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  1. Recently added this to my stable just because. The charger whines more than my wife on a bad day.
  2. Its not often anyone gets a chance to correct gts boy, actually it's never but the sr turbos are Garrett. S13 was t25, s14 and s15 was t28 gt2560.
  3. Yep hammer the cast iron bit around the hole the threaded bolt goes through. YouTube is your friend for a demo.
  4. I had a knock from the rear end. I replaced the diff, drive shafts, shocks and various bits and pieces to no avail. Drove me nuts for months, in the end i bought some chassis ears and found the problem in less than 5 minutes. Was a loose bolt on one of the brackets that connects to the subframe. I still have the chassis ears, they're just microphones on alligator clips that you attach on various points you suspect. You're welcome to borrow them, im located in Springvale south, not too far from you. Pm me if you want to give them a go.
  5. On another note, isn't the gearbox the same aisin 6 speed that is found in s15's or is it a lower spec version of it? I was putting 415nm through my s15 and the box handled it fine. Edit You should speak to sau member mini wog i think it is who has been running a turbo'd 86 for a while now. Not sure if its still original standard box, i think it is. He recently inreased boost and power to around 220rwkw, runs r specs and frequently tracks the car, seems to handle it well.
  6. Actually, wheel torque is around the same as engine torque so you'll be in the safety zone until you can't control yourself from upping the boost and releasing those cogs to freedom [emoji6]
  7. They'll handle 190rwkw with a mature driver behind the wheel. MLR hopes so anyway. Lol.
  8. What's that old saying. You can lead a horse to water, something something..
  9. Too many amps for idle conditions. I think that pump may be cooked.
  10. Don't want to take anything away from the result but it aint 785nm. Dyno was not set to derived torque which is the accurate at wheel reading on mainlines. Its more like 550-570nm which is still pretty stout.
  11. @Dose Pipe Sutututu This man wants more dose
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