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  1. No money fix = chemiweld. Google it, sometimes works great, sometimes not so great. Chuck in 2 bottles for double the luck, then do mad skids to check if it worked 🙃
  2. Good idea. Out of warranty euro is a big risk unless it's a known reliable model. Then it's just a calculated slightly smaller risk.
  3. Coolant top up does not sound good. I know of another bloke who bought a brand new s3 for his wife and from new was losing coolant, eventually audi pulled the head and fixed the issue. Not sure exactly what it was but its fixed now.
  4. Theres a bloke down in Melbourne tracking an audi TTRS. Only mods are brake pads, intake, down pipe and tune. Made 304awkw. Has lapped Phillip island in 1:48 and Sandown in 1:20 on street tyres (Pirelli p zero). Has been doing it for a couple of years now and had no issues other than wear and tear of brakes and tyres. That's quite rapid and looks like an everyday car, the only thing that gives anything away is the carbon intake that's probably worth about as much as my r33.
  5. Ive been running anti lag launch (sensibly if there is such a thing) it's been a couple of years, at least 100 antilag launches performed and had no issues so far. Recently had the head off, valves where good as gold. Had them cleaned and thrown back in. Unless your going for huge power it's not really required, if you're going to upgrade anyway, then go bigger. That will at least sort of justify the spend and aid flow and power.
  6. You need to run a resistor with them. Do a google or ebay search. I used some Phillips ones and then some chinesium ones on my audi, both worked although i never did the indicator globes.
  7. Na, bought about 5-6 weeks ago. Also nothing mentioned in ad, poor photos. A dike in Brunswick owned it.
  8. Nice pickup. Sounds like it's had all the expensive maintenance the turbo model requires done too. They're definitely a hoot to drive. Mine also has a sunroof and leather, pov spec otherwise. Came with a couple little bonuses, -15% supercharger pulley, cold air box and an ati balancer. The parts car has a -17% pulley, gp model intercooler, headers, exhaust, 450cc injectors, cold air box and remapped ecu, ecu flash tool. Also has some adj control arms at the back and 3 good 16" bbs rims with ad08r tyres. Im going to transfer everything good over to mine, should be pretty potent after that. Then part out the rest and hopefully make a nice little profit. That's the plan anyway, we'll see what happens.
  9. I recently got one of these, supercharged model, was sub 5k. Actually i bought 2, 2nd is a parts car i got for 2k with fruit to be picked. Fun to drive and you can actually put your foot down without licence losing consequences. Im happy with it but still got nothing on the skyline when it comes to smiles per rpm. Mini isn't much more practical either, but fuel use is pretty damn good.
  10. I have a g3 high flow, circa 2016-2017. Made 260rwkw @ 18psi on p98 and 312rwkw@ 20psi on united e85. 18psi by 3400-3500 in 4th gear, makes around 10psi at 3000rpm. Pretty damn good for a bush bearing.
  11. Well, it is pretty close to school holidays...
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