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  1. Im surprised rp didn't talk you into a power fc.
  2. I have heard of someone over at performance forums having issues with a modular ecu when they first came out. The ecu was damaged when it did an auto firmware update. Was sent back to adaptech who proceeded to charge $ to repair it. Customer was not happy to say the least. Adaptronic support used to be awesome, all my experiences with the previous gen ecu where positive, seems since the takeover things have changed unfortunately.
  3. Auspost delivers to rural NSW. Kudos Motorsports has cam sensors for around $100 delivered. The gearbox is a different kettle of fish.
  4. Am having same issue and is effecting my ocd. Thanks for fixing in advance @PranK
  5. A bucket of bog, some black rattle can and she'll be right mate.
  6. I must agree with you, she is beautiful. As beautiful as you can get with the specially optioned engine/gearbox package. Super glue the plug back in and boost off into the sunset, oh wait, shiitttt!!!!...
  7. Genuine Nissan gaskets are amongst the best out there. Will handle plenty of boosts. Just need to check that the turbo flange bolts are tight every once in a while and it'll last years.
  8. I bought a brand new r34gtt box for 3k at the end of last year when there was heaps of stock. Price rose a bit in the next few months. I have been told recently they are now made to order and it's around a 3 month wait.
  9. I tend to hold on to my cars for a fair while 75 Mazda RX4 coupe (loved this thing) 71 Mazda RX2 coupe (why did i sell) 1999 VT2 Ls1 6spd SS commo Ford econovan (dirt bike hauler) Mitsubishi express (work horse) Toyota estima (work horse) 2001 ADM Nissan S15 (hit barrier at PI) Nissan stagea (work horse) R33 gtst s2 (current) Audi Q7 (current work horse) Mini Cooper S R53 x 3 (current, 2 are parts car im parting for mods and $) The RX4 is at the top of the list because it was my first car, had it for 6 years. It is still top of the list for most fun and the one i want back more than any other. What a trip down memory lane.
  10. Considering the extensively modified nature of your LM, it's not the end of the world. Kind of fits the theme really, sort of. Could of been worse, imagine you took the door trims off your wifes stock gtr to find that some spastic swiss cheesed it like that... Fuuuark.
  11. True that. If that was done to my gtst, it wouldn't bother me in the slightest, a bit different when it's an lm gtr. It is what it is though, put the door trims back on and pretend you never saw it.
  12. I spy weight reduction. Someone went to town with a holesaw. Brb, looking for my holesaw.
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