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  1. Just filed for voluntary chapter 11 bankruptcy to protect their long term future due to covid. Is being sold to a private equity group for $2.1 biliion. https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a34109553/turbocharger-maker-garrett-files-bankruptcy-protection/
  2. I've found your new car. If it lasts as long as the the previous one he supplied for you, you're laughing.
  3. There's a pipe at the rear of the engine that connects the two banks, the coolant sensor is in that. It could also be the wiring that goes to the sensor, that should be inspected. Here is a diagram with the location highlighted.
  4. Try unplugging the coolant temp sensor and then try starting
  5. Its usually crank or cam sensors. Google instructions on how to pull fault codes from the ecu and it should pinpoint which sensor it is. There's a dance you do with the acc pedal and ignition key. Best to use a stopwatch when trying to do it. All info is available on this site via Google.
  6. Man, that sucks. Very sad news, sorry it happened to you. f**ken Nissan's.
  7. Must have got the danger to gearbox warning light.
  8. I do remember seeing you on the infield a few times. Should be able to mow quicker now. I had an s chassis once, S15. It was a good lawn mower till it went too far and hit a tyre barrier taking out the whole drivers side. Oops. I haven't been able to look at grass the same way again.
  9. Yep, should of taken up scomo on cashing out 20k worth of super. Would of been half way there, lol.
  10. Excuse 1: been there twice over 5 years Excuse 2: street car bro, driven to and from track. Excuse 3: will chop you next time 4 sure after i go big NASA spec.
  11. Never hit the limiter or used the two step. Always shifted at 5k rpm and double clutched the way i should of, lol. @ActionDan they're my times he's on about. Winton was at your clubs track day a year or two ago on quite used kangs. I believe there was a bees dick between our times on the day. I've only been to winton twice, there is at least another second to find out there easily.
  12. All the 33's in vic for 20k are not really moving. I look at the ads and pick things wrong with all of them. Shouldn't be more than 10k really. Considering the current bullshit market, i value my car at $27999, never thrashed and only 97000 km on the factory Nismo cluster😉 which oops I forgot adds 5k value, so make that $32999. Bargain.
  13. Flutters gets the s l u t t e r s. Farken woosh.
  14. Doesn't appear to be. Chequered has a dynapack dyno. The result of this was on a mainline.
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