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  1. Iat sensor is fine there. I have mine there and it only heat soaks if the engine is off. Doesn't take long to go back to normal once driving.
  2. Your thinking is correct but I couldn't tell you which one is at fault. I would probably replace the pump because it's something you would want to do anyway.
  3. My secret weapon. After soaking in this overnight some of those bolts turned by hand. There was still a few though that had me sweating.
  4. Lol, sounds like fond memories. I wouldn't touch another one either unless it's mine. Believe it or not, no cuts on my hands but elbows took a beating. Definitely the shittest job I've ever done on a car, actually timing belt and supplementary auxiliary drive system on an import diesel Toyota estima was almost just as bad. P.s I put a used stock turbo in it, may need to be done again soon. I'll bring it over to you[emoji1]
  5. Slow beating possibly
  6. That pic suggests not enough boost as it was just bent, not a clean break, amateur at best[emoji12]
  7. M35 VQ25DET rocker cover leak Hey guys, got an interesting one here. Popped the bonnet the other day as something didn't sound right, could hear a hissing sound like a boost or vacuum leak. Pulled the compressor out and did a boost leak test. Couldn't pinpoint the spot until I put a small hose line into my ear and fished around, turns out the air leak was coming from below a coil pack. Obviously it is coming from the rocker cover seal, the funny thing is that there is no oil passing through, just air, spark plug well was dry as a bone. Has anyone experienced this before? Would this be considered a boost or vacuum leak? Im wondering if in fact it is a shagged seal or maybe the pcv has shit itself and is causing this. As most of us know the seals are non serviceable and new rocker covers are around $300 each. I managed to find a passenger side for 180 brand new but it is the drivers side I require and cheapest I cold find was $318 delivered. I have simply put some 3 bond onto the coil pack seal to try and temporarily seal it up, haven't started it yet, letting it properly cure. Has anyone successfully changed seals of an existing rocker cover. You tube methods look uninspiring, lol. Thoughts and experiences please.
  8. Needs rb transplant
  9. Have just been unfortunate enough to have replaced the turbo on my M35. It is definitely diy able but by no means an easy job. Patience is the key. What makes it difficult, is the lack of access to the dump pipe/t3 flange bolts. The bolts are more than likely rusty and fused on. Each bolt takes quite a while to remove because of this. You will need a jack, stands/ramps or hoist, wd40, inox or penetrine etc to spray the bolts with and let soak overnight (i used chemsearch yield) worked brilliantly. A range of extensions, uni swivels for your ratchet, long spanners, shorty spanners, an obstruction style 14mm spanner helps with dump pipe bolts as well, a 22mm spanner for the 02 sensor. A couple of brake line clamps to clamp the coolant feeds so you don't have to dump the coolant. You may have to make or bend a spanner to remove one of the heat shield bolts or smash it off. You will need to remove the front pipe, brackets, disconnect the gear shifter and then unbolt the gearbox cross member and lower transmission to give you access to dump pipe bolts. If you've removed turbos before you will eventually get there, if you haven't, it's not the car to learn on. Just pay someone else to do it and save yourself the headaches.
  10. None. I have tein, they where on my car when I bought it and in new condition. If I payed money for them, I would have been pissed. Look at these 2 brands mca or shockworks, otherwise leave it stock.
  11. I replaced the oil line with a braided one just for good measure and easier install/removal in future.
  12. Have been dealing with this the past couple of days. It's been a shit couple of weeks. Started with cel 0340 which is drivers side cam sensor. I bought the wrong one initially, so ended up changing both. Straight after that a clip in the handbrake drum assembly decided to let go and start clunking while driving along. Went to the wreckers and sourced 1 from a mid 2000's maxima. All fixed. Went for a drive and started hearing a squealing, buzzy sort of sound on boost and then boom, no more boost. Bloody shitbox. Have spent the last couple of afternoons removing and refitting turbos. Fun job that is. Nearly there now. Just got to put dump and oil line back on and should be back in business.