull it down and decide if I wanna get CA625 headstuds or not and install new timing kit and waterpump.
  15. klutched

    Cheers matr, end up getting some foam from highoctane. Exciting stuff happening now! Picked up the head on thursday and starting checking/assembling it all. Head is RB26, ferrea 0.5mm stainless valves, bronze valve guides, full 'raceport', and running the custom kelford 272 10.25 cams from the 25 head. Put some playdough in to check piston to valve clearances with the 1.2 gasket and dropped the head on. Put cams and timing gear on to check tdc and set the cam centerlines. Then wanted to strap on the fun stuff for a pic! Cant wait to finish it off.