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  1. Crank it up to 250rwkw, it can handle it. Don't be weak..
  2. You mean 2 and a half months
  3. So what happened, did you find another work shop or go with the same one?
  4. Oi, where's mi eye fillet Kent[emoji12] ?
  5. I wouldn't not doubt the coilpacks in that assumption. I'm not saying that it is your coils either but if they're weak it shows up when boost and power increases. As above, if buying new coils stay away from the bright coloured ones unless they're the bluey purple ones, otherwise OEM or conversion. I'm going to entertain the R and R theory.
  6. Maybe in murica
  7. Genuine Nissan. It's not that expensive and will give you peace of mind.
  8. They may be showing moose pressures
  9. Just do it[emoji818]
  10. The splits are definitely getting on at 10 years. It would be good if you could borrow a known good set off someone for a quick test. I'd offer you mine but pretty sure the 33 S2 are different from the neo ones.
  11. Add price according to forum for sale rules or you'll get plenty of people like me being idiots.
  12. Are you bidding against me or does my 99c bid still stand, lol.
  13. Give yourself a pat on the back. Great to see people having a go. DIY is the way to go for most of these minor little odd jobs[emoji106]
  14. Yes you could get to or close to 200rwkw on a stock turbo. I wouldn't go over 11-12psi as the ceramic turbine wheels tend to snap off. If you're already getting injectors you could highflow the stock turbo for around $900. Will get you to 250-260rwkw. Will also need a better fuel pump, better airflow meter unless the ems runs map sensor, Afm won't be required.