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  1. admS15

    Thanks Robyn and of course will be at the sau track day
  2. admS15

    Hi Robyn, i paid for my membership renewal on the 9/8 via PayPal. Pp wouldn't let me put my details in, so i sent an email to sau vic secretary. I haven't gotten a reply and ill need my new membership card in the next 2-3 weeks for an upcoming track day. My email is Can you please look into it for me. Thanks in advance.
  3. admS15

    So what brand and model are the tyres?
  4. I've run both on the street and am ok with either. Type d does need a little heat to perform at its best but still works ok cold. If the car is only doing the odd track day here and there then SR is more than enough.
  5. admS15

    20 inch rim and 35 profile tyre is the problem there, not enough tyre wall, not to mention a good quality 20 inch tyre would be big $. An 18 inch wheel with 245/45/18 woul be heaps better.
  6. Intima sr or intima type d for more frequent track use.
  7. 2003mdl Autech Axis 209KW AWD 2.5lt turbo 145 000km . Very good condition for age. Some minor Knicks and scratches, nothing big. Totally stock standard except for front brakes which have been upgraded to r34 gtt 4 pot callipers and 310mm discs, intima sr front pads and remsa rear pads. Will also come with standard brakes if you want them. Also fitted with roof rack and alarm/immobilizer. Turbo was replaced at 135k km with a low km (65000) standard unit, oil feed was upgraded to a braided one at the same time. Plenty more life in this turbo. Autech cream leather interior with heated front seats. Ac climate control works beautifully. Has aftermarket Android 5.1 head unit, cd/dvd/nav/obd reader system with 2017 navteq maps and hobdrive obd software connected to factory bose sound system. Spark plugs and diff/transmission fluids replaced at 120k and wont need to be done again till at least 200k. Coolant done at 140k. Engine Oil and filter will also be replaced prior to sale. I have serviced this car personally and oil has been replaced every 5k km using penrite synthetic. This car has been well looked after and has plenty of life left in it. Myself and previous owner are both sau members who have treated this m35 well. The only negatives are rear split window in the tailgate doesn't open (possibly the switch), rear tailgate struts need regass or replace. A squeeky bush in the front suspension (only in really cold weather) Reg till 31/10/18 $6200 as is or $6800 with RWC. Located in s.e suburbs of Melbourne. These are old pics but still looks the same. Will update with current pics when i get some time.
  8. admS15

    Standard inbuilt m35 feature, mine does the same.
  9. admS15

    It doesn't have a timing belt. Chain driven.
  10. admS15

    I just wait till the oil pressure light comes on, that way there's no dirty oil left to contaminate the fresh stuff. Works good
  11. admS15

    Mine did 163rwkw stock everything, boost t 10psi and a 3inch nismo cat back. No r and r. On a dd roller dyno. Surprised no one has mentioned ls1 yet.
  12. admS15

    You wont need the z32 afm for that power. Power fc, boost t, 3 inch exhaust and 11-12 psi will get you around 250-260rwhp. An r34 gtt turbo will get you closer to 280. You'll probably need a proper intercooler too. You're in Japan, so parts shouldn't be hard to come by.
  13. admS15

    Can i ask where you are located? If you're in Australia, then nistune is going to be a better solution than an safc and won't cost much either. You just need a factory nissan r32/z32 ecu, probably $100 2nd hand and a new nistune board installed is probably around 4-500 aud. It will plug straight in, no messy wiring and will work well, have modern features and be fully tuneable. Sounds like you've made your mind up but that's my 2c worth. Good luck.
  14. admS15

    ^love the number plate [emoji106]
  15. admS15

    Just got another quote for full comp by $650 for $17400 worth of cover. Much betterer.