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  1. Don't assume the worse yet. Could be as simple as a dodgy thrust bearing. The oil is your fortune teller and should give you a direction to follow.
  2. I had a similar issue with a new box after 1 track day. When I drained the oil, it told the story. Let's just say it glittered like gold. Im not sure exactly what went wrong as I didn't have it pulled apart as the nice chaps at Nissan where nice enough to replace it with another new one. Thank you Mr Nissan, I bow down to you. I'm assuming it was a broken/stripped synchro. It was still selecting and had drive in all gears but was making a whine noise. At first I thought it was a bad turbo bearing but then realised the noise went away when stepping on the clutch pedal. From memory I think the whine got quieter in 4th gear. Sounds very similar to what you're describing, hopefully not.
  3. Came to see if this was a BMW thread yet. Very happy to see RBLYFE continues and ONLY at 2.2 bar. I very much approve. Please continue.
  4. Welcome, video of disintegrating Bridgestones not loading. Please rectify asap😀
  5. I've said before and I'll say it again. Love the number plate, how very appropriate 👍
  6. Sounds like you're Greggin it again. It does seem like you've nearly sorted everything. Onwards and upwards. P.s thanks for the chuckle and making me feel good about my own car diy misadventures, lol. Carry on sir.
  7. If the danger to manifold light didn't come on, it's all good. Keep sending it and post more vids.
  8. Nice, video of over 9k rpm pull not loading.. VTEC YO.
  9. Was in the same predicament with just cars/AAMI, covered for 8k. Went to enthusiasts, now covered for 25k full comp for around the same price as the AAMI bomb insurance.
  10. This is precisely why i have refrained from tracking it but i probably will as the 33 is becoming too valuable to crash (wow, can't believe that's a reality). The skyline will always have a place, coz skidz. Every enthusiast needs skidz in their life and wrong wheel drives have no business doing skids. Speaking of the skyline, im going to put it on club reg soon. Vic is changing the age requirement from 25 to 30 years. Gotta get it done before October or wait another 5 years.
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