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  1. I tried the 123s as well, only lasted 2 track days and maybe 2000km, would not buy again. Have also run ad08r, 2 track days, 15k street km and still going well above 65% tread. I now have a set of track wheels with Nankang ar1, 3 track days done and look to easily have at least another 5 days in them. They grip well from cold, last well and where cheap at $205 fitted for 265/35/18. Would be an interesting comparison with the achilles semi. I wouldn't use the AR1 as a street tyre though.
  2. Video is up. Again, the best lap happened to be between 2 5 min clips, so there is an edit. Here it is.
  3. Did Phillip Island yesterday, the new diff passed with flying colours. No single spin anywhere and only broke traction a couple of times when getting carried away which turned into a bit of drifto. The 4.3 ratio was perfect for PI, didn't have to drop back to 2nd gear anywhere and was able to use 4th around turn 2 + 11 and was able to shift into 5th as soon as the car was straightened up off turn 12. I set a new PB of 1:53.46 which was a 1 second improvement. Racechrono showed a theoretical best of 1:52.5 unfortunately i wasnt able to nail a 100% mistake free lap. In the last session, i was able to tail and watch the lines of an MX5 driven by a mad man known as 'The Lightyear' , that bloke doesn't leave a millimetre of track unused and was getting side ways at 190+ around t1, i was able to sort of stay with him around the corners before mauling him down the straight. It definitely helped with line selection and i worked out why i couldn't get turn 6,7 and 8 right. Hopefully next time, 1:52's will be had with the new lines learnt. I haven't gone through video footage yet. I'll post something up when i get it done.
  4. Fully sick bro
  5. Im clearly doing it wrong... Still below 20k brah. Not including consumables like brake pads and tyres.
  6. LS1 or LS2 + big ass turbo
  7. You've gone soft brah.. Needs a diverted side exit pipe somewhere amongst all that.
  8. Doubt it, my 21u made 260 on 98. Add nitrous
  9. Pretty much just described my car, almost. Can confirm its an awesome setup on E85.
  10. PM @Dose Pipe Sutututu he is in sydney and can hook you up with whatever pads you want, from street to race. Maybe even vag
  11. That sucks man. Ive been in a similar situation but was uninsured as it was on track. I ended up parting it out, kept the good bits and started again with another car. Its been 2 years and ive cleared 95% of the parts, i made more money out of it than what insurance would have given me for it. If i was you, id definitely buy the wreck back, buy another cleanish 34 and turn it into the new freak34, sell left over parts. Financially it should work out pretty good, just a lot of mucking around and got to do all the hard work again. In the end it'll be worth it though. Good luck with it all and whatever you decide to do. Cheers Bill
  12. Minor update, decided its time to upgrade the diff. I've been waiting patiently for over a year for a 2nd hand 1.5 way to come up already installed in a housing. Unfortunately, no dice. I recently came across a 2 way installed in a non abs housing, the price was right so i pounced. Unsure exactly what brand it is but most likely a kaaz or possibly ats. Seller advertised it as a 4.11 but when i got there i worked out its a 4.36. I used that as a bargaining chip but i was actually happy about it as thats what ive been looking for. I think that ratio will enable me to use 3rd gear out of the slower corners on the track and keep the engine on the boil. I picked it up yesterday morning and installed it in the afternoon. Surprisingly it doesn't really chatter much at all. I thought it was stuffed but was pleasantly surprised when i nailed the throttle and painted a nice 11. I did a couple of test launches and am very impressed with the difference, i still spin a fair bit through first and second but the speedo climbs with the rpm and the car just stays straight. Had a bit of fun in the wet early this morning too. Very predictable and easy to control now. Turn in does feel a little less sharp than before being a 2 way but no where near as bad as i was expecting. Will hopefully be putting it trough its paces in a couple of weeks time at Phillip Island. Although my vlsd was still working pretty good, it did let me down at PI last time i was there, single pegging at 150+ kph wasn't good for lap times. Will be interesting to see how much of a difference a proper diff can make. A couple of pics just so the post can be complete. Also for my own future reference, diff oil used was penrite mineral 85-140 with 30ml of limslip.