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  1. Yep, those compression results aren't the best. Could, just be top end related but totally understand your position now. I'd be looking to rebuild too if i was going to fit either of those turbos. Carry on👍
  2. My mummy says to be careful of strangers on the internet but you seem to be alright, consider yourself friended. Now, before you go pulling everything apart. What are your goals? power, type of use etc. How many kms currently on the car and what is the condition of it and the engine? If the engine is healthy and your horse power goal is not very big, you may not need to rebuild it at all. Nissan did a good job with the RB engines and unless it's had a very hard life and not looked after it may be ok. I'd be spending time to assess the health of the engine before pulling apart. We have a saying around here 'don't let the Nissan out' Which means, don't pull engine apart unless absolutely necessary.
  3. I remember you where talking about selling yours when they where only going for 25-30k. Imagine how stupid you'd be feeling right now. So the golf is gone now? How many k's had you racked up?
  4. I've had similar thoughts, wrote an ad to sell the skyline but then common sense or not so common sense prevails. CAN NOT SELL SKYLINE..
  5. I have thought about cashing in. Got as far as writing up the ad, was going to ask for 27k but just couldn't bring myself to actually put the ad up. It came down to what would be a worthy replacement that could do everything the GTST does and put the same smile on my face. I couldn't come up with a worthy replacement for that sort of money, so it stays.
  6. I haven't daily'd mine for nearly 2 years now. Been rocking a Mini Cooper S. I miss driving it, I may just start dailying it again so it can be enjoyed. What's the point of owning it, if I'm hardly ever driving it. Although prices have skyrocketed, they're still just a GTST shitbox. As far as insurance, enthusiasts seem to be a fair bit cheaper than shannons and do decent values.
  7. Still daily driving the GTST?
  8. I usually squirt a bit of oil on the pads and rotors. Does the trick, makes them super silent. Warning. Don't try this at home, i am a trained professional.
  9. Fark brah, give the man some time. We expect skid vid by close of business today. Chop chop, get to it Mr MLR.
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