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  1. admS15

    Yes, its like the stagea and most other Nissans of the era.
  2. Its Friday, Robo's probably had a few at the pub and doesn't know what he's saying.
  3. admS15

    That looks vorked...
  4. admS15

    Just an older normal kaaz. I run 265 yoko ad08r, they're not enough. R specs or proper drag radials get the power down much better.
  5. admS15

    I have a kaaz lsd but im only rwd. Good tyres help. You won't have any issues with 4wd unless you have some rediculous amount of horsepower.
  6. admS15

    Yes that does make sense, just giving my feedback as I've used both ratios and op was asking about the 4.3 ratio. Anyways, carry on.
  7. admS15

    1st to 3rd is quite snappy. With 420whp, traction is a bit of an issue. If you can get it to grip, it goes like a rocket. 4th, the speed just keeps piling on. You won't notice too much of a difference vs 4.11 other than a little quicker through the gears and a couple hundred higher rpm at cruising speed in 5th.
  8. admS15

    Around town driving the 4.3 is fine, will happily cruise at 60kph in 5th. Highway is a little annoying if exhaust is loud. I have a varex muffler on mine, i just shut the valve and its nice and quiet cruising at 100kph. I have 4.36 im my 33gtst, have hit 243kph at around 6000rpm in 5th on the racetrack, i estimate top speed would be around 260 so still plenty of top end speed.
  9. admS15

    Condoms work better
  10. They do appear to be. Looks like a set of V4 Simmons.
  11. No no no, GTST's should be thrashed like a $2 hooker.
  12. Buy an R35, comes with that crap standard. Would be gay on an R34.
  13. Only the R32 GTR looks good... [emoji3]
  14. I drove my R33 GTST at 10 tenths at various race tracks and although i didn't find my correctly functioning hicas intrusive, the car felt a lot better once it was removed.