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  1. 2
  2. I would rather this than that evo above
  3. This is a skyline forum, so R33 GTST is my choice, has a gearbox and engine that doesn't break easily. Can get decent ones for under 10k, that leaves 30k+ for fasts. Can make just about any car quick with that budget. Probably wont be as fast as an evo with the same $ spent on it but will definitely be a lot of fun. Just a little biased lol
  4. Would rather go with the attkd version from just jap. That way you get a proper warranty if something isn't right with the kit. I dont think i've read anything negative about these. Some guys had issues with the ksport with rotors having too much run out from new.
  5. As above, also some 2nd hand Mines Alcon 6 pots where put up for possible sale last night
  6. Have you given the Ar1's a workout yet?
  7. @inmaniac You can get splitfires from kudos Motorsport on eBay for 550. 15%off if you buy b4 midnight tonight and use voucher code cracker when you pay by PayPal. That would make it $467.50 for a set. As cheap as you'll ever get I reckon.
  8. Yes ARP studs are reusable. Rb's have a water/oil heat exchanger located bellow the oil filter. Sometimes these can fail and allow water into the oil system. Just thinking out loud and something you could check before you go ripping the head off.
  9. Nissan is well and truly out now brah. You've contaminated it with Sydney air. Should be alright though. #RBLIFE4EVA
  10. Cool. Just checked the price for splitfires, kudos 550 , just Jap 525.
  11. They are direct replacement. Just make sure you get the right ones for your model. They come out individually as well. There should be 2 small bolts holding each 1 in. Where are you located mate?