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  1. Found engine tuned. Surprised they didn't try to claim that's why the thermostat housing failed and charge you an arm and a leg. Anyway Das Auto volksfarken
  2. This is beyond Nasa, it's Area 51 level don corleone mega spec.
  3. Of course, it was a little hard to come by and difficult to travel through time to get 1 without it but got there in the end. It's those damn school holidays i tell you. They must also put funny stuff in the water over in Europe too.
  4. This had happened to my goggo mobile many years ago. If i recall correctly, it was a broken fretz.. Once fixed, it dosed hard with 2.8 bar nitto stroker 2 stroke diesel.
  5. I want to learn how to spool
  6. I think that one's Fat Tony's. He's got nothing on Don Mega.
  7. The reading with the new sensor looks low, the first pic of this thread with the original sensor looked pretty normal to me. That's what mine looks like at 87°.
  8. HKS T51R twins will give 2.8 bar @ max spool
  9. I think you will find that is the case. The position the original sensor was showing looked about right.
  10. Need to join your local friendly motorcycle enthusiast chapter so you can feel and look the part.
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