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  1. nsw/act 

    Have you ever bought anything from them? I came across them a couple of times but was too scared to buy.
  2. Same, sensor tends to read around 79-80% (genuine gm continental). Only ever diluted it with 98 once, took ages to get back up to 79-80%
  3. Very nice work with the af gauge[emoji106], I may have to copy.
  4. Third that. Will be easier, cheaper, better and hold much better value when it comes time to sell.
  5. They're quite acceptable on the street, they have a fair bit less bite when cold than sr but still good, a minor amount of squeel occasionally. On the track, once up to temp they are fantastic, could brake a little later. In the first session they felt odd, may have not bedded in enough. Not sure if I'd go type d again or go back to sr. I'll let you know after I've had some more time with them.
  6. Of course, that thing was a slow bucket of shit, commodores where struggling against it though🤔
  7. Sounds about right for all highway
  8. A couple more from last weekend
  9. And from previous sandown events. To answer you question from yesterday Grant, of course I was quicker than the Ferrari, can't you see it behind me. As if a skyline isn't faster than a 458 GT3, can't believe you needed to ask, lol
  10. Looks like the pics from the other day where lost in the dramas with the server, so here they are again. This was last weekend.
  11. Start with a compression test on the engine. If its healthy 280 is no problem at all. Standard clutch will not do the job. Npc organic clutch will be perfect.
  12. Seems like the 2nd clip posted above isn't showing on mobile so here it is again. Shiiiitt...
  13. Yeah man, that was not a save. That was just really good luck. I had the wheels steered to the right until the car came to almost a stop and then turned them left to steer away from the fence. Was just a passenger. I think I figured out the limit of me, the car and that turn, Lol. The reliability dramas have been occurring, hopefully I get on top of it by the next time I take it out. I'm stoked with the time, car has more in it, I missed 3rd gear coming on to the straight on the fast lap and had a pretty bad exhaust leak. Overall, very happy.
  14. It's been a while since i've updated. I've done 2 more track days, both at sandown (it's close to home). The car has had a few little tweaks, rear ride height was raised 15-20mm , rear sway bar set to stiffer spot, front sway bar 1 position stiffer. The first track day was run in this configuration, the day started well and the car showed potential almost matching my pb on the first flying lap but it was not to be, the rest of the day was a struggle with intercooler pipe dramas and misfire at high rpm. Fast forward and some splitfire coilpacks where purchased and fitted, as well as some intima type d pads, i tried running 1mm spark gaps but that didn't work out so i settled at .8. Hit sandown again yesterday and again had issues in the morning with misfire, gapped the plugs to .7 and all was well. The type d pads took some getting used to compared to the sr, i found they needed a heat cycle to actually start working well and required more pedal force, with that said they stopped bloody well. A new PB of 1:24.30 was set in the 2nd session, 0.7 faster than previous PB as well as 2 other laps under that before more intercooler pipe dramas surfaced. I need to go through all the clamps and replace them all as they've seen better days. There was also an odd noise coming from the turbo area throughout the day. Turns out it was an exhaust leak as i worked out this morning when i cold started it to drive to work. Hot side will most likely have to be removed to fix. Damn cars, lol. Video of fastest lap and a bit of a shit my pants moment, i'll just leave this here.
  15. As far as brakes go, unless your doing a lot of track work, the standard setup with good fluid, pads and air guides for cooling work well. They work well on track too but the pads won't last more than 2-3 track days. If you decide on staying stock, try intima Sr next time around. They will provide better bite and fade resistance than your current pads Edit. If you get serious about brakes, you may want to go bigger than 350z brembo, something like hardsteppa got (ATTKD brake Kit) from just jap. Although significantly more than 1k.