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  1. Check that the 4wd switch is in normal mode and not in the synch or lock position, that can not allow the turbo to spool, otherwise yeah sounds like turbine and cat had a meeting.
  2. admS15

    I agree with Ben and gtsboy but mca does make what you are asking about for the m35. They obviously believe the mounting points are strong enough. Personally i wouldn't do it, leave the suspension design as was originally engineered by Mr Nissan.
  3. Yes all plugs out and throttle held wide open while cranking. A battery in good condition also helps.
  4. admS15

    A silicon or rubber joiner is what you require. Measure the diameter of both ends and buy a joiner to suit. Ebay, supercheap should have what you need. Sent from my A1601 using SAU Community mobile app
  5. admS15

    Fuel only, what vehicle and engine is this project of yours?
  6. admS15

    A picture is like a thousand words. Pic please.
  7. admS15

    M35 VQ25det Impul ECU for M35. Rarely pop up for sale and correct for the vq25det. Picks up power and torque everywhere in the rev range. Rev limit increase, much better throttle control and response, meaty mid range and a good top end increase. Great plug and play upgrade that allows you to keep your stock ecu and revert to stock whenever you like. $850
  8. admS15

    And sold. Bye bye Stagea, you served me well.
  9. The manifolds look decent but speedtek don't have a good rep for various reasons. Some to do with quality and some to do with the dodgey guy that runs it. Can't remember the details about him right now but im sure some Google investigating will uncover it.
  10. admS15

    Bump. Just serviced, fresh oil and filter. Will come with 4 new oil filters and a new set of front brake pads for the r34 callipers. Will also come with stock m35 front brake setup. Price dropped to $6000 with reg or $5500 without reg for anyone interested from interstate. Great reliable car, come and get a bargain.
  11. T51R x 2 coz everyone knows twins are king