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  1. Increase boost to make up for lack of compression. This always works. Sorry, couldn't help myself. Try different gauge before stressing out.
  2. Boobies, we love boobies.
  3. Yeah ok, still cones with pot luck Audi reliability and warranty that takes the cheapest fix way instead of the proper way. Audi/VW engineer it that way it seems but randomly a good one slips through and does a heap of untroubled km. RARE. I have an older Q7 and it's been good (knocks on wood) but it scares me how much it would cost to fix if things went pear shaped. Luckily it's worth bugger all and i could just part it out and scrap it.
  4. You could probably afford to buy it but will struggle with the cost of replacing dodgey cdi injectors, back of engine timing chains, blocked dpfs and the rest. You should buy 1.
  5. Atm i have a box with left over 50% intima type d, pmu, winmax pads im working through. Trying to keep on budget lol but I'm always up for trying new things out so pm incoming for quote.
  6. Rear rotors ive cracked plenty of, quite frequently. Slotted,plain, dimpled they all suffered the same fate. Surprisingly the plains cracked the quickest but also had the harshest pads. Definitely heat related issues, the rears being smaller, thinner and getting less airflow. Im currently running some dim sim brand rda dimple copy rears. Yep copies of rdas, wtf. Have done a few track days and show no signs of cracks, yet.
  7. Agree with rda being great, especially for the money. Even plain rotors crack, see in your pic above, the little micro cracks. Once you have a lot of those, they start to join up and become the big gash. All rotors do it eventually, some just last longer than others. I just replaced a pair of $1100 stoptech 2 piece rotors due to micro cracks. Didn't feel like living dangerously any longer. Id been ignoring them for a while but recently got to the point where there was just too many to ignore any longer.
  8. Found this on ebay, all the usual places have put them up to over $100, this one is 80 odd https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F233396814118
  9. Looking good, geez you've really got your finger out and pressing on now.
  10. admS15

    Tyson Garrahy

    Seems like once a scammer always a scammer. f**k you Tyson Gaddafi
  11. admS15

    Tyson Garrahy

    So is he a scammer or a good bloke? You cant bring a thread back from the dead 13 years later without any more info.
  12. Rename thread to Dose's better home and gardens with a little bit of garage too. Nice bathroom habib, does it make 500kw?
  13. Stock gasket is best here, the multi layer permaseal, cometic etc are much thinner than the OEM gasket which moves the whole exhaust in towards the head 5-7mm, consequently the holes for the exhaust support brackets then won't line up properly and will need to be modified to fit again. Mr Nissan did well with this gasket. Only advantage of the mls ones is they're reusable many times if the manifold comes off again, the Nissan ones tend to pull apart as it bonds itself to the faces. I still vote oem Nissan.
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