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  1. Suppose ill just use what is easiest to get. I do prefer oem though.
  2. @Dose Pipe Sutututu are supertech valve stem seals better than oem. Couldn't find the ones i thought i had in the shed, i was looking for oem replacements but came across these.
  3. Studs, yokes, washers where replaced not too long ago, except for the ones i couldn't get out. Yes it will be easier now the head is off but since its going to a shop, they can deal with it. The manifold that was on it, was warped badly. I have 2 spare straight ones to choose from. Anyway, had a good look over everything today, dismantled the head. Cleaned the block surface. Old gasket looks to be in very good condition and there's no evidence of a path where coolant was getting in to the cylinder. Will see what the head shop says tomorrow. @KiwiRS4T all the exhaust ports look like that, it's like the head is 2 pieces and pressed together although it's not. Lol
  4. I happen to have a set of new valve stem seals in the shed somewhere. Will most likely get done.
  5. Assuming you're talking about inside the exhaust port, i think that is how they are cast but i will have a better look at it again tomorrow and compare to the rest. Thanks kiwi[emoji106]
  6. Sparkies look good, no variance in colour. All pretty clean. I have been thinking about springs and seals. Going to get the head shop to check them and advise. Still trying to keep it budget build but if they're sketchy ill get it done.
  7. I want to agree with you but they where tight as if not tighter than the rest. The passenger side wouldn't budge and rounded the hex, there was some cursing and swearing while i contemplated ringing the thread doctor, then i remembered the torx bits i bought the other day. A T55 fitted snug in the rounded head and managed to get it out. The gods where looking over me. Thanks.. I would have thought if water was getting in the cyl, the top of the piston would be clean too. The Nissan has been let out... The magic is gone. RIP New oem gasket, arp studs, timing belt kit, water pump, seals etc are on order. Will drop the head off to a head shop for a skim, extract repair 2 butchered studs and a check over the rest and follow their recommendations. Hopefully i wont have to touch it again for ages.
  8. So i had an exhaust manifold leak. I decided to change the manifold the other day and this is what i found when i removed it. Cyl 6 exh port is totally clean, 5 is partially clean also. So i thought head gasket and coolant is getting into cylinder and steam cleaning everything on the way out. (I did also have an episode of the overflow bottle being filled at a track day a few months back, although after changing rad cap it didn't happen again at subsequent track days). Anyway i made the decision to pull the head as i also need to have a couple studs that have broken easy outs in them removed and this is a good opportunity for 2 birds with one stone. So head was removed this morning and everything looks perfectly normal including 5 and 6. WTF is going on here, what do you guys think? What has caused the clean exhaust port? If it was running that lean to look like that, I'd think that cylinder would have been toast. Only other thing I can think of is that the exhaust manifold leak was in that area but i cant see it causing that. Can anyone make sense of or seen anything like this before? Pics Edit. I didn't get much time to properly look everything over but just looking at the pics i was uploading, the last 2 of the head have a residue on them, not sure if that was some oil that got on there as i pulled the head. Will have to have a closer look and report back.
  9. Ive put 2 stroke bike engines back together with worse cylinder defects than that and never had an issue with rings catching. If it bugs you, get hold of another 30 block and have it bored to suit your pistons. Your only loss will be the $ you've spent on machining and time. Personally I'd just use it.
  10. For that sort of use and power i wouldn't worry about it. It wont effect anything other than you know its there.
  11. That doesn't look to be a Garrett gtx, maybe an inhouse version which would explain the cheapish price and would be another variable in performance compared to the Garrett version if I'm right, i could be wrong. Anyway, i think it's a little large for an rb25. Would be perfect for a 25/30.
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