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  1. That looks like a tow hook that attaches to the front of the car. Probably behind the front number plate or anywhere else on the front bar where there is a small removable section.
  2. Assuming the shell you bought has an Australian compliance plate you will just need to get a rwc and register the car in your state. New number plates will then be provided to you.
  3. To op, thanks for putting the results up. Good to see someone put up some factual data[emoji106]
  4. Why do you need to pull the j pipe off? I can remove and replace coils and plugs with it in place. I use a 1/2 inch uni swivel attachment to get no.4 spark plug out.
  5. 4 inch exhaust or 4 inch tip?
  6. Should of got a red one. Everyone knows red is faster[emoji6]
  7. 4k is a very good price for what's on offer. This is a perfect start for a cheap track hack. Glws.
  8. 10k order 1 for me too please[emoji106]
  9. You could get a metal bush made up and insert into the 14mm holes and then just use your 12mm bolts. Or if the threads are in the adapter use a time sert or helicoill to reduce the size. I know of people who have used both methods successfully. When I was in a similar situation, I just drilled out the holes to 14mm and had some reducer bushes made up just in case I ever wanted to revert to stock calipers.
  10. I think the mx5 guy your talking about with 191rwkw also had an Na one with 90 something rwkw and was still very very competitive. Turbo did 1.22 -23 around sandown and the Na did 1.25-26 from memory. The performance came from weight reduction. Anything that could be removed was and everything else lightened. Think fibre glass panels, carbon roof, carbon drivers seat etc. Very impressive what those little things can do but just like anything $ need to be spent. Skylines and Silvias are still great track cars and can be made very quick without mega $ spending. Think, richos r33. That is 1 quick machine that cost a modest amount focusing on the things that needed to be done. He could make that thing substantially quicker with bulk $ put into it.
  11. I also vote ecu. Mine is an adaptronic running a mac valve on a internal gate setup and the boost graph looks very similar too kiwis above.
  12. No probs, glad to be able to help out. So the R33 joiner was exactly the same size?