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  1. ^You wont regret it and your rotors will eternally thank you
  2. I also vote for stock hg but if you must use the mls coat it with copper spray.
  3. Thanks for the offer but i just picked something up yesterday. Always the way with wtb, something comes up after its already sorted. Cheers Bill [emoji106]
  4. Pull your finger out and get cracking son. FYI, i have 18 x 9 +22 all round with 265/35. Fit good. Rear guards are rolled a bit, running -2 camber and front has unrolled +20mm fenders. With 265 on 9 inch there is about 5-7mm clearance to the upright.
  5. Good decision. The skyline must stay[emoji106]
  6. 265/30/19 ad08r in vgc x 2. Around 70% tread remaining and fairly even wear. July 2013 production but have been stored correctly, wrapped in plastic and kept out of the elements. Soft to the touch. These retail at over $500 each brand new, asking $300 for the pair. Get yourself a bargain. Located in s.e Melbourne suburbs. Prefer pick up but will ship if you organise your own courier like e-go etc. Check below pics for condition and tread depth. Thanks for looking. $300 for pair Contact via pm or text me on zero 40229474 zero. Cheers Bill.
  7. X2 for this message method
  8. Bump
  9. Yeah i figured that. My daily commute to work is only a 15 min drive and i take it easy most of the way waiting for the oil to get up to temp. By the time that happens, im nearly there. In saying that, i drove to work today with it open all the way, other than leaving my driveway and street. Wasn't too bad, it's great to have the option of shutting it up at the touch of a button. It's a fart cannon by the way. Oval would have been great but when your sifting through the 2nd hand market, beggars cant be choosers.
  10. I just went for my first drive with the varex on the back of the HKS hi power (f**king obnoxiously loud version), its still ridiculous loud when open but quiet as a mouse while closed. Idle still has a bit if beef to it even closed. I think while commuting it will be mostly closed and only opened for the odd shenanigan or two and track days. For my total outlay of $260, 60 for used hks system and 200 for used varex + reach around for welding dude at work, im as happy as Larry. If it gives me the shits in the long run, ill revert to my trusty, rusty Nismo. Btw, the rocker switch from jaycar works ace, ive positioned it behind the cup holder, next to those useless coin holder slots.
  11. Power up the motor with direct 12 volts and see if its still working. If motor works, then it will be the remote box playing up. In that case just hard wire it to a switch. Thats what ive done with mine.