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  1. admS15

    At a guess, im going to say the switch at the brake pedal.
  2. admS15

    I have nismo 740's on mine. Idle on 98 is horrible, e85 is fine. Im making just over 300 rwkw on e85 and they get above 90% duty cycle at times. Go the modern injectors is my advice. The only good thing about nismos is that they drop in with no mods.
  3. admS15

    Thats good to know. For decent power genuine is the only way to go.
  4. admS15

    Guys, just make sure whatever coils you settle on that they're genuine. There's been quite a few reports that the yaris coils supplied by golebys aren't genuine Toyota. Im sure its been talked about on Sau before.
  5. Barra 530nm + @ 2000rpm RB26 <200nm @ 2000 rpm The RB does sing a beautiful song though
  6. Just run it on united e10 (95 octane) just dont go ringing its neck everywhere and understand that it wont run as crisp as the ecu will most probably start retarding the timing. Otherwise buy yourself a commodore, feed it 91 and thrash its tits off [emoji3]
  7. disconnect wastegate and check flapper operation on turbo housing. If it doesn't open and close smoothly by hand, could possibly be the issue. Would be a good place to start anyways.
  8. There's a guy who's cracked the vq25det m35 stagea ecu. Google ITS rom. I know he advertises on ebay, Facebook and is a member on SAU. Cant remember his user name but if you can track him down, would be worth asking him the question and seeing if there's anything he can do for you. Removing a speed limiter should be childs play for him if he can communicate with your ecu.
  9. Do you have a wide band at least? If not, will be a very wise investment.
  10. My shitbox also has a horrendous alarm install. Previous owner paid over $1500 for it, looks like a 1 handed monkey installed it from what i've seen. Surprisingly over 10 years later the place that fitted it is still around.