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  1. klutched

    My new coilkit came today from Billet coil kits/Godzilla Motorsports. It's their new 2000hp+ highoutput coils. Wish they were black instead of grey but it still doesn't look too bad. Might get cracking on the wiring tomorrow. Kudos sent the correct spigot bush up today, so I'll put that in tomorrow if I get time and the hoist is free.
  2. klutched

    Go spool and spend extra on upgrading to l19 bolts and bigger pins and towards other stuff for the build. Im running Spool RB34, Spool I beams CP pistons, upgraded bolts and pins. Planning on spinning it to 8500-9000 and close to 1000hp. JEM's 34 is making 1400HP i think with spool 3.4 and Rigoli is running a Spool 3.2 running 6's. I think spool has a bigger stroker aswell?
  3. klutched

    Got the hotside sorted today for good Just gotta tighten up a few nuts when i put the car back on the hoist as access from the top for the bottom nuts isnt good. I also got some more 25mm heat wrap for the second screamer as we ran out on the long screamer. So I'll pull that off tomorrow and wrap it up to help prevent melting stuff! Installed my beanie as well. Doesn't look too bad I dont think. Also went through and tightened up all the fittings on the turbo and wastegates. I need to go get 2 more fittings and some line for the turbo to solenoid line and the FPR to plenum once that gets here. My spigot bush turned up as well but turns out they sent me a manual one so theyve sent me out an auto one which should get here wednesday and I'll get it up on the hoist and put the converter in and finish up the gearbox. I called hypertune on Friday and they said everything's done except for plenum powder coating which is due back early this week, so hopefully I'll get that stuff by the end of the week and we can get stuck into the rest of the fab! Been lazy lately and not getting stuck into the small stuff that needs to be done. Still need to pull the power steer pump off and mod it for the hose and also to bring it forward to match the rb26 balancer. Little bit of wiring shuffle in the cab so we can manipulate the speedo so it reads correct instead of roughly double. Coilpack kit is coming in the morning as well. Changed to a raw bracket with Godzilla's custom coilpacks rated to 2000hp+ which I'll also install tomorrow and depending on how much time I have I might start on the loom as well.
  4. klutched

    Few goodies arrived this week... No not hypertune cause theyre useless... Been 3.5 weeks and now they wont reply to emails.... My spal fan, t4 gasket and converter arrived though. Pulled turbo off today but waiting until I get the exhaust manifold washers before I put the turbo back on as access isnt the best. Tomorrow I'll pull the box out and throw the converter in and finish up everything there and put all the hot side on as well for good. Really annoyed with hypertune atm.... I just want to know when I'm getting my stuff. Great service when theyre taking your money but terrible once theyve done that considering they said its almost ready for shipping last week which was obviously not true.
  5. klutched

    Engineer made my new revised gearbox mount for me today and it fits up mint! Also found my gktech gearbox mount when I was cleaning out the garage yesterday so decided to throw it in. Also picked up my tailshaft that I got shortened 15mm and balanced. Fits up perfectly now. Just waiting on converter which should be here thursday and then the box can be bolted up for good. Finished off the exhaust today as well. All welded up now ready to rumble! Really happy with how it's turned out. Dat ass
  6. klutched

    Yeah mate, if we have to I'll set them up like my old dump pipe so they can both plumb and vent. Will be a little trickier with 2 of them though.
  7. klutched

    We did a little bit of work on her today. Got the rest of the exhaust welded up. Only thing to weld now is the muffler piece onto the catback as the cracks tacked off and we didnt wanna move the cars around today to get it onto the hoist to check its in the right position. Also wrapped half the dump pipe and the front screamer. Need to get a little bit more to do the back screamer but there isn't much to do on it. Im not 100% happy with it in a couple spots but I cbf pulling it off to redo it as its a prick to do. Not bad for my first time. Screamer looks schmicko though! Few pics for you all Edit: I just ordered my spal 16" 3000cfm fan and also got a bonnet strut kit
  8. klutched

    Picked up my 6boob from ceramic coating and also got my gearbox mount. Manifold looks sexual now! Unfortunately engineered fkd up the mount a little bit and didnt make the holes that mount to the crossmember to the dimensions i specified, so he's making me up a new and improved slimmer one with adjusted measurements on it. Other than that it is perfect. Gonna bring the block size down a bit as its way bigger than it needs to be. Injectors came but still waiting on the hypertuneee. Next week will be go time as my converter will be here and hopefully hypertune will rock up too.
  9. klutched

    Gearbox adapter rocked up today, so I slapped it together. Measured the height the converter needs to be and matches what SDE have on record. Unfortunately he wont get it done till next week so I miss out on roll racing on saturday It's a nice bit of kit from dominator converters. Bolted the box up and had a look what we need to do for mounting it now that it's pushed 20mm further back. Quick design and came up with this. It should allow us to retain the factory auto crossmember. Hopefully my measurements all line up 😂😂 In other news, hypertune said the stuff is almost ready for shipping. Injectors should arrive tomorrow, not that I can put them on yet Also should hear back from the ceramic coater tomorrow as well. Found a driveshaft shop near by so I'm going to also pop in there and see if they can shorten my shaft for me. Then off to engineering shop to see if they can machine the gearbox adapter up for me in a reasonable timeframe.
  10. klutched

    So I picked up an rb30 bellhousing in the weekend. Unfortunately it didn't bolt up to my existing adapter so I sold the old one and ordered a new one this morning which should get expressed up tonight. Hopefully get it tomorrow and measure the converter height and get that finished off and sent up and also send my tailshaft off to be shortened to suit the new bellhousing. Still waiting on hypertune stuff to arrive. Fingers crossed they pull their finger out and get it up here this week so we can finish her off. Tested the fuel system for leaks, had a couple leaks from the surge tank hardlines. Pulled them off and tighened them up and nothing so far. Will give it a good testing tomorrow arvo and run the pumps for a little bit. Wired up the wideband to the ecu as well, just gotta route the cable out to the can-lambda module in the bay and that's the last bit to go out. Once the intake manifold is on, I might mess around a little bit with the harness and make it neater if we have time. Ordered intake gasket, cas seal and the oil filter housing seal and oring from kudos so should have that wednesday. Should be an interesting week 😂😂
  11. Im using the cams in my new 26 head.
  12. klutched

    Yeah mate, -10/-12 adapter with -12 pushlock and -10 90*
  13. klutched

    Not much going on at this point. Pulled hot side out and welded up the mani and sent off for ceramic coating, should be back mid next week. Pulled the motor out yesterday to do the head drain and also fix the heater hoses to the wall then dropped it back in. Everything is getting bolted in now for good. Might head down today and finish welding the exhaust and wire in the wideband and a few other things to get it ready. Little bits and pieces to sort out here and there. Have to mod powersteering pump and bring it forward to suit the rb26 ATi damper and also work something out to bring the powersteering hose straight off the pump to run to the resi in it's new location. Had a couple dramas with the gearbox situation... My new converter has been made but my converter height I need is too small for him to finish it off. So I need to source an rb30 jatco bellhousing which is about 20mm longer than my rb25(?) one and possibly an adapter to suit. Then have to my tailshaft shortened to suit and remount the gearbox. Probably dreaming a bit to get it done by next weekend now... Also still waiting in hypertune stuff to rock up.