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  1. Update on Sandown, the day got off to a troublesome start, was getting misfire between 5-6k rpm, didn't properly sort it till after lunch with a combination of new plugs, gap change and boost duty cycle changes. By the time everything was going good, the track temp was a bit high and greasy. There was a number of cars that went off and made contact with Sandowns walls. Ouch. I managed to put in my best lap after lunch and ended up with a 1.23.9. Not a pb but happy with another lap in the 23's. So, onto the brakes. The stoptechs performed flawlessly. The bias felt perfect, no lock ups or any funny business. I basically drove like i would have with the stock brakes, it wasn't till towards the end of the day that i realised how much harder i could brake with these. It felt like i could just keep pushing the pedal harder and harder and the car would just pull up. I definitely need more time to adjust to this setup and change my technique and braking markers to take advantage of the extra stopping power. The v2 type d brake pads felt great. I can't really say for sure what the difference felt like as im using a different calliper from before but what i can say is that they didn't give up at all when i strung out 5 hard laps back to back and stopped the car reliably time after time. They do feel like there is a little more bite but otherwise much the same with good progressive feel. They have quietened down now on the street but still not as quiet as the previous version. They look to have held up ok from a wear rate perspective as well. I would say they are a slight improvement on the already very good originals and hard to beat at their price point. The Skytanic itself made it through the day unscathed, other than the misfire early on it was all smooth sailing. Managed to finish 9th quickest overall out of 97 cars. Not a bad effort for a daily driven boat. Highlight of the day was trying to keep up with checkbuzz's r33. Im close but not quite there. Seems like he was able to get out of the final turn on to the straight a lot better than me and that was where i was losing ground. Suppose I need to work on that corner. I haven't bothered with a video yet, not sure that i will but i do have quite a few pics. Here's a few
  2. Funny you say that, can confirm there is some squeeling now on lightish application of the brakes. Will see if they quieten down after a pounding at the track.
  3. Na, tampered on Saturday. As much as i dislike tampered events and really do like the wrx club events, rexmas is untimed and more of a family day thing. I really want to test my new brake setup out, so the choice is clear. For the record, the reason i dislike tampered is because they wont accept cams licences and make you buy their own licence these days + they book in a million cars. I'll wear it this time, just because i want to test the brakes. dream boats.
  4. Got some pads for the stoptechs, thanks to mr @Dose Pipe Sutututuwho pulled some strings and got me a set of the development pads Intima had for the st40 callipers in the new type D V2.0 compound. Not sure what the difference is between v1 and 2, maybe mr dosepipe can chime in and comment. Enter Type D Version 2.0 Will hopefully put the stoptechs and the v2 pads through a torture test this Saturday at Sandown if the weather holds up and see how they stack up compared to the stock sumitomos and v1 pads. Will update with results if it happens.
  5. Please wash your mouth out with soap and refrain from making horrible sensible suggestions in future. Lol.
  6. Considering its internal gate, i think the result isn't too bad at all. If you where to go external off housing or even better, the manifold you would get a fair gain. Since e85 is a no go for you, you could consider water/meth injection. trevz in wa runs it on his 33 and ute i believe, you could get some pointers from him if you wanted to investigate that route.
  7. I thought that too but then discovered app has a mind of its own and wont let you attach images whenever it feels like it.
  8. #6 Fit LS1[emoji6]
  9. Where was this from? Associated tyre service, Cheltenham, Victoria. I found them and got that price through the website. When i called randomly they said 225 but then i pointed out the website price which they honoured.
  10. How much where you quote? I paid 205 each fitted for 265/35/18
  11. Where abouts in Melbourne?
  12. Start at around 28 and aim for 34-36 hot. Those hot pressures worked ok on my boat. Sil may work on slightly lower but id say try the high first and then see what happens if you drop to say 32.
  13. 8k cash in hundred dollar bills. I come pick up now... Soz couldn't help myself. Lol.
  14. Managed to install these a couple of hours ago. Fitted up perfectly and bled easily enough with the help of the mrs. I just slapped in some benshit ultimates in as they came with the kit until i decide on a suitable pad. I would go with intima type d but they don't make it atm. Ive been told by the dose man that they are going to and are currently testing a prototype for this calliper. The pad used is the same as mid 90's porsche 911 turbo. Im tossing up wether to just run an intima sr, project mu hc800 or just go full yolo baller spec $$$ and splash out on a set of pagid rs29 endurance pads. Went for a test drive to bed the pads in. Im happy to report the pedal feel is fantastic with the stock bmc and the front/rear bias also feels pretty spot on. One of the reasons i went with the stoptechs is because they match the piston sizes in the calliper to suit the bmc in the car the kit is designed for. They nailed it. Surprisingly the benshit ultimates have some pretty good bite on initial application. I think i might keep these as street pads. Specs for the discs are 2 piece slotted stoptech airtech rotors 332 x 32mm.