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  1. Stab in the dark internet diagnosis. Fuel pump issue, either not getting enough voltage (wiring, alternator issue etc.) or dying pump. This is also assuming that your wide band is reading correctly and is accurate.
  2. Is this on a 25 or 30 block. I've heard of guys using double washers on 25/30 conversions but not on a standard 25.
  3. Probably the kinugawa actuator, those things are pretty hit and miss. I have a 21u hf on my r33. Using a standard actuator with a few mm extra preload controlled by ecu via 3 port mac valve. Easily holds 19psi throughout the rev range, maybe drops .5 - 1 psi at 7k rpm. Also running a shitty return flow cooler. You definitely have a problem somewhere, that is not typical behaviour for a Hypergear hf turbo.
  4. Im with Ben. LSA would be my choice.
  5. admS15

    Circuit Semi Slicks

    Tread pattern almost looks like Ad08r
  6. I reckon 40k will get me to the top of that time sheet. Close enough to it anyway.
  7. Na poofs are more impressed by bm's and golf r's. Chicks love skyline's, the spool gets em wet and the panties drop.
  8. Im using the cometic one. Is very rigid indeed. No issues with it.
  9. To add to that, my own 33 gtst with a simple highflow turbo has run a 1:22.7 (2 tenths off that m2), driven to and from track and is a daily driver albeit slightly less comfortable than an m2 comp.
  10. Todays results from a track day at Sandown. Look what's above the m2 competition. Yes the 33 is nowhere near stock but neither is the bm. Johnny, your boat would chop both those cars and you'd have plenty of $ left for hookers and coke.
  11. f**k man, thats an elaborate fuel system. That's some Don Mega shit right there...
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