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  1. Also run it in my car via the Link G4+ GTR as well. Have fuel pressure sensor and setup differential pressure to cut once it drops below nominated pressure. Still running 3x 460s full time to lazy to setup staging of 1 or 2 pumps.
  2. Not much happening lately just been chilling. Got my motor back few weeks ago with a couple upgrades on it. As you can see in the 3rd pic blocks now grouted for street use. Should strengthen her up a bit for when we try push close to 1200hp out of it. Just a bitta safety and peace of mind. Put in a -12 block breather to relieve crank case pressure to help let the oil drain down quicker and also stop my dipstick from being ziptied in 😂 I finally got it on the stand and started chipping away at everything I could do on it before head goes on. Just need to get some sealant and couple gaskets and the bottom end will be ready to go again. Also borrowed some 275s off a mate and sorta managed to squeeze them in. They are very tight and I'm not sure if they'll clear once the tyre gets some heat into it. Along with some cheap adjustable coilovers I got so I can play around with ride heights with hopes to get it to distribute weight a bit better and get some more bite on the tyres.
  3. Yep built 3.4 with a fairly big 26 head, no gas and through glide.
  4. I've just found out that the "7675" I thought I had was actually a 7175 rated to 985hp. Explains why it was so responsive and why my IATs were so high on high boost 😂 The 7275 Gen 2 should be a pretty stout turbo considering its rated at 1200hp and biggest housing offered is a .96 which should mean it will possibly spool a bit quicker than my 1.12 7175? Mine started to max out low 30s so im not sure how well matched the compressor is to the turbine but the newer wheel might make it better. I've now upgraded to a 7685 so we'll see how that goes. Will report back once shes up and running again.
  5. Not much happening lately. Sold my turbo and bought a 7685. Found out that my old turbo was actually a 7175 not a 7675 like I thought. It did well considering it is only rated to 985hp O.O Bit worried about the the new turbo being a fair bit bigger now and also going from a 1.12 to a 1.28 rear housing. Hopefully the 3.4 with my converter still gets it onto boost ok. But it will definitely rid the motor of any restrictions now. Will chuck it on the dyno and see what she makes and most likely have to drive around on low boost to have any chance of hooking up 😂 Definitely need to sort out some suspension, diff gears and some 275s...
  6. Selling my PTE 7675 1.12 turbo. Turbos mint condition no shaft play. Ceramic coated rear housing. Selling due to going bigger. Made 1021hp on 35psi Will come with front cover in 3rd pic with 3.5" vibrant clamp SAU special 3k Pick up Brisbane Northside but can post at buyers expense. Listed elsewhere
  7. Not much has been happening with her lately. We've made a new catch can as the old one was restricting it and pushing a bit of oil into it at roll racing. Was having to drain it before eliminations, now with the new one we went the whole night without draining it. Got home and there was about 150-200mL of fuel/oil which is a lot better than what it was considering it still has 2x1.2 feeds into the head. Next time we pull the motor down ill be blocking the center feed which will hopefully sort it out completely. Car has been going well at roll racing. We've found the limit of the tyres at around 28psi boost. Timed with the dragy have been running a 4.1 100-200km/h time out there which is still half a second off the quickest RWD car out there. Getting out of the hole is the hardest part being restricted to only being able to go 40-50% throttle until hi gear to avoid wheel spin. Now looking into going 3.7 diff gears which should allow us to get off the mark a bit better. Hopefully try and get that done before next roll racing. Also new tyres are needed and I also want to get some coilovers for the front to raise it up as she is sitting very low with the new setup. Raising it should help transfer the weight onto the rear wheels a bit better. We will probably end up going to a 275/60 MT which will open up a whole other can of worms. Will have to do a bit of modding back there to get the 28" tyre to fit as it will be very snug. In the meantime I'm going to get some smaller spacers and pull a tad bit more camber out in the back to try and get that little bit extra contact on the tyre.
  8. So I've done a bit of research but haven't been able to find a concrete answer. I want to get s15 3.69 gears into my R33 non abs diff. I have read that the S15's are apparently short nose but not sure if the gears will go into my short nose diff as there is an abs sensor on the front of the S15 diff like the R33 ABS diff but R33 is a long nose. Can anyone confirm if I need an ABS long nose diff to put the S15 gears into or will they work on my non ABS short nose? Thanks
  9. My 7675 put down 1021hp @35psi. Turbos out of puff though. Setup is 26/30, spool 3.4 stroker, 7675 1.14 twin scroll twin gate. 20190525_122858.mp4
  10. Finally got her on the hubber today! Put my 3rd fuel pump into the surge tank last night and upgraded the alternator cable. Car is on point! Ran out of turbo at 35psi making a whopping 1021hp! Can't wait to dial her in and see what she's got down the 1/4. 20190525_122858.mp4
  11. Few more vids from the sideline at rolls received_408061369925210.mp4 received_2347932412199206.mp4 received_373891733228804.mp4 received_1300076693489830.mp4 received_389357144999112.mp4
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