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  1. Did you say splitter, look what you've made me do now. Splitter V1, 100mm overhang, made with 8mm marine ply bolted to the cross member, 10 rivnuts on bumper lip and 2 steel rods attached to rad support panel. I should block off the unecessary holes gaps but ill test it first and then make V2 out of a better material. Was hoping to test it at Sandown tomorrow but weather is not looking good, may have to wait. Had some company as well.
  2. admS15

    Well, not really local then. Im near dandenong in Melbourne. Just buy a new rad from eBay and have it delivered. Job done.
  3. admS15

    Just buy a new one. They're not very expensive. Where are you located, i have a good second hand one you can have for cheap if you're local.
  4. Have also experienced same issues as robzilla, also last weekend i was getting an error message when logging into the main site about my emails bouncing and that i should change my email. I tried to change my email address but it wouldn't let me. A couple of days later, i started to get emails again, although sporadically. In my opinion, the app used to work perfectly before the big upgrade around a year ago. Notifications where instant and everything worked as it should. Things have been hit and miss ever since. I will add that i also did change phones somewhere along the line from a sony z3 to a oppo f1s which is also a little hit and miss but pretty sure the issues started before my phone change. Its not the end of the world this stuff is happening but it was nice when everything was functioning perfectly.
  5. Thanks man, which car where you in?
  6. Was just on Tapatalk, has been fixed recently anyway.
  7. admS15

    What brake pads and which master cylinder are you using with the evo brembos?
  8. admS15

    -16 is weak. -45 is where it's at.
  9. admS15

    Yes, avoid cometic hg on SR's. Mine lasted a few years and then started to leak from combustion chamber into water jackets in a few spots and that was with arp 2000 head studs doing the clamping. I replaced it with a Nitto. Was pricey but meant to be the goods. I also hear good things about cosworth hg's and are a bit cheaper i believe.
  10. admS15

    Pics, vid not loading
  11. admS15

    Yeah out of those options 9.0 would be the go.
  12. admS15

    If the plan is to run constantly on e85 9.5 or even 10:1. Will help off boost and lower rpm dramatically considering no vct and on e85 knock wont be an issue at all. Will need conservative timing and boost on 98 though.
  13. Looking back at the results, everyone in my group struggled. Ferarri 488 GTB (500k supercar) 1.41 Porsche 911TT Carrera S 1.39 VF HSV R8 1.40 Considering the above cars all have electronic trickery to help them out, the skyline still did ok with nothing, not even abs but yeah wasn't fun. Quickest cars on the day Porsche cup car on proper wets (driver has balls made of steel) 1.29 Ex HSV V8 Supercar on wets 1.33.4 A couple of Renault Clio 172's ran 1.42 and 1.43 but that was on a 95% dry track. In summary, got beaten by a bloody Clio 172 at Sandown. Demoralising.
  14. Definitely needed luck, unfortunately didn't get any. There was parts of the day where it was 90% dry but whenever my group was up it seemed to start raining again, no dry sessions at all. Was a struggle to get under 1:50, was like driving a rudderless ship. Managed a 1:44.5, easily the worst track day I've ever done weather wise. Rwd skylines with a bit of power and standing water at Sandown is not a good mix or fun. Other than non existent traction,car ran good and made it home in 1 piece. Overall feels like it was a big waste of time and money, now i need to book another Sandown day soon. Such is track life.
  15. Next track day is coming up this Sunday. Its round 2 of the vic supersprint championship at Sandown. The weather at this stage isn't looking great but I'll keep my fingers crossed. Everyone's in the same boat anyway, especially if they're driving an R33. Hopefully we get a dry run, im keen to see how the new diff and 4.3 ratio goes. Hoping to not have to use 2nd gear anywhere.