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  1. Quick update, took her out to Roll Racing on Saturday night for a shake down run. Car went well apart from 1 small issue. Went out to give my mate a run in his 2J RX7. Waited in line then was about to do my warmup skid and coolant started pissing out the overflow bottle. Shut her down and waited for her to cool a bit and drove her back into the pits. Upon inspection we found that the fan connector plug had melted. We called it a night for racing and rigged it up straight onto the battery to get me home. Have ordered a new DT plug which should fix the issue as we just had a cheap narva plug on it. Pretty happy with how it feels at 25psi. 1st gear is a nightmare for traction so I'll have to play around with the alignment and tyre pressures and probably need to do a bit bigger skid to warm them up. Here's a few vids from the night. 20190406_174628.mp4 20190406_181444.mp4 20190406_185833.mp4 20190406_185331.mp4 20190406_181948.mp4
  2. Weather was mint in brissy today so I took her out for a stroll. Went and got the groceries, then mate decided to come round for a cruise on his bike. Of course had to hand out the smack down show him who's boss 😛 Only a little MT09, but he also has an R1 that I'll line up when we get home next weekend. Little vid with some GPS action as well. Enjoy received_389060765281324.mp4 received_2260435907506341.mp4
  3. Couple more vids, car is amazing to drive. Only thing is it chewed my a/c belt and also spat my powersteering belt after, from hitting limiter in first. What has everyone done to keep their belts on and alive?! received_1170754579751135.mp4 20190330_123530.mp4
  4. Got her on the dyno yesterday. Did a bit of a tune up but couldn't get it to hook up doing a full throttle run even easing onto it. Definitely need to get her on a dyno to finish the tune off. Got her off the dyno with mickeys bolted on and holy sheet. It holds 25psi perfectly at full throttle and mickeys grip up and take off. Booked into roll racing tonight so will be interesting how we go on first outing. Cars probably only on 700-750whp with still more timing to go at this boost. Quick vid for yas 684whp 23psi 73% throttle 8000rpm. 20190329_212838.mp4
  5. Didn't get a chance to put her on the dyno last weekend unfortunately. Should be on this friday getting it ready for roll racing on saturday. Drove her around on sat/sun gave her a few squirts for the boys. Took the missus for a drive on sunday morning before I left and f**k me it's so loud... definitely wanna look at getting a 2nd muffler in there to quieten it down. received_384272295745188.mp4 received_273740470215760.mp4
  6. Thanks mate. I got a reply from 6boost via golebys. He said this design generally doesn't start flowing through the gates until around 22psi due to the turbo not being in it's efficiency range yet. So we're gonna throw her back on dyno this weekend and see what happens. If that's correct then we should be able to get it even more responsive as the gate is cracking at 14psi, not that I think a great deal would be escaping atm. Hopefully all goes well and we can tune it to 25psi if we can get traction on rollers and maybe throw a highboost switch in for 30psi.
  7. Couple pics of her sitting pretty in the garage! I believe this is why we have boost issues... How are the gasses meant to turn like that at high velocity especially with not much backpressure... Would have thought such a big reputable brand would have a good design to control boost on their manifolds...
  8. She lives! Put my old battery back in and she fired straight up. Dropped run in oil and put some fresh stuff in along with new filter. Also topped up trans aswell. Weather is shit is bris atm got bulk storms, but managed to get a bit of dry road today Starter is still cooked, once shes hot she wont start. Have a new one on the way Heres a few vids for yas! Enjoy that sweet rb sound! received_2442457769098447.mp4 received_415608269202588.mp4 received_905892543135695.mp4
  9. Got the box back in last weekend. Filled with fluid and went to start her but my starter motor is cooked. So this weekend i've gotta put new starter in and hopefully she fires up first go...
  10. Gearbox is ready to go Pick it up tomorrow arvo on the way home. Get it in sat morning and chuck it on dyno Stay tuned
  11. Quick update guys, box is getting rebuilt this week. Hoping to pick it up on the way home from Grafton on friday after work. Gone to a billet 1500hp sonnax gearset, modified pump, new clutches, upgraded band and a few other little thing in there. So hoping to throw it in on Saturday and put her back on the dyno and we'll take off the boost cut and see what she does. Hoping it tapers off somewhere before 30psi. So fingers crossed should be out on Saturday night
  12. Havent been able to do anymore runs as the glide had a nice clicking noise coming from it. Pulled it out today and dropped it at my gearbox guy. Hes gonns pull it apart tomorrow and have a look. Im not back until the 8th of March so will be on standby until then. Ill pick the box up on the way home and throw it in on sat morning and get it back onto the dyno and sus out this boost problem. Thinking the gates arent getting the flow they need so they arent opening until they get it. We'll just have to trial and error with springs until we get a good pressure we can run for traction and go from there. So might need to look into a Co2 setup possibly.
  13. So we got it strapped down on the dyno and did a few runs but we've got some wsstegate problems. Can't flow enough to hold boost at gate pressure 14psi. Most we've got was 50% throttle but it map cuts at 20psi. Played around a little bit and did 25% TPS then ramped to 50% TPS at end but map cut and made 587whp. Thinking we need to change oil and let it eat and see what boost gets to. It should get to a point and then just taper off with whatever the gates are flowing out. 20190216_205647.mp4
  14. Yeah mate theyre the godzilla coils. Not sure on batt, think its starter now. Threw a new batt in and it does the same thing. Not enough cca to turn the big block over. Heres a half throttle half pull for ya. No timing in yet. received_635361186921229.mp4
  15. Good news, box doesn't leak now weeew!! Need to bleed up cooling system and find why my battery wont start the car. It's probably dead now because its been sitting there for 9 months doing nothing and its a few years old now.
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