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  1. Sorry to hear about the scumbags, it's something we all fear but glad to see this thing back running again and getting out there where it should be. Looks and sounds great, love those rocker covers Roy, they're awesome 👍
  2. You can also add adjustable offset bushes with the cusco that give an additional 0.5 degree neg camber. Max you can get is around -3° neg. A little more if you modify the cusco arm as described by hardsteppa.
  3. Awesome work so far and happy to see the correct number of turbos in the last pics. Following 👍
  4. Shouldn't have any crank case breathing issues 🤣
  5. It's not showing now for me but was earlier when dosepipe posted. Unfortunately still can't see recent posts. The latest post i can see is from 4 days ago. Only reason I saw this post is because I've subscribed to the thread.
  6. Yes I'm sure they're there but I can't seem to find them. I give up, I'll come back in a week and hopefully it's sorted.
  7. I don't know what's going on but i can see any posts from today in my activity stream. Surely there's new posts from today.
  8. Hi Prank, it seems that time and date are not been displayed with posts so when scrolling through a thread you have no idea when they where made. Also since the update i have been getting a message saying my emails are bouncing. I did update email address and received a confirmation message but the stupid pop up still exists. Please check it out when time permits. Thanks 👍
  9. After seeing this thread pop up again, i decided to check my 33 out too. The towers on mine also seem fine but i could see some rust on the seem closer to the wing panel on drivers side, 5-7cm section. I lifted the seem and the rust wasn't bad at all, i cleaned it up and got it bare then used some rust coverter before priming, dabbing some paint on and then resealing. Ive made the decision to at some point remove all the seam sealer along the whole length and towers on both sides to check what may be lurking for piece of mind. Does anyone have any recommendations on what the correct product is for seam sealing?
  10. Another budget contender is Federal rsrr. Just to simply things. Yokohama A050, Hankook z221, nankang ar1, dunlop dz03, nitto nt01, toyo r888 etc. are proper r spec track only tyres. Some are road legal but you would only use them to drive to and from the track. Yokohama Ad08r, Hankook rs3/4, nankang n2r, federal rsrr etc. are more street oriented motorsport tyres, not true r spec semi slicks. Any of the above will serve your purpose well, the r spec will give you a fair bit more grip. Since you have spare wheels, i would be going with the cheapest r spec i could get my hands on. There could be an advantage using the non r specs, if you don't end up doing as much track work as originally planned, they could always be put to use as street tyres. Good luck with your deliberations.
  11. Also Yokohama Ad08r are buy 3 get 1 free till the end of 0ctober
  12. Have you seen what r33's are currently going for with covid tax and yes they are changing hands. If you want to get rid of it, now is the time. Bang a second hand motor in it and send it on.
  13. Im going to be that guy and say the opposite of dosepipe. AR1 bang for buck cant be beat. I seem to be able to have grip for 5-6 laps before needing a cool down lap. My best ever time was on lap 8. My current set has completed 190 laps so far and still look great. My first set went close to 300 laps, started going backwards at around 250. Unfortunately can't upload pics as the forum isn't allowing files larger than 2mb for some reason. Maybe the server has covid. But if you can get z221 handcocks cheap, then it's a no brainer.
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